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  heathcliff 03/01/2008 at 15:03 PST

Since the above post was deleted I want to reiterate in essence what was said there by winer1.

He basically said that he was a former employee of Montesquieu and that he wanted to warn people that he believed Montesquieu was not being honest about where the wine came from and where the grapes came from. He also gave an example stating that wine bottled and labeled that could read it was from Napa for example, could actually have product from Germany, as an example. He claimed that the owner of the company has been doing this for years, and that he was making the post so that people could know the truth.

Later the post was deleted and a lawyer who represents Montesquieu starting posting on this site. His name is John Hinman and he claims he had nothing to do with posts being deleted. Several other responses have also been deleted. I hope that this post does not get deleted and I implore whoever did that in the past to please not do it anymore.

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