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Corbett Canyon

UPC CodeYearWine NameVarietalSize
 041985310142    Merlot  Merlot 1.5l
 041985310159    Merlot  Merlot 750ml
 041985310173    Merlot  Merlot 750ml
 041985310548    Zinfandel  Zinfandel 1.5l
 041985310579    Zinfandel  Zinfandel 750ml
 041985311071    Sauvignon Blanc  Sauvignon Blanc 750ml
 041985311842    Cabernet Sauvignon  Cabernet Sauvignon 1.5l
 041985311873    Cabernet Sauvignon  Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml
 041985312047    Chardonnay  Chardonnay 1.5l
 041985312078    Chardonnay  Chardonnay 750ml
 041985313143    White Zinfandel  White Zinfandel 1.5l
 041985313174    White. Zinfandel  Zinfandel 750ml
 041985314140    Sauvignon Blanc  Sauvignon Blanc 1.5l
 041985321070    Chardonnay  Chardonnay 750ml
 041985330171    Res Merlot Merlot 750ml
 041985331079    Sauvignon Blanc  Sauvignon Blanc 750ml
 041985331871    Cabernet Sauvignon  Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml
 041985332076    Chardonnay  Chardonnay 750ml
 041985343546    Shiraz Wine  Shiraz 1.5l
 041985343577    Shiraz Wine  Shiraz 750ml
 041985360130    Byington Chardonnay Santa Cr  Chardonnay 750ml
 041985360154    Merlot Deca  Merlot 1.0l
 041985360550    Zinfandel Decant  Zinfandel 1.0l
 041985361052    Sauvignon Blanc Dec  Sauvignon Blanc 1.0l
 041985361854    Cabernet Decan    1.0l
 041985362059    Chardonnay Decan  Chardonnay 1.0l
 041985363155    White Zinfandel Dec  White Zinfandel 1.0l
 041985440146    Foxhorn Merlot  Merlot 1.5l
 041985440177    Foxhorn Merlot  Merlot 750ml
 041985440542    Foxhorn Zinfandel  Zinfandel 1.5l
 041985440573    Foxhorn Zinfandel  Zinfandel 750ml
 041985441846    Foxhorn Cabernet Sauvignon  Cabernet Sauvignon 1.5l
 041985441877    Foxhorn Cabernet Sauvignon  Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml
 041985442041    Foxhorn Chardonnay  Chardonnay 1.5l
 041985442270    Foxhorn Chardonnay  Chardonnay 750ml
 041985443147    Foxhorn White Zinfandel  White Zinfandel 1.5l
 041985443178    Foxhorn White Zinfandel  White Zinfandel 750ml
 041985616145    Sangiovese Wine  Sangiovese 1.5l
 041985616176    Sangiovese Wine  Sangiovese 750ml

There are 39 wines for this winery in the UPC database.

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