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  dgris 08/25/2009 at 09:56 PST

Having bought wines from Montesquieu over the years, I too realized that they were greatly over priced. Not that the quality was not good, for some were quite enjoyable. I wish I had found this blog much earlier, it would have saved a lot of money. Fortunately I only bought 2 half cases, of for me, expensive wine(2000 & 2001 Brunello) for about $90/bot, eVerbi the brand. With considerable research trying to find info on this winery, I did find a listing and review with a rating of 75 points. Drinking was on par with a $10-15 bottle of Chianti, very disapointing as I love Italian reds. The last purchase last year was Semperitimo del Duoero for $35 which went off after the first glass. I hate to pure wine down the drain. I still get calls from Gay, but now only buy wine from $8-20 from several on line stores and have been very satified. I can buy a mixed case to find out if they are good or not, and most are very good in the 90 pt category.

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