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  Premium Australian Exports to USA
General Posted by terravinoz on 08/01/2006 at 00:21 PST in General

Our company exports for a wide range of Premium Australian wineries, Barossa, Coonawarra, Clare Valley etc. Markets include Canada US, EU Asia, where we provide a one stop consolidation and shipping export, marketing service. Currently there are those that need to be in USA, specialy with importers that can put them infront of Bob P and Harvey S. The average FOB in AUD is 10.00- 20 per bottle, but others are lower, some are higher. There are opportunities to also manage Bottled wine projects, for supermarkets and importers direct. We are looking for some exclusive wine importers that could import 1 pallet to 20 pallets per wine per year. Exclusive agency arrangements are available to the right team. Due to current arrangements, we prefer to keep our side confidential, but would be happy to respond to all requests through this site. Please reply with your details. Only experienced importers, with funding and ATF and import regulation expertise, and preferably importers with great distribution, and savy wine knowledge to reply. We wont dissapoint you. Have a great day.

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