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  heathcliff 01/15/2007 at 20:35 PST

Hello all,

I have talked to the Montesquieu people and this is what I have found out. They bottle the wine themselves even though the bottle may infer something different. They file a DBA in whatever area they claim the winery is and then offer the wine under the name they choose for the area and for marketing purposes. Although they generally don�t say that they bottle the wine, for those who are willing to search and look far enough, you will probably find out that there is no such vineyard. So the deal is this: If you like the taste of their wine, great. If you are the kind of person who wants to go to the winery and talk to the winemakers, take a tasting, and experience the ambiance of being at the place where they make the wine you love, forget about it; probably not going to happen. Their business is legitimate, but they play a game with their customers by instilling an innuendo that they are just brokers when in fact they themselves are the bottlers and in some cases the winemakers.

I have asked them for a letter from the owner of the company to personally guarantee the wine they sell and I have not gotten it. I am very disappointed in them. I don�t think I will ever get that letter and so I have decided not to ever buy wine from them again. If I do receive that letter, I will post here that I have in fact received it.

I want to thank you all for your help. I hope that I have been helpful to others who are looking for the truth.

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