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  remyh 08/23/2006 at 14:59 PST

I've bought several cases from Montesquieu. The wines have been good, but I've had my suspicions that they're overpriced.

Either they do buy out small wineries, or they relabel--I have no idea--but I was unable to confirm my suspicion until yesterday.

I was offered a case of 2004 Terra Burdigala Bordeaux. Of course it sounded great--lots of names of wine "consultants" were dropped, including a consultant who worked with Le Pin ($500-$2000/bottle). I was told this wine normally went for $60, but that they were selling it for $35, so I agreed to get a case.

The wine is actually on their front page right now, and the lengthy description of it is here:

Thanks to (the pro version is worth ordering for $35--particularly given that they just saved me ten times that--and I have no affiliation with them, I'm just a satisfied customer), I found that nobody sells this wine for more than $19.95, and in fact it's available from PJ's in New York for $6.97/bottle. (Type in Burdigala and 2004 for the vintage into wine-searcher.)

I'm fine with people making a profit, particularly if they're picking out good wines, but a 400% markup over another firm's *retail* is absurd.

I canceled the order and won't do any more business with them. Give your business to your local wine shop--they'll probably do as good a job, but much more cheaply...

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