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Cellar list for: severtrd

2010 Dunn CabCabernet Souvignon I01  
2002Archery Summit Arcus PinotPinot Noir J11  
Ed1Cultivate Cultivate RedRed Blend L0, N02  
2007Domaine de Frabregues Domaine de Frabregues  O21  
2007EIEIO OPinot Noir G21  
2007EIEIO Swine WinePinot Noir J01  
2008Folin Cellars Ambassador CuveeRed A4, B4, C43  
2009Folin Cellars Ambassador CuveeRed K5, L5, M53  
2008Folin Cellars GrenacheGrenache D4, E4, F43  
2009Folin Cellars GrenacheGrenache P7, O6, D73  
2008Folin Cellars MisceoRed J5, G4, Q5, Q6, Q75  
2008Folin Cellars MourvedreMourvedre P1, Q1, N43  
2009Folin Cellars MourvedreMourvedre F7, G7, H73  
2008Folin Cellars Petite SyrahPetite Syrah A5, A6, A73  
2005Folin Cellars Reserve TempranilloTempranillo C2,D2, E23  
2006Folin Cellars SyrahSyrah C6, D62  
2007Folin Cellars SyrahSyrah E6, F6, G63  
2005Folin Cellars TempranilloTempranillo H61  
2006Folin Cellars TempranilloTempranillo K6, J6, I63  
2007Folin Cellars TempranilloTempranillo P6, C7, E73  
2007Folin Cellars VetoPinot Noir L11  
2008Laurel Ridge DueceRed Table P01  
2008Laurel Ridge Red Table WineRed Table Wine I41  
2005Laurel Ridge Reserve Pinot NoirPinot Noir C51  
2007Laurel Ridge SyrahSyrah B0, H12  
2006Owen Roe Santa Maria Valley Pinot NoirPinot Noir H31  
2006Owen Roe Sinister HandRhone Q2, P22  
2007Owen Roe Sinister HandRhone K3, J32  
2008Owen Roe Sinister HandRhone L3, M3, P33  
2005Owen Roe Yakima ValleyRed Wine H21  
2007Remy Wines LagreinLagrein  N1, O12  
2007Sejourne Pinot NoirPinot Noir O0, K02  
2008Sejourne Pinot NoirPinot Noir L6, M6, N63  
2006Sejourne SyrahSyrah B61  
2009Sejourne SyrahSyrah 7B1  
2004Solena Cabernet SouvignonCabernet Souvignon F11  
2007Solena Guadalupe Pinot NoirPinot Noir K11  
2006Troon Vineyard Buren Vineyard CabCabernet Souvignon J21  
2006Troon Vineyard Kubli Bench CabCabernet Souvingnon G1, F02  
2008Troon Vineyard LTD Reserve IRed N71  
2008Troon Vineyard MalbecMalbec L21  
2004Troon Vineyard Old Vine MeritageRed 3I1  
2006Troon Vineyard Spirit of the Rogue RedRed Table Wine M71  
2008Troon Vineyard SyrahSyrah K21  
2007Troon Vineyards Druids FluidRed Wine Q01  
2007Troon Vineyards Kubli Bench CabCabernet Souvignon J7, K7, L73  
2008Troon Vineyards Kubli Bench ZinfadelZinfandel A21  
2005Troon Vineyards Old Vine MeritageRed B1, C1, D13  
2006Troon Vineyards Old Vine MeritageRed E11  
2004Troon Vineyards Reserve CabCabernet A0, C02  
2006Troon Vineyards Reserve CabCabernet D0, E02  
2006Zenas Cabernet FrancCab Franc N51  
2007Zenas Cabernet FrancCab Franc H4, P5, O53  
2008Zenas Cabernet FrancCab Franc H51  
2005Zenas ClaretRed B51  
2006Zenas MeritageRed Blend D5, E52  
2007Zenas MeritageRed Wine N4, F5, G53  
2006Zenas MerlotMerlot J4, K42  
2007Zenas MerlotMerlot L4, M42  
2008Zenas MerlotMerlot O4, P4, Q43  

Cellar contains 113 bottles, 60 wines, 60 entries

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