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Cellar list for: chablis28

2005 St Michelle - Indian Wells Cabernet SauvignonCab  $131  WS-88/W7S-91/CG-85
1990A. Rousseau - ChambertinRed Burg Red Burgs$395   Coates20
6-24-05 Beautifull, elegant, complex, lite cranberry color, raspberries, cherries. Not huge wine. Finnese. 93pts finish not real long but decent
1999A. Rousseau - ChambertinRed Burg Red Burgs$1952  BH-93/ Coates20/TZ-93+
11-1-08These sell for $795 now 2 F44 10/06
5-8-09 Big, youthfull, sweet tanins. Balance! Great but not evolved enough. Wait 5yrs for next 93+
2003A. Rousseau - ChambertinRed Burg  $224   TZ-93/BH-91-93/Ws-96/FWR-92-95/RP-92
Sells for around $325 on the net 5/09 / high 09' auction avg $322
5-29-09 Profuse Nose of berries & spice Very flamboyant & fwd at this point. Grand Cru 93pts
2005A. Rousseau - ChambertinRed Burg  $4952  BH-99/TZ-96+
10-22-08 in cellar / 12-19-09 sells for $1200 on net currently
2006A. Rousseau - ChambertinRed Burg  $3002  BH-94/TZ-94
12-19-09 Currently sells on the net for $500+
2001A. Rousseau - Charmes ChambertinRed Burg Red Burgs$72   BH-87-90
10-3-07 Outstanding! Elegant, classy roses, red fruit 93pts!
2001A. Rousseau - Clos De BezeRed Burg Red Burgs$1653  BH-92/TZ-92
2-1-08 These sell for $600+ now
2- F44
2005A. Rousseau - Clos De BezeRed Burg  $4952  BH-98/TZ-95+/RP-96
10-22-08 in cellar / 12-19-09 sells for $1100 on net now
2001A. Rousseau - Clos De La RocheRed Burg Red Burgs$813  TZ-89-92/BH-89-91
Paid $73 ea. plus tax 2-2-07
2001A. Rousseau - Clos Des Ruchottes MonopoleRed Burg Red Burgs$1063  BH - 92 / TZ -89 / WS -90-94
$96=$7taxblt 9-11-06 Surydks 10-22-06 - 2 F44
9-9-06 Wonderfull aroma of roses and sweet fruit. Very fresh,pure, elegant and layered. 94pts Drink or hold
2003A. Rousseau - Clos Des Ruchottes MonopoleRed Burg  $100   BH-89-92 / TZ -89-92
12-28-09 A real beauty but still young. Not an 03 in style 93pts
2006A. Rousseau - Clos Des Ruchottes MonopoleRed Burg  $1602  TZ-91/BH - 91-93
12-11-09 Young but promising. Bit of oak on nose & palate. Bright chewy red fruit flavors. Balanced but tanins need some time 91pts, right now. Drink in 10yrs
1999A. Rousseau - Clos St. JacquesRed Burg Red Burgs$125   TZ-94/BH92-93
11-1-08 sells for $450 now
11-19-09 Almost overtook the 99' LaTache! Elegant, pretty, great dph & finesse. Great fruit and freshness. Drink great. Wish i had more! 98pts.
2001A. Rousseau - Clos St. JacquesRed Burg Red Burgs$1122  BH-92/TZ-90
10-22- 06 2 F44 sells for $229 now
3-9-10 corked
1999A. Rousseau - Gevrey Chambertin Les CazetiersRed Burg Red Burgs$70   BH-86-88/TZ -85-88
1-9-07 A beauty. Very classy & suave with nuanced flavors and aromas. Open & decanted about 3 hrs before drinking. Very placid and interesting for a 99! 93pts.
2002A. Rousseau - Gevrey Chambertin Les CazetiersRed Burg  $901  BH-87-90/TZ-88-90
2006Alvaro CastroTempranillo  $16    
1-27-09 Perfect on day 3. Focused blackberry fruit. Day one oaky /day 3 91pts buy
2004Alvaro Palacios - Les TerrassesTempranillo Spain$271  RP-93
2007Andre Brunel - Chateauneuf du Pape - Les Cailloux TraditionalCDP  $384  RP-93 / TZ-93
2005Andrew Will - Champoux VineyardBDX Blend  $54   RP-94/WS-94
7-25-08 Pretty primary right now but good weight, blance and concenttration. Needs 5yrs to evaluate!
