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 Too many Bottles?

OK, so I built this great web site to track all my wine and I showed it to my friend Rich. I told him he could use it too, and catalog all his wine. He has over 200 bottles, and had no idea what he actually had, let alone where it was in his stacks of boxes.

At first he was underwelmed. He knew that we own many of the same bottles of wine, and being the lazy hacker he is, didn't want to type all that information in again. "I want a scanner." He said. So I got myself one of those free CueCat scanners, and went to work.

The CueCat    
I chose the CueCat because they are plentiful and FREE! If you subscribe to Forbes, for instance, you got one in the mail. If you don't have on already, just go down to your nearest RadioShack and get one for free.

For a list of wines that have already been added to BottleCount, browse our database.

 How it Works:

Using your CueCat with BottleCount is easy. All you have to do is go to the add page in BottleCount, swipe your CueCat scanner over the UPC product barcode. BottleCount then consults its database of wines and fills in the data: Winery, varietal, WineSpectator rating, suggested "drink by" date, region, even the winery's URL! Less typing for you, and more time to actually enjoy your wine.

You can't use the CueCat software with bottlecount. It will try to "steal" the CueCat codes and sell you something, when all you really want to do is catalog you wine!

    CueCat scanning a bottle.  
There has been some press about privacy issues and the CueCat. Apparently each CueCat issues a unique serial number that could be used to track a person's online use of their CueCat. BottleCount does not use the CueCat serial number in any form, in fact we intentionally discard it. So there is no way that anyone could use your CueCat to track you through BottleCount. If you want to confim this, just examine the javascript code used to interpret the CueCat's scanner data.

Don't have a CueCat? Don't worry, you can still type the 12 digit UPC code in by hand and get all the same advantages. Make sure you include all 12 digits, including the digit that precedes the barcode lines and the digit that follows the barcode lines. For example:

Sample Barcode

In this example the barcode number is 744442881987. This happens to be the barcode for the 1998 Ridge Sonoma Station Zinfandel.

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