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  jesus 12/29/2012 at 10:08 PST

My name is Les Henry.. I have a very old bottle of wine said to be made around 1852 from Tuscany Italy. The label reads as follows...Recondo Produce of Italy-Producto in Italia - Red Table Wine Toscano Red Table Wine From Tuscany.... Bottled By CEVIN S.p.A. Pontedera Italy Sole Importer Schenk USA INC.Glenview Ill. It still has wine in it, and i am interested in selling it back to the rightful owner. The bottle has air bubbles all through it, and has a red stamp in the glass.Also its around 44" tall, with a neck 36", and a pale green in color. For a more detailed description and pictures email me at ([email protected])... or call <tel:417.229.2873> in the US. I am looking for a vineyard owner named bob who i was in contact with a few months ago.He said that his great great grandfather had made the bottle, and bottled the wine. He also stated that there were only 25 or 26 ever made, and the one I have was the last one totally in tact, with wine in it, that he knew of . I am sending this message to you in hopes of finding Bob... some way some how,and return the family heirloom back to the rightful owner. Thank you, and have a very blessed day.
Les Henry

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