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  fsufan 10/21/2006 at 15:11 PST

For someone who had worked for the company for a long time, I can tell you there is no scam going on what so ever..despite what has been written above. There may not be such a place as "Silverado Trail Cellars" but every wine needs a name, am I wrong? Obviously whoever it was who started this whole papertrail of trash talk obviously was not successful and therefor feels he/she needs to try to bring the company down with them. We were in fact as the Aspen Food & Wine event, we didn't do a tasting there, but Fonda and some of the top brokers were there..miscommunication was a factor obviously..
The way we do our business is legitimate and for clients who have worked with us, if you have had success with your broker then keep believing in them, don't let the opinion of an ex employee change your mind or belief in our company..

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