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  dgris 05/15/2012 at 12:56 PST

Hi Gaia, I was one of those gullible customers for longer than I wish to admit a number of years ago. I never spent more than good local wines cost. I finally wanted to know where they came from and how they compared on the market. I could not find any information and when I started looking, I found several sites and found that the prices were quite inflated for the quality. They are mostly gone from the cellar now and wines of the same value but aging quality have replaced them. Some were very good and probably of good aging value, but others were overpriced for the drink now quality. There are a number re-bottlers and sellers of oversupply that do not allude to it being boutique winery juice, and the discounted pricing reflects clearance sales. When entering into my cellar management program, I was astounded at the regularity of buys. I was one of those dependable customers. One consolation was that I only bought affordable wines in the $30-40 range, not that $100+ juice they were pushing onto the rich set. In hind site, I would like to have that money to put toward some nice wines in that price range. Live and learn!

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