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Cellar list for: sgpracer

1999AltamuraCabernet EC-12$602  WS 93
2002Amon-RaShiraz AS78$702  RP 96-100
2002ArrowoodChardonnay K-1$232  WS 92
1999BV Reserve TapestryBlend EC-9$322  WS 92
Blend of cab sauv, merlot, petite verdot, and cab franc
2002BogleChardonnay K-1$93  WS 85
1999CakebreadCabernet EC-7$652  WS 91HR
1999CaymusCabernet EC-12$701  WS 92
2000CaymusCabernet EC-13$752  WS 92
2001CaymusCabernet EC-11$506  WS 92
2001Caymus Special SelectionCabernet EC-2$1201  WS 95CO
1995Chateau Montelena The Montelena EstateCabernet EC-12$892  WS 92
1997Chateau Montelena The Montelena EstateCabernet EC-2$1102  WS 95CE
This California Cab serves up lots of ripe, supple black cherry, currant and plum-laced flavors, as well as pretty touches of earth, anise and mineral. Turns smooth and supple, finishing with polished tannins
2001Chateau Montelena The Montelena EstateCabernet AS78$654  RP 96
1997Chateau Montelena The Montelena Estate(Magnum)Cabernet EC-0$3251  WS 95SS, RP 98
1999Chateau Montelena The Montelena Estate(Magnum)Cabernet EC-0$2001  WS 94
2001Chateau Montelena The Montelena Estate(Magnum)Cabernet EC-0$1251  RP 96
1997Chateau St. Jean Cinq CepagesBlend EC-9$754  WS 96
1999Chateau St. Jean Cinq CépagesCabernet EC-4$752  WS 95HR
2000Château d'Agassac Haut-MédocBlend EC-2$202  WS 90SB
1997Château d'YquemDessert Wine AS78$2001  WS 95CE
1990Château d'Yquem(splits)Dessert Wine EC-0$1201  WS 97CE
1997Château d'Yquem(splits)Dessert Wine EC-1$1003  WS 95CE
1999Constant Diamond Mountain VineyardCabernet EC-4$702  WS 92
1993Dalla ValleCabernet K-1$751  WS 91
1999Dalla ValleCabernet EC-5$752  WS 95
2001Dalla ValleCabernet AS78$902  WS 92-94
2002David ArthurCabernet AS78$752   
2002David Arthur Elevation 1147Cabernet AS78$1002  WS 92-94
2002David Arthur MeritaggioBlend AS78$552   
1999Dominus Estate BottledBlend EC-4$1202  WS 95CO
2001DuckhornCabernet EC-5$554  WS 86
2001Duckhorn (Magnum)Cabernet EC-1$1201  WS 86
1999Duckhorn Estate Grown Patzimaro VineyardCabernet EC-8$1001  WS 92
Excellent structure, range of flavors, depth and complexity, with taut tannins wrapped snugly around a core of spicy currant, cherry pie and blackberry flavors. Long, smooth aftertaste.
1999Duckhorn Napa Valley Estate GrownCabernet EC-5$902  WS 93
1997DunnCabernet EC-8$601  WS 92
1997Groth OakvilleCabernet EC-12$792  WS 92CE
Grows on you. Rich and earthy, with complex herb, currant, sage and cedary oak notes, all folding together nicely and finishing in a concentrated aftertaste.Best from 2002 through 2010. (15400 cases produced)
1997Harlan The MaidenBlend EC-9$1002  WS 90
1997Heitz Cellar Trailside VineyardCabernet EC-8$701  WS 92CE
1997Jim Barry The ArmaghShiraz EC-10$1101  WS 95
1999JordanCabernet EC-11$422  WS 88
2001Joseph PhelpsCabernet AS78$422  WS 89
1997Joseph Phelps InsigniaBlend EC-3$1251  WS 96CE
A dark, deliciously rich and complex youngster, brimming with layers of curant, blackberry, plum, mineral, spice, chocolate and cedar. Finishes with a gush of flavors, yet maintains its finesse and grace. Best from 2002 through 2012. 14,000 cases made.
