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Cellar list for: socal619

200617 Ranch Winery Ash Hollow GoldWhite Wine Lewellen1  
200617 Ranch Winery Sandhills' RoseRed Wine Lewellen1  
2006Arbor Mist Island FruitsPinot Grigio  0  
2006Arbor Mist SangriaZinfandel  0  
2003Arbor Trails Winery Arbor AppleWhite  1  
2004Arbor Trails Winery EdelweissWhite  1  
2005Black Hills Winery Honey-Apple WineWhite Wine Spearfish1  
2005Black Hills Winery U.B. WildeRed Wine Spearfish1  
2005Blue Valley BlushBlush  1  
2005Blue Valley Sumer SongWhite  1  
2005Bordeaux Creek Vineyard Sweet MeadDessert Wine Chadron1  
2002Charles Shaw Sauvignon BlancSauvignon Blanc  0  
2004Covey Run Winery Columbia ValleyRiesling     
2004Cuthills Vineyards MeadMead  1  
2001Deer Valley Vineyards Deer ValleyCabernet  0  
2006Gallo FruteziaWhite  0  
2005Holy Cross Abbey Wild Canon HarvestRed  1  
2005James Arthur Amo TeBlush  1  
2005James Arthur CatawbaBlush  1  
2003James Arthur EdelweissWhite  1  
2005James Arthur Edyn's BlushBlush  1  
2005James Arthur Heartland WhiteWhite  1  
2005James Arthur San RealtoRed  1  
2003James Arthur VignolesWhite  1  
2006Kimmal Orchard Concord WineRed  1  
2005Kimmel Orchard Kimmel Apple WineWhite  1  
2005Kimmel Orchard Kimmel ReserveWhite  1  
2005Kimmel Orchard La CrosseWhite  1  
2006Kimmel Orchard Peach WineWhite  1  
2006La Rojena Cuervo TradicionalTequila Tequila1  
2003Lovers Leap Saddle Rock WhiteWhite  1  
2003Lovers Leap Soldier Creek RedRed  1  
2006Mac's Creek Blue HeronDessert Wine  1  
2005Mac's Creek Buzzard's RoostBlush  1  
2003Mac's Creek EdelweissWhite  1  
2006Mac's Creek River Valley RedRed Wine  1  
2006Mac's Creek Spring Creek MistWhite Wine  1  
2004Menghini Julian GoldMuscat     
2005Meyer Vineyards Cayuga WhiteWhite  1  
2005Meyer Vineyards MuscatMuscat  1  
2006Meyer Vineyards Sweet DreamsRed  2  
2003Mirassou ChardonnayChardonnay     
2004Mirassou Pinot NoirPinot Noir     
2006Penelope's of Evergreen Merlot Wine SauceMerlot  1  
2006Penelope's of Evergreen Port Wine SaucePort  1  
2005Prairie Berry Black Currant WineRed Wine Hill City2  
2005Prairie Berry NiagaraWhite Wine Hill City1  
2005Prairie Berry Strawberry WineDessert Wine Hill City1  
2005Prairie Berry Winery FreedomWhite Wine Hill City1  
2007Prairie Vine Vineyard Barn Dance FantasyWhite Wine Mitchell2  
2007Prairie Vine Vineyards Golden GlowMeade Mitchell2  
2007Prairie Vine Vineyards Oregon Trail GoldWhite Wine Mitchell1  
2007Prairie Vine Vineyards Prairie BlossomApple White Mitchell1  
2005Prime Country Winery ConcordRed  1  
2005Prime Country Winery Lancaster RedRed  0  
2005Rocky Mountain Meadery Chocolate Cherry VelvetDessert  1  
2006Schilling Bridge Forever VenusBlush  1  
2006Schilling Bridge Vinery EdelweissWhite  1  
2007Table Mountain Vineyard Prairie GoldMeade Huntley1  
2007Table Mountain Vineyard Raz!Fruit Huntley1  
2007Table Mountain Vineyard Son Of A Berry (S.O.B.)Fruit Huntley1  
2007Table Mountain Vineyard Wyo Wine-oApple White Huntley1  
2007Valley Of The Wind Pear WineFruit Loveland1  
2003Whisky Run Creek St. CroixRed  1  

Cellar contains 58 bottles, 54 wines, 64 entries

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