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  johnhinman 04/24/2007 at 17:22 PST

I have been monitoring this discussion on and off to see how far disgruntled ex-employees (Heathcliff in this case)are willing to go to libel and slander the good folks at Montesquieu; pretty far obviously.

There is no way to silence people using the blogs, and no one at Montesquieu has any desire to silence anyone in any event.

However, this is rapidly becoming personal. I am accused of removing posts. That is untrue and ridiculous. There is a board monitor here and I suspect (but do not know) that the board monitor removes posts that violate the community rules; either with respect to the use of language or invective, or because the posts contain threats that may endanger the community itself. That is how posting works.

I am as entitled to point out that "Heathcliff" has fabricated his entire litany of complaints to cover up his own deficiencies (and is probably a mental case to boot) as he is to accuse me of Gestapo tactics. In that vein, most lawyers consider being compared to the Gestapo a compliment. I don't but that is neither here nor there because the subject is not me. its about the wines.

With respect to the wines from Montesquieu the other threads on this board extolling the quality of wines purchased through Montesquieu speak much louder than I can of the quality of the products. The vast majority of Montesquieu customers appreciate the quality and value of the wines they buy and are willing to say so here, and in other places.

Try them yourselves and then make a judgment.

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