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  heathcliff 05/08/2007 at 21:30 PST

Mr. Hinman, I am disgusted and appalled at the accusations and apparent misinformation that you have gingerly placed on this post. You have the right to do that, and I don�t have a problem with you speaking your mind; however I have a right to speak my mind as well.

Firstly, you are completely incorrect in your assumption that I am a former employee of Montesquieu. It is simply not true, and if you bothered to read the posts up to this point you would clearly see your mistake. However, you are correct in calling me disgruntled. I am also disconcerted, displeased and dissatisfied at the treatment I have received from your client. I have been lied to, misled, and mistreated by several persons who work for Montesquieu. I keep notes of all my conversations and I have the names of all the persons who spoke to me and led me down this path of discontent. I am not a former employee, but I am a former customer of Montesquieu. I have spent well over $30,000.00 on wine from your client. The list posted earlier was only a partial list of the wine I purchased.

In all honesty, it was your original post that completely solidified my dishonorable experience with Montesquieu. Before that post, I had been suspicious that all of the bottles from American wines I received from Montesquieu seemed similar, but when I spoke to one of Montesquieu�s taster�s, he assured me that Montesquieu did NOT bottle any of the wines themselves, but rather recommended bottling companies for product they were interested in buying. In your earlier post, you stated the following:

�It (Montesquieu) scours the world for small lots of wine from either small wineries or vineyard properties (which often are not wineries but rather grape growers who have the grapes processed for them and sell the wine) that are an exceptional value, clears the wine through the regulatory system, bottles them (and sometimes blends for taste, a process called the "assemblage") and makes the wine available to those who are on the various customer lists maintained by the winery.�

Note how you admit that your client does in fact bottle the wine themselves. This is in complete contradiction to what was originally told to me by staff members and a taster from Montesquieu. Like I said, I have their names and I kept notes of these conversations.

As for your accusation that I �Fabricated� a litany of complaints, or that I am a mental case, well I don�t know what to say except that it is untrue. I would like to also state for the record that I have in no way �Libeled� or �Slandered� anybody at Montesquieu. I have only stated the facts of what happened in my experience buying wine and attempting to visit a winery that apparently doesn�t exist. In all honesty John, I would think that if you experienced the same mistreatment that I have you might well be saying similar things.

With regards to the posts that have been removed, I don�t know for sure who removed them. Everything led up to the idea that it was you, but perhaps that was not the case. If I offended you, I apologize. To whoever actually did remove the posts, I can only hope that this will not happen again. I haven�t seen any foul language, and I�ve read several posts that are now gone. Perhaps we can put this practice behind us now, and let everyone, including John, myself, or anybody say what is on their mind. Certainly anybody who supports Montesquieu should have the same privileges of those who don�t, and vice versa. Let�s make sure from now on, everyone can speak their minds.

Perhaps it would be best for the board monitor to post here exactly what the community rules are on this blog so that everyone will be completely informed about what things should not be posted. That will assure there will be no confusion about why a blog was deleted.


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