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  kim11111 02/02/2012 at 00:05 PST

Actually i worked in the la office. I have to agree with alot of the things i read on this board. This company is so not legit. They hire people every week and fire them 2 or so weeks after... after the new people get all the hot leads for them. Not only they train you on the wine for a couple days..... then you get on the phone with another person on the other end telling you what to say. To the point to where the customers on the other end can hear the 3rd person telling us what to say. This company gives you so called leads on paper saying "these pink ones are millionaires and can totally afford to buy wine. there is no reason not to make a sale. they are such a head trip here at this company. in all actualality these are normal people we are calling that make a small living. one person i called was an recovering alcoholic..... and i was told to say all these objections... i mean seriously "what kind of morals does this company have" to even sell to an alcoholic. i felt horrible. they are nuts there. gosh they fired me after 2 weeks... anyway it was fun to watch the craziness go down there....

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