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  heathcliff 03/06/2007 at 00:53 PST

Hello all again,

So far I have not received any letter from the owner guaranteeing the wine. All I can say is that I believe that I have been duped. The wine I have received from them tastes just like it did when I received it; however with more knowledge now, I can fully understand that for that same money I spent I could have gotten countless better values backed with a reputation of quality. Montesquieu does not possess that at this point, and it is sad that I spent so much time (and money) believing in them. There are many fine wineries� out there. Don�t be duped into spending your money on people who could care less about the �Human� side of things; solely to just make a sale.

I am very, very disappointed in Montesquieu. They have demonstrated that they really don�t care at all about their customers. They only care about making the sale, and they are willing to mislead their customers (by implying they don�t bottle wines themselves) in order to accomplish this. Shame on them; I originally thought I was dealing with people who cared, but in reality they are just very talented salespeople. All I wanted to do was visit the winery where they made the wine I loved, and instead of just telling me that there is no such winery and that they just purchased some product, possibly blended it, and then bottled it themselves, they chose to lead me on a wild goose chase trying to make me believe that there were some winemakers out there whom they couldn�t get in touch with and kept making empty promises about getting me an address and telephone number that didn�t exist.

And, for the record, I talked to several people who worked at Montesquieu, and some told different stories about who bottled what. I guess they need to get their stories in line with each other.

All I can say is that I hope I have helped people avoid the ordeal that I have been through. Don�t make the same mistakes that I have made. Think about it; the posts that have been deleted have been deleted for a reason. I think that a reputable company would not just have their lawyer�s delete something but rather offer opinions and facts that can dispute the theories that they believe are incorrect. That would allow everyone to hear all sides to the story, instead of only allowing people to see what they allow you to see. In fact, I wouldn�t be surprised if they delete my posts at this point.


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