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  heathcliff 08/30/2006 at 22:29 PST

OK, here is the deal. I found this blog because I was attempting to find a specific wine that I bought from Montesquieu. That wine is the 02 Creighton Cabernet. This is one of my favorite wines. I must truthfully admit that I am a novice at this, however, I did pour some of the Creighton for several friends of mine that are more experienced wine tasters and they unilaterally agreed that it is that good. At $35.00 a bottle it seemed like a great deal to me. As a result I bought a significant number of cases of the Creighton and I was perfectly satisfied with my endeavor until I decided that I liked it so much that I wanted to visit the winery.

It was at this point where I came into problems. Firstly, I searched the vineyard and to my surprise, nothing came up except the site to Montesquieu and this blog. Once I read this, I was horrified that I had been completely ripped off. Now, mind you I still think the Creighton is great, but I wanted to find out if in fact I had been duped.

So I called up my contact at Montesquieu and requested some information about Creighton. That was over a month ago and to this day I have only gotten the run-around. I get only tidbits of information and empty promises of an address and a telephone number which for some reason or another never come to fruition.

At that point, I closely examined several bottles of the wine I had purchased and I noticed that there seemed to be a difference with the labels and bottles of the wine that were imported, compared to the wine that was from the States. The domestic stuff seems to have similar bottles, similar wrapping, and similar labeling. It would seem that the labeling is the biggest clue because although the labels have different fount, the formulation of the wording and the layout seem eerily similar. I want to state for the record that this is not evident in the international stuff I purchased from them, which seems to be more traceable.

I am going to provide here a list of the domestic wines with the price per bottle I have purchased from Montesquieu for the record so that they will show up on search engines to anyone who may be in a similar predicament.

They are:

2003 Crenshaw Sonoma County Meritage $38.00
2003 McCarron Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon $70.00
2002 Creighton Washington Cabernet Sauvignon $35.00
2001 Creighton Washington Cabernet Sauvignon $35.00
2003 Armada Spring Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon $78.00
2004 Casata Paso Robles Barbara $28.00
2002 Edgemont Central Coast Merlot $27.00
2003 Tamarisk Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon $30.00
2002 Equinox Merlot $34.00
2003 Elgin Napa Valley Meritage $42.00
2002 Diablo Sonoma County Zinfandel $40.00
2003 Silverado Trail Cellars Napa Valley Cabernet $55.00

Personally I think the Creighton, the Silverado, the Elgin, the Armada, and the McCarron seem to taste the best to me, but again, I am not an expert.

So far, I have not been able to get any information on the wineries/winemakers for any of the above to date. It is like they don�t exist. My suspicion is that there is some truth to the first post on this blog. I certainly am willing to give Montesquieu a chance to prove they are legitimate, but so far this has been a frustrating and unproductive experience.

Please, for all of you that may be interested and/or involved in any of the above, please come forward and help all of us find out the complete truth in regards to what has happened here. For those who have already posted, I cannot thank you enough.



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