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Cellar list for: jay1958

2002Alice WhiteChardonnay  4.97   WS85
RJE:85 - one tasting - last opened 11/24/2003
2002Alice WhiteShiraz  4.97   WS85
2003Alice WhiteChardonnay  4.97   WS83
2002Alice White Cabernet-ShirazBlend  5.99   WS87
2001Alliance ADWShiraz  9.99   WS85 RP87
Carolina Wine Co. - pretty good but not a bargain at $10
opened 4/2005; needs a little time in glass to open up
 Andre Brut ChampagneSparkling Wine  3.99    
last opened 12/31/2003 - decent super low cost dry sparkler
2001Banfi Col di Sasso Cabernet-SangioveseBlend PA/PP7.992  WS85
Total Wine
2002Barone Fini Alto Adige D.O.C.Pinot Gris  14.99    
"Flat out, one of the finest examples of affordable Italian white wines. This zesty, medium-bodied (wine) leaps from the glass with fresh, flowery, melonlike aromas. In the mouth, itís bone-dry, balanced and delightfully fruity. Three (out of a possible five) stars." - Delta Sky Magazine "...admirable for its crispness and purity; really good stuff... delightful, very refreshing and clean." - Andrew Wilson
RJE: 88 based on two tastings; last opened 12/12/2003
2000BeringerZinfandel  4.79    
RJE:83 based on one tasting; last opened 11/28/2003
2002BeringerGewurztraminer  6.99   WS83
"Simple and sweet tasting, with honey, peach and melon notes with a toasty edge. Drink now." - WS
Carroll and I both like this one. Reminiscent of a decent Chard with just a touch of sweetness.
2001Bodegas Castano HeculaRed Wine  8.99    
Carolina Wine Company
Pretty good, a 'big red' wannabe. Can probably do better for $9.
2001BoglePetite Sirah D38.971  WS87
2003BogleChardonnay  6.97    
very good chardonnay! we both enjoyed this one
2001Bonny Doon Cardinal ZinZinfandel AREADY19.001  WS81
gift from James and Alice Reese
2002Ca Montini Luna Di LunaChardonnay/Pinot Grigio  7.97    
RJE:83 (Jan 04) - last opened 06/2005 - good! - had been a little tart or green tasting in 08/2004
2002CamelotPinot Noir AREADY6.991   
2001 vintage was rated WS85
2001Canyon OaksSyrah  3.99    
last opened 1/16/2004
RJE: 79 - one tasting - very light, almost tastes watered down
2001Canyon OaksMerlot  3.99    
RJE: 82 - one tasting
2001Canyon OaksCabernet  3.99    
RJE:80 - one tasting - decent for the extremely low price; last opened 12/10/2003
2002Canyon OaksChardonnay  3.99    
decent Chardonnay at only $4/bottle
2000Casa Lapostolle Rapel ValleyCabernet  10.00   WS88
Wine Spectator Best Value; "...very good, above average..." -
2001Casa Lapostolle Rapel ValleyCabernet  9.49   WS84
Good Cab. Last opened 7/2004.
2000Castell Del Remei Gotim BruRed Wine CC/CG12.992  RP92
Nasty stuff - avoid! last opened July 2004
2000Chateau BellevueBordeaux  6.99    
RJE: 82 based on one tasting; last opened 12/12/2003
2000Chateau Bourbon La Chapelle MedocRed Wine  12.99    
"A fine Medoc wine. Deep purple in colour. Red fruits on the nose. A round and supple wine with soft tannins and a long finish." -
2002Chateau Grande Cassagne Grenache-SyrahRed Wine AREADY9.991   
2000Chateau Landat Cru Bourgeois 375mlBordeaux  7.49   WE90
2000Chateau SouverainCabernet CA13.971  WS86
2001Chateau SvilenaMerlot  10.00    
International Wine Cellars
nasty, as were almost all of the IWC wines I've tasted
2000Chatham HillPinot Noir  11.00    
corked or extremely poor quality wine or ???