1999Joseph Phelps InsigniaBlend EC-3$1104  WS 94CE
A dark, deliciously rich and complex youngster, brimming with layers of curant, blackberry, plum, mineral, spice, chocolate and cedar. Finishes with a gush of flavors, yet maintains its finesse and grace. Best from 2002 through 2012. 14,000 cases made.
2001Joseph Phelps InsigniaBlend AS78$904  RP 95
2001Joseph Phelps Insignia(Magnum)Blend EC-0$1901  RP 95
1999Karl Lawrence (Magnum)Cabernet EC-1$1201   
2001LewisCabernet EC-6$552  WS 92
2003LewisChardonnay K-1$3711  WS 96
1999Lewis ReserveCabernet EC-7$656  WS 93
2002Marquis Philips S2Cabernet EC-11$302  RP 92
2001MerryVale Profile(Magnum)Blend EC-0$1501  WS 92-94
1999Merryvale ProfileBlend EC-6$852  WS 93HR
Excellent balance and depth of flavor, with mocha-laced oak wrapped around ripe currant and blackberry fruit. It's seamless, and reveals extra flavor dimensions and elements of finesse that keep you coming back for another sip.
1999MerusCabernet EC-6$802  WS 94
1999Mount Eden Santa Cruz Mountains Old Vine ReserveCabernet EC-8$552  WS 92
2001Neal Family VineyardsCabernet EC-10$452  WS 91
2002Neal Family VineyardsCabernet AS78$456   
2002Neal Family Vineyards (Magnum)Cabernet EC-0$1101   
1997Niebaum-Coppola RubiconBlend EC-8$952  WS 95
1999Niebaum-Coppola RubiconBlend EC-5$1001  WS 94CE
1997PahlmeyerBlend EC-9$1502  WS 96
1999PahlmeyerBlend EC-6$804  WS 94
1999PahlmeyerMerlot EC-12$702  WS 94HR
2001PalomaMerlot Ordered$1003  WS 95
2002PalomaMerlot EC-4$502   
1999PlumpjackCabernet EC-8$551  WS 92
1997PrideCabernet EC-9$501  WS 94
1998PrideCabernet EC-12$502  WS 93
2000PrideCabernet EC-7$552  WS 90
2001PrideCabernet EC-5$602  WS 93
2002PrideCabernet Franc EC-2$562   
2002PrideCabernet AS78$656  WS 95-100
2002PrideSyrah EC-1$522   
2002PrideMerlot EC-2$524   
2003PrideChardonnay K-1$352   
1999Pride(Magnum)Cabernet EC-0$1251  WS 92
2002Pride(Magnum)Merlot EC-0$1051   
2001Quilceda CreekCabernet AS78$906  RP 96-99
2002Quilceda CreekCabernet Ordered QC$7612  RP 97-100
2002Quilceda Creek (Magnum)Cabernet Ordered QC$1852  RP 97-100
1997Raymond GenerationsCabernet EC-10$652  WS 93HR
2002Raymond Montere Estate ChardonnayChardonnay K-1$92   
2001Robert Mondavi ReserveCabernet AS78$702  RP 95
2002SebastianiChardonnay K-1$111   
1999Shafer Stags Leap District Hillside SelectCabernet EC-3$1504  WS 97CO
2002Simi Alexander ValleyCabernet K-1$174  WS 90
2000SloanBlend AS78$1501  RP 92
1999SpottswoodeCabernet EC-4$801  WS 94CE
2001SpottswoodeCabernet AS78$756  WS 95-100, RP 95
2001Spottswoode(Magnum)Cabernet EC-0$1501  WS 95-100, RP 95
1997Staglin (magnum)Cabernet EC-1$1501  WS 92
1997Stags Leap Wine Cellars Cask 23Cabernet EC-4$1202  WS 95CE
2002SterlingCabernet K-1$152   
1999ViaderCabernet EC-10$907  WS 94CE
1999Whitehall LaneCabernet EC-8$354  WS 93HR

Cellar contains 231 bottles, 94 wines, 94 entries

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