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  851sdca 08/26/2010 at 13:55 PST

To me, the word scam does not describe what Montesquiue is all about. This appears to be a legitimate company that delivers the product it promises, along with a money back guarantee. That is not a scam, and it would be unfair to charactorize it as such.

They appear to be selling wine for a profit. Is there any thing "scammy" about that? If the wine was no good, send it back to them. You dont have to do business with them if you dont want to.

There is value in having good wine delivered to your door step. Again, if its not good wine, send it back and dont buy more.

But to use the inter-net to bash a company as a scam when in fact they simply have a business model that involves some degree of "pressure" sales isn't right. In fact it's cowardly.

The Better Business Bureau is a fair and impartial place to lodge complaints. They will investigate and report on the company's ethics and practices. Seems that the BBB doesn't have much bad to say about this company.

Very curious why Heathcliff and others don't choose a venue to complain that actually gives the company a chance to respond formally.


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