had to be poured out - corked? opened 12/11/2003
2003Clos Du BoisChardonnay  7.97    
2001Columbia Crest Columbia ValleyChardonnay  4.97    
last opened 12/3/2003
2000Columbia Crest Grand EstatesCabernet AREADY8.271  WS88
2000Columbia Crest Two VinesMerlot  5.99   WS86
RJE:84 - one tasting - last opened 1/1/2004
2000Concha y Toro XploradorCabernet  6.99   WS86
last opened: 11/7/2003; 2002 vintage was rated WS86
RJE: 81 - one tasting
NVCristalino Brut CavaSparkling Wine  5.99   WE86 ST86
Grape Tray: "A toasty, dry bubbly; a nice choice given the price."
2001DelicatoMerlot  4.99   WS86
2001DelicatoChardonnay  4.99    
Total Wine rated "Best Buy"; last opened 11/15/2003
RJE:81 based on one tasting
2002DelicatoShiraz  4.99   RP85
last opened on 11/4/2003
RJE: 85 based on one tasting
2001Domaine du Pegau Plan Lot 2001Rhone AREADY/PP8.992   
Carolina Wine Co.
2000Earl Vignobles Fagard Chateau Bois RedonBordeaux  7.99    
1st bottle: pleasing Bordeaux, awesome at this price; decant for at least 30-60 minutes (January 2004); 2nd bottle: possibly a cork problem? or already past its prime? not very good (August 2004)
2002Errazuriz Ovalle Grand SelectionCabernet  4.99    
2001 vintage was rated WS76
RJE:70 - one tasting - just terrible, not corked but still nearly undrinkable - AVOID!
2001Fetzer Eagle PeakMerlot  5.670   
2000 vintage was rated WS84
2002Fetzer Echo RidgeGewurztraminer  5.67    
Rosemarie, Steve & Kraw really liked it - we didn't get any
2004Fetzer Vineyards Valley OaksGewurztraminer AREADY7.271   
2001Georges Duboeuf Domaine Barthes 375mlMerlot  3.99    
last opened 11/13/2003
RJE:85 based on one tasting
2000Guigal Cotes du RhoneRhone  11.99   WS88
Carolina Wine Co. $8 Jan 04 / Total Wine $12 July 04
excellent! a bargain at $8! last opened 12/2004; peaking - drink now!
2003Hans Schiller Piesporter Michelsberg KabinettWhite Wine  5.99    
good, easy drinking
2002Hogue JohannisbergRiesling  6.99   WS88
WS "Best Values"
2000J. Vidal Fleury Cotes du VentouxRhone  7.99   WE88
"A delectable grenache based wine with raspberry and vanilla bouquet leading you to a savoury and intense palate." - Sydney Australia Food & Wine Guide
pleasing red; last opened 12/2004; corked or past its prime when opened in 6/2005
2002Jacob's CreekChardonnay  5.47   WS84
RJE:83 - one tasting - last opened 12/29/2003
2001Jacob's Creek Shiraz CabernetBlend  5.47   WS86
2002Kumeu RiverChardonnay CK17.991  WS92
Carolina Wine Co.
2000Laurel Glen RedsRed Wine  7.99   WS84 WE87
2002Lindemans Bin 45Cabernet  5.67   WS85
RJE:83 - one tasting - last opened Jan.2004 - okay, nothing special, decent for the price
2002MarchesiniSangiovese  5.49    
Good stuff! Very smooth and full! Last opened 10/2004
2000Nieto Senetiner Las MariasSyrah  10.00    
International Wine Cellars; last opened 11/18/2003
RJE:78 - one tasting - simple, easy drinking but either past its prime or uninteresting to begin with
2000Nieto Senetiner ReservaCabernet  10.00    
International Wine Cellars
RJE: 77 - one tasting - hot, alcohol taste and acidic; last opened 12/15/2003
2002Oak Grove ReserveChardonnay  7.99    
Total Wine
Good chard. The 2001 was excellent. Last opened 4/2005; nice.
