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Cellar list for: mcnees1

1996 Chateau BerliquetBordeaux  200   
Do not buy again
2000 Chateau CamensacBordeaux  49.951   
2000 Chateau CantemerleBordeaux  27.500   
do not buy again
2000 Chateau GloriaBordeaux  33.991   
2000 Chateau Haut CorbinBordeaux  24.991   
2000 Chateau La CommanderieBordeaux  24.994   
Decant for at least one hour
Very tight and a earthy nose after opening. Wine opened up nicely after about 45 minutes to have a buttery nose and flavor. Good bordeaux value.
2000 Chateau La DominiqueBordeaux  49.991   
1999 Chateau La Grave-a-PomerolBordeaux  54.950   
First try at this one was a standard bottle. It was a good (or average) buy, so I bought a magnum
Bright flavor, compared to other bordeauxs. Still pretty dry (typical bordeaux) Could use more fruitiness.
1997 Chateau Lafon-RochetBordeaux  200   
Do not buy again
2002 Chateau LascombesBordeaux  31.992   
needs minimum 1 hour in decanter
2003 Chateau LascombesBordeaux  601   
2004 Chateau LascombesBordeaux  403   
1996 Chateau Pichon BaronBordeaux  49.991   
1996 Chateau de SalesBordeaux  250   
2000 Esprit De L'egliseBordeaux  401   
2002 Volnay SantenotsBurgundy  35.991   
2001Castoro Cellars Vineyard TributeZinfandel  120   
A good zin for the price. Must be decanted before drinking
2000Chateau Boyd-Cantenac Grand Cru ClasseBordeaux  27.950   
Decant for at least two hours
2000Chateau Carbonnieux Grand Cru Classe de GravesBordeaux  25.991   
1998Chateau Haut-Bages AverousBordeaux  20    
2000Chateau Haut-Bages AverousBordeaux  23.991   
2000Chateau Haut-Brisson Saint-Emilion Grand CruBordeaux  20.991   
1999Chateau La Tour de MonsBordeaux  18.950   
Pretty good, for the price
After decanting, it opened up nicely. Smooth buttery texture. Subtle flavors.
1999Chateau Les Tourelles De LonguevilleBordeaux  200   
It opened up nicely after decanting. I was happy with the wine, and would buy again if the opportunity came up.
2000Chateau Marquis D'alesme Becker Grand Cru ClasseBordeaux  19.952   
2000Chateau PibranBordeaux  26.951   
2003Chateauneuf-du-Pape Domaine Grand VeneurRhone  25.954   
2003Cline Ancient VinesZinfandel  120   
Do not buy again
Bitter. No body, especially for a zin.
2001Domaine de la Solitude SolitudeRhone  32.991   
2002Downing Family Vineyards Fly by NightZinfandel  191   
Good Zinfandel. Good fruitiness.
2001Ehlers EstateCabernet  180   
2003Robert Biale Vineyards Black ChickenZinfandel  39.990   
2004Sea Smoke BotellaPinot Noir  302   
2004Sea Smoke SouthingPinot Noir  500   
2004Sea Smoke TenPinot Noir  702   
2002Tin Barn Vineyards Jensen Lane VineyardZinfandel  300   
My favorite zin, to date. "What a zin SHOULD taste like." Fruity and jammy

Cellar contains 33 bottles, 21 wines, 36 entries

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