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  gerage 02/22/2007 at 11:46 PST


Reading the commentary on Montesquieu makes me feel better about my own misadventure with the winery, er ah, company. The 2004 Lyle Napa Valley Zinfandel which I purchased from a very skilled sales person (broker) was completly unremarkable at $42 per bottle.

Two weeks later I was contacted again and the broker launched into a pitch about a new wine without asking for any feedback on the previous sale. When I offered my honest assessment, the broker protested and proceded to drop more wine industry jargon and names in an effort to try to counter my opinion and me make feel like a wine neophyte. Sigh.

Telemarketing wine must be tough. Nothing illegal about it I'm sure, but not much value either. Montesquie personnel are adept at name dropping, adjectives, and assuming the proper level of wine snobbery. Unfortunately, for me, it is about the wine and value. They miss the boat on both counts.

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