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  HELP!! PLEASE!!! Im curious!
General Posted by jsdurham937 on 10/30/2008 at 11:45 PST in General

I have a bottle of Chianti wine from 1970 (A no.2810143), thebasket that surrounded the globe of the bottle has fallen away, as has most of the label on the globe. Everything else is in tact(labels,foil,aesthetics on top of bottle). This is one of those tall tall (possibly 3 1/2ft) bottles. I am curious to find out its history and its value. Other than what i've written so far about it the only thing i can tell about it is that it was my mothers, and that it set in a storage room ever since i was born(1982). I brew beer so I'm geussing you'd want to know conditions? The average temp in that room is 60-65F. Sunlight in the room was 50%, but not direct on the bottle as it set in a corner away from only window. Humidity was fairly decent, prolly 50%. The bottle set straight up, so i'm sure the cork has dried significantly, but it is still sealed well. Any info or info on where i can get info would be great as google and the such has not been much help except to this site. Thank you for your time. [email protected]

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