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  terrym 03/17/2007 at 16:55 PST

Boy,am I happy to hear the someone besides me thinks that Montqsquieu Winery wines are, at best, risky, but typically, plonk. My significant other is on the calling list for one of their salespeople, a woman who humbly refers to herself as The Wine Goddess, and he keeps buying this stuff from her. The most recent aqusition is a case of 2003 Prado MaderaNapa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, at [drumroll] $125 a bottle. She sealed the deal with a promise that if we did not LUV the wine, she would take the whole case back, and even pay for the bottle we consumed, PLUS (and this made the deal) promise to never call him again. So we took the bottle over to our small favorite restaurant, Leila's in Oak Park, CA (check it out in Zaguts, but go on a weekday - weekends can be nutting), and BIG SURPRISE, noone was impressed. Meanwhile, I have a line on picking up a half case of PRIDE, and my hunnybunny is buying this (in my opinion) garbage. So the case went back, and I am anxiously looking forward to never having another case with that label grace the door to our cellar again!

And another thing! John Hinman, I realize that you want to represent your clients, but nothing said on this is libelous, and you know it. You are just trying to scare people into leaving this wine source alone, and that is not right. There aer obviously some real quality and pricing problems there, and an awful lot of unsophisticated people are paying an awful lot of money for something that has no pedigree, or real credentials.

So, if anyone is scared about what he has threatened, let me know. I've been a lawyer ALMOST as long as Hinman has....

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