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Cellar list for: holly5

1993BargettoGewurztraminer '93 and '94 row 4 House Whites2  
2001BargettoMelange 1/row 2 House Whites1  
 Big White House Cellars ChampagneCalifornia Sparkling Wine  in little 'fridge1  
 Bitter Creek CrusaderRed Wine Row 11 reds1  
2002Blackstone reservePinot Noir Row 3-reds5  
2008BoglePetite Sirah Row 6 reds1  
2002BoitanoTrebbiano (white) garage refrigerator1  
2004BoitanoSangiovese Row 2-reds6  
 Bonny DoonMuscat vin de Glaciere Row 1 House Whites1  
 Bonny DoonLe Vol de Anges garage refrigerator1  
 Bonny DoonVoignier Doux Row 1 reds1  
 Bonny DoonFramboise 1 Row 1 House Whites, 1 little 'fridge2  
 Bonny DoonRiesling Row 1 House Whites1  
2004Bonny DoonCinsault (red) Row 1 reds, Row 2 reds2  
2004Bonny DoonMourvedre Row 1 House Reds2  
2006Bonny DoonPigato Row 1 House Whites2  
 Bonny Doon Ca del SoloSangiovese Row 1 reds1  
 Bonny Doon Le Cigare Volantred table Row 2 reds2  
2005Bonny Doon Gimella,Pinot Noir Row 1 reds1  
2006BrayVerdelho (white) Row 13 reds1  
2006BrayBarbera Row 13 reds1  
 Briccored table Row 11 reds2  
2005Charles RChardonnay Row 3 House Whites4  
2000Chateau MichelleJohannisberg Riesling Row 4 House Whites1  
2003Clos du BoisChardonnay little 'fridge, garage refrigerator2  
 Colbin Ridgewhite port liquor cabinet1  
2008ConcannonCabernet Row 7 reds1  
 Domain Chateauchampagne garage refrigerator1  
 Duck PondMerlot Row 7 reds2  
 Duck PondSemillon ice wine Row 2 House Whites2  
 Elk CoveSparkling Wine little 'fridge1  
1996Elk CoveViognier little 'fridge1  
1997ErathPinot Noir Row 6 reds4  
1999ErathSauvignon Blanc-late harvest Row 6 House Whites1  
2000ErathGewurztraminer Row 5 House Whites3  
1999Erath MagiquePinot Noir Row 6 reds1  
1999Erath Vintage SelectRiesling Row 5 House Whites1  
2007Evo VineyardChardonnay garage refrigerator1  
 FetzerGewurztraminer Row 4 House Whites1  
2001Gardotti Vineyard East Valley Road vinescabernet Sauvignon Row 13 reds4  
2006Gnarly HeadOld Vine Zin Row 11 reds2  
2005Ipsus YummyPassito di Pantelleria Row 4 House Whites1  
2001Ironstone ObsessionCalifornia Symphony garage refrigerator1  
 Joe Blowred table box in garage2  
2005Kapiniaris Vineyards Curvaceouscabernet Sauvignon Row 12 reds1  
2007Kapiniaris Vineyards-Lodi Zany ZinOld Vine Zinfandel Row 12 reds1  
 Leonardo FamilyZin Rosato Row 4 House Whites, Row 7 House Whites, Row 12 reds, garage11  
2001Leonardo Familycabernet Sauvignon Row 12 reds3  
2004LockwoodChardonnay little 'fridge1  
2005Mariana VineyardsChardonnay Row 6 House Whites1  
 Mary HillMuscat Canelli Row 5 House Whites4  
1999Mary HillSyrah Row 101  
2001Mary HillFortrock Red Row 10 reds1  
2005Matanzas CreekChardonnay Row 6 House Whites1  
2005MayoViognier Row 2 House Whites2  
2006MettlerCabernet Row 7 reds1  
 Moet Chandon Dom PerignonCuvee Champagne garage refrigerator1  
 Moet Chandon White Starchampagne garage refrigerator1  
2003Moondance Cellars Reservecabernet Sauvignon Row 6 reds1  
 Moscato di Asti  garage refrigerator1  
 Murietta's Well TesorosTempanillo Row 7 reds   
2005Nine Gables-"Old Vine"Zinfandel Row 10 reds1  
2002Pied VioletMerlot Row 7 reds1  
 PrestonPetite Syrah Row 9 reds2  
 PrestonHuckleberry Wine liquor cabinet, Row 7 House Whites6  
 PrestonPlatinum Red Row 9 reds3  
2000Prestoncabernet Sauvignon Row 9 reds2  
2000PrestonMerlot Reserve Row 8 reds2  
2000Prestoncabernet Sauvignon reserve Row 8 reds3  
2002Prestonwhite reisling garage refrigerator3  
2003PrestonGamay Rouge Row 8 reds3  
2003PrestonChardonnay little 'fridge1  
1998Preston RoyalPort Row 9 reds, Row 135  
 Rex HillSauvignon Blanc garage refrigerator1  
2000Rex HillSauvignon Blanc Row 7 House Whites1  
1996Riflessi Malvasia Rosevino spumanti garage refrigerator1  
2004Rocca delle Maciechianti Classico (dry red) Row 6 reds1  
2002Silvan Ridge semi-sparklingEarly Muscat garage refrigerator1  
 Sonoma Sparklernatural pear Row 3 House Whites1  
2005StamaSauvignon Blanc-late harvest Row 3 House Whites1  
2005Stama, LodiOld Vine Zinfandel Row 12 reds1  
 Tabula RasaRed table Row 11 reds2  
 Tahoe RidgeSauvignon Blanc Row 2 House Whites   
2003Tahoe RidgeMuscat Canelli Row 2 House Whites, some in box in garage2  
2003Tahoe RidgeSemillion Row 2 House Whites1  
2006Tahoe RidgeMerlot Row 7 reds1  
2007Tahoe RidgeChardonnay row 2 House Whites   
2008Tahoe RidgeRose     
2008Tahoe RidgeBrianna     
2008Tahoe RidgeSemillion row 3 House Whites   
2008Tahoe RidgeFrontenac Row 8 reds1  
2009Tahoe RidgeNVD Harvest Select Row 7 reds1  
2005Tapenagarnache Row 6 reds1  
2007Tilden Peak Cellars wine shop at homewhite Row 6 House Whites1  
 Tobin Jameschampagne little 'fridge1  
2004TrinitasMateras, Old Vine Row 11 reds1  
1999Turning LeafMerlot Row 12 reds1  
2003Two RiversCuneo red table Row 11 reds1  
 VSattui Gamay Row 3 House Whites2  
1999VSattuiZinfandel Row 5 reds2  
2001VSattuiGamay Rouge Row 5 reds, little 'fridge4  
2001VSattuiRiesling  3  
2005VientoVoignier Row 5 House Whites, garage refrigerator2  
2005Wente Wineryport Row 6 House Whites1  
2001William SelyemPinot Noir Row 3 reds, Row 4 reds, Row 5 reds7  
2001William SelyemZinfandel Row 4 reds2  
2008Williams Selyem Allen VineyardPinot Noir Row 4 reds1  
2008Williams Selyem UnoakedChardonnay Row 7 Whites2  
2008Williams Selyem, Bacigalupi VineyardZinfandel  1  
2008Williams Selyem, Heintz VinyardChardonnay  1  
2005Wm. HarrisonChardonnay Row 7 House Whites1  
2003Zephyr PointCabernet box in garage9  

Cellar contains 200 bottles, 106 wines, 112 entries

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