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Cellar list for: zinfandel456

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Other Wine Sorted by Location

1996Chateau St. Jean "Cepages"Cabernet 1ws1999save15  
1999Chateau St. Jean "Cepages"Cabernet 2ws20024  
1997Joseph Phelps "Insigna"Blend 5ws200018  
1998Chateau Smith Haut-LafiteBordeaux 9ws20014  
1999ArauioCabernet Notforsale24  
1994Guenoc "Langtry" 3lt Blend Signed1  
1998San Ciriaco "Valpolicella" Sangiovese Signed1  
1995Perrier-Jouet "Fleur" setChampane giftset1  
1989Chateau MargauxBordeaux none6  
1989Chateau Lynch-BagesBordeaux none6  
1989Chateau BeychevelleBordeaux none7  
1989Chateau PalmerBordeaux none9  
1996Joseph Phelps "Insigna" 3.0 ltBlend none1  
1997MaidinCabernet none1  
2003Marilyn 1.5 lt.Merlot none1  
2001Far Niente 1.5lt.Cabernet none1  
2002Marilyn 1.5 lt.Merlot none2  
1999Diamond Creek "Gravelly"Cabernet none9  
1996Penfold "Grange"Blend none10  
1999Alexander Valley "Sin zin" 6lt.Zinfandel none1  
1920MaderaMadera none1  
1995Roederer, Louis "Cristal"Sparkling Wine none1  
1995Penfold "Grange"Blend none8  
1994Joseph Phelps "Insigna" 1.5ltBlend none4  
1995Joseph Phelps "Insigna" 1.5ltBlend none7  
1995Joseph Phelps "Insigna" 3.0 ltBlend none4  
1996Joseph Phelps "Insigna" 1.5ltBlend none1  
1997Shafer Hillside SelectCabernet none12  
1999Vineyard 29Cabernet none2  
1999Shafer Hillside SelectCabernet none12  
1999Groth "Reserve"Cabernet none1  
2005Regusci "Angelo vineyard"Cabernet none5  
1999Mondavi ReserveCabernet none12  
2001SympaCabernet none1  
1997Ridge "Monte Bello"Cabernet none8  
2001Staglin "20 year ann."Cabernet none3  
1999DominusBlend none10  
1997Bealieu Vineyard "Clone 6"Cabernet none24  
1997Beringer ReserveCabernet none6  
1994Diamond Creek "Gravelly" 1.5Lt.Cabernet none1  
1994Diamond Creek "Red Rock" 1.5LTCabernet none1  
1994Diamond Creek 'Volcanic" 1.5lt.Cabernet none1  
1990Dom PerignonSparkling Wine none1  
1997Far NienteCabernet none10  
1998Piper-Heidsieck "Jean Paul"Sparkling Wine none1  
1998Far Niente "Dolce"Dessert Wine none1  
1996Joseph Phelps "Insigna"Blend none12  
1997Stag Leaps "SLV"Cabernet none7  
1997Stags Leap "Fay"Cabernet none7  
2001Beringer ReserveCabernet none3  
1998Ludovicoa "Ornellaia"Dolcetto none6  
1997DominusBlend none24  
1997Kennedy, KathrynCabernet none3  
1997Heitz "Trailside"Cabernet none1  
1997Bealieu Vineyard 'George Latour'Cabernet none13  
1995Ludovicoa "Ornellaia"Dolcetto none9  
1994Far NienteCabernet none1  
1999Bealieu Vineyard 'George Latour'Cabernet none5  
2000Ridge "Monte Bello"Cabernet none3  
2000TaylorPort none12  
1994DominusBlend none12  
1999ViaderCabernet none2  
1988Caymus Special SelectCabernet none1  
1982Chateau Haut-BrionBordeaux none15  
1982Chateau LatourBordeaux none12  
1982Chateau MargauxBordeaux none16  
1982Chateau Mouton RothschildBordeaux none14  
2001Silver Oak "napa"Cabernet none4  
1997Heitz Cellars "Bella Oaks"Cabernet none2  
1997CaymusCabernet none4  
1966Chateau Gruaud LaroseBordeaux none1  
1992Silver Oak NapaCabernet none12  
1989Far NienteCabernet none1  
2000DowsPort none9  
1979Chateau Leoville PoyferreBordeaux none5  
1999DuckhornCabernet none19  
1997Miners "Oakville Ranch"Cabernet none3  
1995Perrier-Jouet "Fleur"Champane none3  
2002Hat Trick "signed bottles"Cabernet none2  
1994DowsPort none6  
1988Chateau MargauxBordeaux none1  
1989Shafer Hillside SelectCabernet none1  
1992Silver Oak AlexanderCabernet none1  
1964Patriarche "Pommard"Burgundy none1  
2004Chateau St. Jean "Cepages"Cabernet none18  
1994FonsicaPort none12  
1991Carment "vin de Garde"Blend none1  
1998Dom ChevalierBordeaux none2  
 Dows 10 year oldPort none21  
1980Chateau Haut-BrionBordeaux none4  
1977DowsPort none12  
1975Chateau Haut-BrionBordeaux none1  
1991NewtonCabernet none1  
1992MerilynMerlot none1  
1989NewtonCabernet none1  
1990NewtonCabernet none1  
1985Chateau LatourBordeaux none5  
1966Chateau LatourBordeaux none1  
1971Chateau D'YquomSauternes none4  
1989Chateau Duhart MilonBordeaux none2  
1998Fisher "Coach Insignia" SignedCabernet none1  
1976Chateau Lafite RothschildBordeaux none1  
1983Chateau ClinetBordeaux none1  
1993Sterling "Diamond Mt." 3.0LTCabernet none1  
1973Chateau Lafite RothschildBordeaux none1  
1964Chateau Mouton RothschildBordeaux none2  
1966Chateau Lafite RothschildBordeaux none1  
1976Chateau Haut-BrionBordeaux none2  
N.V.Martin, Louis 3.0LTCabernet none1  
1945Chateau Lafite RothschildBordeaux none1  
1954Chateau Lafite RothschildBordeaux none1  
1964Taittinger Blanc de BlancChampagne none1  
1966Chateau Mouton RothschildBordeaux none1  
1969Patriarche "Beaune Recolte"Burgundy none4  
1970Chateau Lafite RothschildBordeaux none6  
1976Chateau LascombesBordeaux none8  
1978Chateau Lascombes 3.0LTBordeaux none3  
1994Pine Ridge "Andrus"Cabernet none1  
2001Clos PegaseCabernet none1  
2001Coppola "dvd apoc now''Cabernet none1  
2002Fisher "Coach Insignia" signedCabernet none1  
2002Peju "Signed Bottled"Cabernet none1  
2003Napa Ridge "signed" 3lt.Merlot none1  
2003Regusci "Sined Bottled"Cabernet none1  
2004Ravenswood 3Lt. etchedZinfandel none1  
1994St. Suprey 3.0Lt. Cabernet signed1  
1991Mirassou 3.0LTCabernet signedbottled1  
Cellar contains 648 bottles, 128 wines, 129 entries

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