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  michi 08/14/2012 at 17:47 PST

Oh how I wish the internet was a viable source of information when I went to work for Schenk which then became Gerhardt Wines in 1996. I find it absolutely UNBELIEVABLE that they are still treating their employees (aside from the chosen few) as dirt! The reason the "star" brokers were making sooo much money back in the day was due to the fact that schleps like me were selling to their clients and they were racking up the commissions on the sales I made for them. Do you think that they were an ethical company and actually gave me any sort of compensation for the sales I made???? I actually did like the wines they had to offer and was a faithful client to a friend that continued working there. The fiasco scenes described taking place in the office are totally true. The whole entire office was not allowed to leave at night until the daily sales quota was filled. You could be there from 8:30 am until 8:00 pm. I can't believe they are still making bogus claims on the amount of money people can realistically make while working there. Even back then the whole set up was suspicious to me. Wondering if anyone from back then is still working there and making the $500k they alledged they would be making at this point???? So glad I am not there and luckily I have achieved that figure and I MOST DEFINATELY am NOT a client of their's. Salud!

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