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Cellar list for: edunbar

2002Angel's Gate Angel's Gate Cabernet SauvignonCabernet   1   
What I remember tasting at the release event was a mushroom finish... quite seductive. Can't wait to serve this up. Oh wait, only one bottle!
2001Angel's Gate Angel's IIIBlend       
2000Angel's Gate Old Vines ChardonnayChardonnay  23.95    
We cool ferment Chardonnay grapes from 40 year old vines, and age it in oak for 10 months, developing an abundance of toasty, vanilla notes, flavours of pineapple, with a pleasing lively acidity. The result, a wine that is elegant, and rich. Enjoy now or cellar for 2-5 years. This wine is exceptional with poultry, game birds, thick cream pastas, or rich seafood dishes like lobster or oysters.
The best-integrated chard I have had. Slight caramel with vanilla, butter and a hint of oak on the nose. The pineapple flavour (and some apple) are well balanced and integrated, with the acid just right. Great stuff, a California cult chard killer. Update: Drank last bottle 01/05; had evolved to be so elegant. It was STUPENDOUS with Ina Garten's boeuf bourgignon recipe. I can die now.
2003Angel's Gate Old Vines ChardonnayChardonnay   2   
Bright and happy right now, but not the depth of the 2000. Natalie says this will develop into what the 2000 was, so I hope she's right!
1997Hillebrand Estates Collector's ChoiceChardonnay  13.950   
One of the bestChards I've had at this price. Lots of butter and vanilla on the nose and palate, big, seductive. Oak was OK until late in its life, then became a bit too much. Sadly gone, though Rose Depronio's brother still might have one in his cellar.
2003Hillebrand Estates Harvest SelectGewurztraminer   2   
This light straw coloured wine has aromas of sweet tropical fruit, apricot, floral notes and perfume. Flavours of peach juice and sweet apple are evident on the palate, followed by a smooth lingering honeydew melon finish.
2002Hillebrand Estates ShowcaseCabernet  40.006  90
At the barrel tasting, this was the best of the '02s, I thought. (Though the Showcase Chardonnay was also very good.) As I could only afford 1/2 case at the time of pre-purchase, I will open these slowly. I probably won't venture a try until at least Fall of '06.
1998Hillebrand Estates Showcase Cabernet FrancCabernet Franc  40.000   
This full-bodied wine with good tannin and acid structure is a deep purple in colour with complex aromas of sweet cedar, spice and leather. Bottling directly from the barrel results in a wine of greater mouth feel, colour, aromas and body.
Almost as good as the 95.
1995Hillebrand Estates Showcase UnfilteredCabernet Franc  44.95    
A killer cab. A high school buddy who is a California cab bigot was slain when this was put up against one of his cherished Silver Oaks. By Summer of 2004 this one had just passed its peak, though my storage conditions were less than optimum for a couple of years.
1998Hillebrand Estates Showcase UnfilteredCabernet  47.000   
An almost black colour, this wine is full-bodied with excellent structure. Intricate aromas of cassis, blackberry, black pepper and underlying notes of mint, rosemary and thyme. Lingering finish of dark red fruit mint and dark chocolate. Pour into large-bowled glasses and serve alongside rack of lamb, prime rib, filet mignon and dessert platters of aged cheddar, stilton and gorgonzola cheese. Enjoy now until 2008 (or beyond).
Happily, yet sadly, now gone.
1998Hillebrand Estates Showcase UnfilteredMerlot  400   
1995Hillebrand Estates TriusRiesling   1   
2003Hillebrand Estates TriusRiesling   3   
2001Hillebrand Estates Trius RieslingRiesling   1   
2001Hillebrand Estates Trius Riesling DryRiesling  17.951   
An excellent Riesling, quite drinkable now, but worthy of cellaring for a year or three to allow mineral notes to develop
2002Hillebrand Etates Trius RieslingRiesling   1   
1997Santa Rita Casa RéalCabernet  37.000  92
Intense ruby-red colored wine, of complex varietal aroma, dominated by mature fruits, plum and blackcurrant and enriched by characters of tobacco, vanilla, chocolate and cloves, from the oak. In the mouth, it is a wine with great body and concentration, where mature tannins combine to give expression on the palate, protect the life of the wine and prolong its persistence. Decanting before serving is suggested.
1999Stag's Leap Hawk CrestCabernet  10.950 A forward nose bright with black cherry and cassis is followed by touches of sage, raspberry and oak spice. Effusive cherry and cassis flavors continue on the palate accompanied by intriguing herbal highlights. This wine would be a wonderful companion to barbequed ribs or bread and cheese.
A bit rough; needs 18-24 months cellaring
1999Strewn Strewn Cabernet FrancCabernet Franc  19.950   
NVVolcano Winery Volcano RedBugundy, Chablis & Jaboticaba   0   
Our Volcano Red is a splendid tropical fruit blend, made with loving care by blending burgundy and Chablis concentrate with Jaboticaba fruit juice from the Brazilian Grape Tree. A favorite at the winery, Volcano Red is a delicious accompaniment to beef, pork, lamb, and Italian food.
Quite possibly one of the worst wines I've ever had. Given to me as a gift by someone who likes it. Go figure.

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