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Cellar list for: recqspecdog

20113 Blind Moose Cellars 3 Blind MooseChardonnay  2  
2011AW Direct inc. Chateau du Haut-Queray BordeauxBordeaux  Large Wine Cabinet1  
2009Antoine Creek Malbec Estate GrownMalbec  Large Wine Cabinet1  
2012Black Oak Winery Black OakChardonnay  2  
2013Canals and Nubiola Canals and Nubiola Cavacava  2  
2011Cascina Del Santuario Cascina Del Santuario MoscatoMoscato  Small Wine Cabinet1  
2012Cate CateChardonnay  Large Wine Cabinet1  
2011Chateau St Jean Chateau St Jean ChardonnayChardonnay  Large Wine Cabinet1  
2010Chateau Ste Michelle Chateau Ste Michelle Indian WellsCabernet  Large Wine Cabinet1  
2011Chateau Ste Michelle GewurztraminerGewurztraminer  Large Wine Cabinet1  
2006Chateau Ste Michelle limited release Petit Verdotpetit verdot Large Wine Cabinet1  
2011Chatequ st. Jean Chatequ St. Jean ChardonnayChardonnay  Large Wine Cabinet1  
2012Chatteu Ste Michelle EroicaRiesling  Small Wine Cabinet1  
2011Chile INTI Cuvee LimitadaSolstice  Large Wine Cabinet1  
2011Classic Winemakers LLC South African Safari PinotagePinot Noir  Large Wine Cabinet1  
2009Columbia Crest Winery Horse Heaven Hills ChardonnayChardonnay  Large Wine Cabinet1  
2013Confectioners Winery, Walla Walla Confectiioners MalbecMalbec  Large Wine Cabinet1  
2010D66 Winery D 66Red Wine  1  
2010Dalla Terra Winery Direct Cascinetta Vietti Moscato D'astiMoscato Small Wine Cabinet1  
2011Duckhorn Vinyards Duckhorn Vinyards CabCabernet  1  
2011Dusted Valley Vinters Boom Town cabernet sauvignonCabernet  Large Wine Cabinet0  
2011Feeding Frenzy Cellars Feeding FrenzyChardonnay  1  
2012Feeding Frenzy Cellars Feeding FrenzyChardonnay  Large Wine Cabinet1  
2008Five Star Cellars Five Star CellarsCabernet  1  
2008Five Star Cellars Five Star Cellars MerlotMerlot  Large Wine Cabinet1  
2012France MontaudonChampagne  Small Wine Cabinet1  
2012France Veuve CliequotChampagne  Small Wine Cabinet1  
2012France perrier JouetChampagne  Small Wine Cabinet1  
2011Freelance Wines coup de graceRed Wine  1  
2011Hope Family Wines Liberty School Central Coast MerlotMerlot  Large Wine Cabinet1  
2006IB Alzini IB Alzini Da SangioveseCabernet  Large Wine Cabinet1  
2012Italy Cascinetta ViettiMoscato  Small Wine Cabinet6  
2012Italy MamamangoMoscato  Small Wine Cabinet1  
2012Italy Masquerade Proseccoprosecco  Small Wine Cabinet1  
2012Italy MionettoMoscato  Small Wine Cabinet1  
2011Italy Sipario Montepulciano D'abruzzo Red Wine  4  
2010Jargon Wine Company JargonPinot Noir  Large Wine Cabinet1  
2006Kaleidos Wine Company Kaleidos Red Wine  4  
2009Knudsen Vineyard Argyle Blanc de BlancSparkling Wine Small Wine Cabinet1  
2010Las Alturas Vineyard Bella GlosPinot Noir  Large Wine Cabinet1  
2011Lineare Wines Gypsy bootsPinot Noir  Large Wine Cabinet1  
2010/11Loinetti Cellars Leonetti Cellars CabCabernet Large wine cabinet2  
2011Louis Eschenauer France Reserve de Louis Eschenauer BordeauxBordeaux  Large Wine Cabinet1  
2007Maison Bouey, Ambres France Chateau L'OrtolonBordeaux  Large Wine Cabinet1  
2010Maison Bouy, Ambares, France Grand Vin De Bordeaux Chateau Pas De RauquanCabernet  Large Wine Cabinet1  
2010Mark Ryan Winery The DissidentRed Wine  Large Wine Cabinet1  
2010Monterey County Sofia RieslingRiesling  Small Wine Cabinet1  
2011Mosaic MosaicCabernet  Large Wine Cabinet1  
2012Mumm Napa Valley Mumm Napa Brut PrestigeSparkling Wine  Small Wine Cabinet1  
2012Mumm Napa Valley Mumm Napa Brut RoseSparkling Wine  Small Wine Cabinet1  
2010Pacific Rim Pacific Rim RieslingRiesling  Small Wine Cabinet1  
2009Pyrenees Winery Pyrenees MerlotMerlot  Large Wine Cabinet1  
2011Reata Winery WhiplashChardonnay  2  
2010Red Door Cellars Red Door Cellars Pinot NoirPinot Noir  Large Wine Cabinet1  
2009Robelo Family Winery Robledo ChardonnayChardonnay  Large Wine Cabinet1  
2006Robert Nenow Winery Robert NenowCabernet  3  
2009Robledo Winery Robledo Sparkling WineSparkling Wine Small Wine Cabinet1  
2012Roederer Estate Roederer Estate sparkling wineSparkling Wine  Small Wine Cabinet1  
2011San Juan Cellars Harbor Blush Table WineBlush  Large Wine Cabinet1  
2011San Juan Cellars San Juan Cellars ReislingRiesling  Small Wine Cabinet2  
2011Shingleback Red KnotChardonnay  2  
2012South Africa Jam Jar Sweet ShirazShiraz  2  
2010Stevens Winery, Woodenville Stevens XYCabernet  1  
2009Swallow Cellar Winery Swallow GewurztraminerGewurztraminer  Large Wine Cabinet1  
2011The Buccaneer The Buccaneer CabCabernet  2  
2010Thomas Henry Wines Thomas HenrySyrah  Large Wine Cabinet1  
2010Valle Central Paso GrandeChardonnay  1  
2009Willamette Valley ErathPinot Noir  Large Wine Cabinet1  
2009Willamette Valley Willamette Valley Vineyards Pinot NoirPinot Noir  Large Wine Cabinet1  
2011Wines That Rock Grateful Dead Red Wine BlendRed Wine  3  
2011Wines that Rock Rolling Stones WineRed Wine  3  
2011Wines that rock 2011 Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine  3  
2010Wines that rock Red Blend The Police WineRed Wine  2  
2012Yakima Valley Bung DogRed Wine  Large Wine Cabinet1  
2008concannon vinyard Chateau ConcannonCabernet  Large Wine Cabinet1  

Cellar contains 103 bottles, 74 wines, 75 entries

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