2000OasisMerlot  16.00    
[email protected] Wine Festival; [email protected] Governors Cup; Carroll gave this to me for our wedding anniversary in 2003
this was very good in August 2004; RJE:86
2000Pacific Estate Columbia ValleyCabernet  4.99    
last opened 1/7/2004; (Total Wine)
RJE:78 - one tasting - already past its prime? or not very good to begin with?
2001Pacific PeakCabernet  3.49    
a little weak but drinkable; not bad for $3.49
2002Paringa Cabernet SauvignonCabernet  9.99   WS88
Carolina Wine Co.
2002Paringa Individual VineyardsShiraz  6.99   WS87
Carolina Wine Company
RJE:89 - excellent red - unbelievably good at this price!
2001Penfolds Koonunga Hill Shiraz-CabernetBlend  8.27    
2000 vintage was rated WS85
2001Provincia di Pavia PietroPinot Gris  5.99    
last opened 11/24/2003
2002R.H. PhillipsChardonnay  4.97    
not very good; last opened October 2004
2002Reserve St. MartinCabernet  5.49    
2001 vintage was rated WS85
decent, but even at less than $6 there are better options
2002Reserve St. MartinMerlot  5.49    
2001 vintage was rated WS77
RJE:81 based on one tasting; last opened 11/19/2003
2001Riverina Bushman's GullyBlend  5.99    
from Kroger
2000RosemountCabernet  9.69   WS85
RJE:86 - one tasting; last opened 12/17/2003
2001RosemountCabernet  9.39   WS85 WA86 WE86
very nice Cab, still drinking very well in March 2005
2002RosemountShiraz  7.67   WS88
2002Rosemount Grenache/ShirazRed Wine  5.99    
2000 and 2001 vintage were both rated WS86
2000Rosemount Shiraz CabernetBlend  6.49   WS86
purchased for a future wedding anniversary - year of our marriage
last opened 12/28/2003 - well past its prime - tastes of chocolate, but off-flavor and flat
2002Rosemount Shiraz CabernetBlend  4.97   WS86
last opened 11/12/2003
RJE: 87 based on one tasting
2002Rosemount Traminer RieslingWhite Wine  6.49    
very good white for the price
2002Sutter HomeWhite Zinfandel  3.37    
pleasant white zin at an incredible price! great value; last opened 12/11/2003
2004Sutter Home MuscatoWhite Wine  3.99    
very good cheap wine
enjoyed this wine in Nashville in April 2005 at Menages
2002Sutter Home White MerlotWhite Merlot  3.99    
okay, nothing great - white zinfandel is more of a crowd pleaser
2001TalusCabernet  5.49    
RJE: 83 based on one tasting
2002TalusChardonnay  5.49   WS83
"Straightforward fruity flavors and aromas of spicy apple and pear. Balanced, simple and appealing. Drink now." - WS
pretty good Chardonnay for the price; last opened October 2004
2001Turning LeafMerlot  4.99    
average at best; not recommended; last opened 7/2004
2001Turning LeafCabernet  4.97    
average at best; not recommended; last opened 7/2004
2000Unicorn Vidal BlancWhite Wine  11.00    
RJE: 84 based on one tasting; solid, pleasing white from Va.; hints of apple and vanilla
2000VendangeCabernet  3.99    
RJE: 81 - one tasting - last opened 12/22/2003
1999Vieux Chateau GreanBordeaux  5.99    
last opened 12/1/2003; decent sipping wine, nothing special
2000Vieux Chateau GreanBordeaux  8.99    
seems a little thin, but not unpleasant; last opened 10/2004
1999Vina Carmen Santa Maria Gran ReservaCabernet  13.99   WS87
2002Vina Carmen Santa Maria Valle CentralCabernet  6.99    
1999 vintage was rated WS81
pretty good @ $7
2004Washington Hills Late HarvestRiesling  8.99    
very good late harvest reisling for price
2001Wolf BlassShiraz D910.991  WS88
2003Wyndham Estate Bin 222Chardonnay  7.99   WS83
"Light and fruity, with a nice grapefruit note at the center. Drink now." - WS
good chardonnay

Cellar contains 15 bottles, 12 wines, 94 entries

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