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 100 Bottles of Wine on the Wall...
  The problem we all want:

Too much wine. Only it is a problem. After you have a few cases stacked up it becomes really hard to find anything. If you're like me you have one or two bottles from various wineries that you've visited, all stuffed into the same box. BottleCount will help you find it. Then there's all that tannic California Cabernet that you are planning to hold back for a few years until it peaks. BottleCount will keep track of when to drink it. Too lazy to bother taking tasting notes? BottleCount lets you share tasting notes, so you know what other people think of the wine as well.

 The Lush Behind the Scenes
  Hi! I'm Bryn Dole. I wrote BottleCount in my spare time to organize my growing wine collection. Until recently I was working at Topix, specializing in local news. My experience creating and working on the Open Directory Project has given me a good understanding of how to build easy to use, online, applications. I drew on that experience to create BottleCount.

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