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  rhonan 08/29/2006 at 21:00 PST

I've had their wines. This looks like a jaded employee to me. For starters, many of the comments from the person who started this string, and some from those that have followed are completely uninformed, and show ignorance as to how the wine industry works.

Here are some examples that are easy pickins:

Taste: Isn�t this why most people buy wine? Hey, if you like 2 buck chuck, and you can deal with the hangover, then you should keep on drinking it. Why would you drop 30 on a bottle if you can�t tell the difference? However, if you can taste the difference, then you can decide for yourself whether you like a particular wine or not.

Vineyards - Plenty of good wines do not list specific vineyards because they source from multiple vineyards in a given location. The big-name wineries trade and sell grapes to one another all the time. Do you really think they are going to list the competition�s vineyard as one of the sources? But don�t take my word for it. Research it yourself.

German Wine Being Passed Off as California Wine � Just taste it. German and California wines are worlds apart. There's no way you could run a successful business doing such a thing. Completely different styles folks.

Corks � If all you require is a mark on a cork, you will be duped by far worse than this company. Branding is cheap and easy and it's not a requirement.

Leads: All sales organizations have leads. Whether they are on bar napkins, cards, or a database doesn�t matter. Leads are leads�there�s no difference.

Wines on the Front Page: Terra Burdigala makes several wines. I don�t know why anyone would put a six dollar bottle of wine on their front page. Either they are total idiots, or you�ve got the wrong wine.

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