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Cellar list for: holly5

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Key to Drink-ability

+Ready to Drink
++In its Prime
!!!At its Peak
!?Past its Best

Other Wine Sorted by Location

 Bonny DoonFramboise 1Row1HouseWhites2  
 Bonny DoonFramboise 1little39fridge2  
2001BargettoMelange 1row2HouseWhites1  
1993BargettoGewurztraminer 3993and3994row4HouseWhites2  
2001Mary HillFortrock Red Row10reds1  
2005Nine Gables-"Old Vine"Zinfandel Row10reds1  
 Bitter Creek CrusaderRed Wine Row11reds1  
 Briccored table Row11reds2  
 Tabula RasaRed table Row11reds2  
2003Two RiversCuneo red table Row11reds1  
2004TrinitasMateras, Old Vine Row11reds1  
2006Gnarly HeadOld Vine Zin Row11reds2  
 Leonardo FamilyZin Rosato Row12reds11  
1999Turning LeafMerlot Row12reds1  
2001Leonardo Familycabernet Sauvignon Row12reds3  
2005Kapiniaris Vineyards Curvaceouscabernet Sauvignon Row12reds1  
2005Stama, LodiOld Vine Zinfandel Row12reds1  
2007Kapiniaris Vineyards-Lodi Zany ZinOld Vine Zinfandel Row12reds1  
2001Gardotti Vineyard East Valley Road vinescabernet Sauvignon Row13reds4  
2006BrayVerdelho (white) Row13reds1  
2006BrayBarbera Row13reds1  
2004Bonny DoonMourvedre Row1HouseReds2  
 Bonny DoonMuscat vin de Glaciere Row1HouseWhites1  
 Bonny DoonRiesling Row1HouseWhites1  
2006Bonny DoonPigato Row1HouseWhites2  
 Bonny DoonVoignier Doux Row1reds1  
 Bonny Doon Ca del SoloSangiovese Row1reds1  
2004Bonny DoonCinsault (red) Row1reds2  
2005Bonny Doon Gimella,Pinot Noir Row1reds1  
 Duck PondSemillon ice wine Row2HouseWhites2  
2003Tahoe RidgeMuscat Canelli Row2HouseWhites2  
2003Tahoe RidgeSemillion Row2HouseWhites1  
2005MayoViognier Row2HouseWhites2  
 Bonny Doon Le Cigare Volantred table Row2reds2  
2004BoitanoSangiovese Row2reds6  
2004Bonny DoonCinsault (red) Row2reds2  
 Sonoma Sparklernatural pear Row3HouseWhites1  
 VSattui Gamay Row3HouseWhites2  
2005Charles RChardonnay Row3HouseWhites4  
2005StamaSauvignon Blanc-late harvest Row3HouseWhites1  
2001William SelyemPinot Noir Row3reds7  
2002Blackstone reservePinot Noir Row3reds5  
 FetzerGewurztraminer Row4HouseWhites1  
 Leonardo FamilyZin Rosato Row4HouseWhites11  
2000Chateau MichelleJohannisberg Riesling Row4HouseWhites1  
2005Ipsus YummyPassito di Pantelleria Row4HouseWhites1  
2008Williams Selyem Allen VineyardPinot Noir Row4reds1  
2001William SelyemPinot Noir Row4reds7  
2001William SelyemZinfandel Row4reds2  
 Mary HillMuscat Canelli Row5HouseWhites4  
1999Erath Vintage SelectRiesling Row5HouseWhites1  
2000ErathGewurztraminer Row5HouseWhites3  
2005VientoVoignier Row5HouseWhites2  
1999VSattuiZinfandel Row5reds2  
2001VSattuiGamay Rouge Row5reds4  
2001William SelyemPinot Noir Row5reds7  
1999ErathSauvignon Blanc-late harvest Row6HouseWhites1  
2005Mariana VineyardsChardonnay Row6HouseWhites1  
2005Matanzas CreekChardonnay Row6HouseWhites1  
2005Wente Wineryport Row6HouseWhites1  
2007Tilden Peak Cellars wine shop at homewhite Row6HouseWhites1  
1997ErathPinot Noir Row6reds4  
1999Erath MagiquePinot Noir Row6reds1  
2003Moondance Cellars Reservecabernet Sauvignon Row6reds1  
2004Rocca delle Maciechianti Classico (dry red) Row6reds1  
2005Tapenagarnache Row6reds1  
2008BoglePetite Sirah Row6reds1  
 Leonardo FamilyZin Rosato Row7HouseWhites11  
 PrestonHuckleberry Wine Row7HouseWhites6  
2000Rex HillSauvignon Blanc Row7HouseWhites1  
2005Wm. HarrisonChardonnay Row7HouseWhites1  
2008Williams Selyem UnoakedChardonnay Row7Whites2  
 Duck PondMerlot Row7reds2  
2002Pied VioletMerlot Row7reds1  
2006MettlerCabernet Row7reds1  
2006Tahoe RidgeMerlot Row7reds1  
2008ConcannonCabernet Row7reds1  
2009Tahoe RidgeNVD Harvest Select Row7reds1  
2000PrestonMerlot Reserve Row8reds2  
2000Prestoncabernet Sauvignon reserve Row8reds3  
2003PrestonGamay Rouge Row8reds3  
2008Tahoe RidgeFrontenac Row8reds1  
 PrestonPetite Syrah Row9reds2  
 PrestonPlatinum Red Row9reds3  
1998Preston RoyalPort Row9reds5  
2000Prestoncabernet Sauvignon Row9reds2  
 Joe Blowred table boxingarage2  
2003Zephyr PointCabernet boxingarage9  
 Leonardo FamilyZin Rosato garage11  
 Bonny DoonLe Vol de Anges garagerefrigerator1  
 Domain Chateauchampagne garagerefrigerator1  
 Moet Chandon Dom PerignonCuvee Champagne garagerefrigerator1  
 Moet Chandon White Starchampagne garagerefrigerator1  
 Moscato di Asti  garagerefrigerator1  
 Rex HillSauvignon Blanc garagerefrigerator1  
1996Riflessi Malvasia Rosevino spumanti garagerefrigerator1  
2001Ironstone ObsessionCalifornia Symphony garagerefrigerator1  
2002BoitanoTrebbiano (white) garagerefrigerator1  
2002Prestonwhite reisling garagerefrigerator3  
2002Silvan Ridge semi-sparklingEarly Muscat garagerefrigerator1  
2003Clos du BoisChardonnay garagerefrigerator2  
2005VientoVoignier garagerefrigerator2  
2007Evo VineyardChardonnay garagerefrigerator1  
 Big White House Cellars ChampagneCalifornia Sparkling Wine inlittle39fridge1  
 Colbin Ridgewhite port liquorcabinet1  
 PrestonHuckleberry Wine liquorcabinet6  
 Elk CoveSparkling Wine little39fridge1  
 Tobin Jameschampagne little39fridge1  
1996Elk CoveViognier little39fridge1  
2001VSattuiGamay Rouge little39fridge4  
2003Clos du BoisChardonnay little39fridge2  
2003PrestonChardonnay little39fridge1  
2004LockwoodChardonnay little39fridge1  
2001VSattuiRiesling none3  
2008Williams Selyem, Bacigalupi VineyardZinfandel none1  
2008Williams Selyem, Heintz VinyardChardonnay none1  
2003Tahoe RidgeMuscat Canelli someinboxingarage2  
Cellar contains 200 bottles, 106 wines, 112 entries

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