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  ben 11/22/2011 at 15:47 PST

(While your at work!!!)"Hi this Jenny calling from Montesquieu, can you hear me okay? (YES) Your name was recently giving to me as someone who enjoys a great glass of wine from time to time, what do you enjoy more reds or whites? (RED) Okay sweet or dry? (DRY) Perfect! I knew we were going to be a match made in heaven. Let me tell you what we do. Montesquieu specializes in small production wine from vineyards all over the world. Because we deal directly with the vineyards, we have access to their small boutique wines that the people I sell to, cant buy on their own."
This place is kind of funny. Got a job there thinking I was going to be a wine representative. It turns out to be in this little hall jammed full of telemarketers. They never really told me what I was going to be doing. I thought I would get business cards and I would go work the field. They teach us about a couple of "wine makers" and how they’re so close with them. They preach about how they would travel and taste the wine before it was bottled, "...and it was delicious."
To be completely honest I feel everything they told me was bullshit. They even teach us how to bullshit and especially how to rebuttal. I spent most of my day digging through secretaries and lying to them to get some possible "rich" lead on the phone, "this is a personal call" we would say. A lot of the time the person has been retired for five plus years. "Well who took Bobs spot"? Then I would call that person back as if they were my original lead. There are actually two people on the phone tag teaming up on you. Trying to make you say 'YES' as many times as they can.
They use a microphone condenser so you can't hear the other person yelling at them to tell them what to say to you (rebuttals). Pretty much we targeted (marketed) to people who have a lot of money and obviously like wine. What makes it easy is that its alcohol. Everyone over pays no matter where you go. Montesquieu just makes it even easier for you. We would sample the wines that we were selling at the time, and that was awesome. But I've had just as good if not better wine for a fraction of their price without the sipping and handling.

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