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Collecting Posted by louisia on 06/22/2009 at 19:41 PST in Collecting
Last Reader Comment on 06/26/2010 at 14:09 PST

I found this bottle colllection 1969 Italy, Lacrima Christi White wine , the bottle is shape like aa ship. Is there information on it anyone can give me?

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  april 06/26/2010 at 14:09 PST [Reply]

I found this bottle, unfortunatly empty, but it is of:
Lacrima Cristi Vino Liquoroso, the tag still in contact to the bottle reads:(Imbottigliato DA, L'ARTISTICA ARTIGIANA s.n.c, S,CLEMENTE(ro)
Imb. 0816 FO- cc.750
Lic. V.L.I. 2/Fo

The bottle is in the shape of what I could only say as a beer barrel keg, with a working tap on it. It is porclien, with gold studs on the edges and the tag is gold. Its has brown leather on the top of it and around the edges of the barrel. Has a cork opening onthe the top with the cork.On the front of it by the tap spout, it has pictures of what looks like a sort of crest design and 2 pictures, one of a city(possibly Italy) and a tree overlooking the sea with a sunset and also has the word(ALASSIO) along with the pictures onthe front.The back end of it has leather on it with (3) playing cards etched into the leather, the (3) cards are spade,club,diamond, no numbers on the cards. The bottom of the bottle says:
There is no year on the bottle and I am inteested if someone might know what year this bottle is from and also if it is worth anything. I found it at a yard sell and thought it was something worth keeping. Hope someone might help me out with a reply and maybe can help. Thanks April

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