2006Andrew Will - Ciel Du ChevalBDX Blend  $52   TZ-93/RP-92
5-17-09 Very nicely balanced and promising. Needed more air to really shine 92-95pts
2006Andrew Will - SorellaBDX Blend  $61   TZ-93/ RP-94
75% Cab blend
4-18-09 Outstanding! Fresh Beeires aroma & tobacco Pure & focused w/ layers of minerallity, fruit, tar, choc. 95pts
2006Argiano - Rosso di MontalcinoBrunello Di Montalcino  $301  RP-89
Modern but not overtop - should be
2004Artadi - Vinas De GainTempranillo Thomas$173  TZ-91
2005Artadi - Vinas De GainTempranillo  $253  TZ-91 / RP-94
10-1-09 Excellent! Balanced & fresh w/ layers. Wait a few ..if possible
2003Avignonesi - Vino Di Nobile Montepulciano Riserva Grandi AnnateSangiovese  $53   WS-93
12-25-08 HUGE nose, layered, rich and not overly heavy 93pts
2005Bachelet - Gevrey Chambertin VVRed Burg Red Burgundy$503   
10-22-08 Kevin Harvey tasted and said wait till 2015
2006Bachelet - Gevrey Chambertin VVRed Burg  $473  TZ - 89+
2007Bachelet - Gevrey Chambertin VVRed Burg  $504  JG-91/TZ-88/BH-88-91
2-22-10 Alex Z
2000Bahans - Haut BrionBordeaux Blue Max$631  RP-90/TZ-91+/ WS-90
1-11-09 Drinking well. Charming and Pessac like Great? 92pts Wait 3yrs+
1998Beaucastel CDPCDP Rhone$553  TZ-93
2000Beaucastel CDPCDP Rhone$453  RP94 WS90/TZ-93
7-30-09 Silky perfection. Nose nice but more ahead. Great minerality& fruit. 93pts
2001Beaucastel CDPCDP Rhone$603  RP-96/TZ-92+
bought latest for $53
2002Bernard Defaix - Cote De LechetChablis Chablis$262  BH-91
3-19-07 Very nice. Light gold. Minerally. Wait a couple yrs. 92pts cork soake 1/2 way. 1-24-06 GREAT minerally, long, classic Chablis 92pts
2004Billaud Simon - AOC ChablisChablis Chablis$21    
One of the best ever AOCs!
3-30-08 - Fantastic light gold color/ classic minerals & citrus, balance elegance 91pts Drink or hold
2002Billaud Simon - Les ClosChablis Chablis$684  TZ-93/AM-92
11-17-08 Straw gold. Perfuse aromas of stone flowers. Rich, pure minerals, citrus fruit & lively acidity. 93pts Going strong but young. Wait 3yrs
2002Billaud Simon - Les PreusesChablis Chablis$803  AM-94
3-20-10 Beautifull! Open & exprssive w/ a hint of pre mox on the nose only. Color was great and had freshness overall. Great example of GC Chablis! Drink? 93pts
2002Billaud Simon - Montee De TonnerreChablis Chablis$332  TZ-91
10-12-07 Excellent ! Lovely fruit,pungent minerality, citrus apple melon but will age and evolve 92pts
2004Billaud Simon - Montee De TonnerreChablis Chablis$402  TZ-90-92
2-24-10 Fantastic & Classic Nice light gold color in great shape 92+! 9-15-06 Great stoney nose. Bracing acidity and very tart grn apples. Palte more linear butv still promising90pts WAIT a yr or 3.
2007Bize - Savigny-lès-Beaune Aux Guettes 1er CruRed Burg  $403  JG-93+
Fall 09 arrv?
2007Bize - Savigny-lès-Beaune Aux Vergelesses 1er CruRed Burg  $42   AM-90-92/JG-93+/FWR-90-93
2-26-10 Nicely balanced and promising. Not a large wine. Spicey and red fruited.
N/VBollinger - Special Cuvee BrutChampagne  $40   WS-93
HP Lake 2-14-08
1999Bonneau Du Martray - Corton CharlemagneWhite Burgundy WB$531  WS-91
4-11-08 Med gold. Fresh mineral & flower nose. Elegant, vibrant, very minerally, speice & lemon zest and GC length. This btl was in great shape 94pts.
2000Bonneau Du Martray - Corton CharlemagneWhite Burgundy WB$652  WS-95
Light gold color. 2-20-07 Tight. double decanted and open for 3 hours and it budges on the palate. Stony, pure, long 91 Now But wait 3 yrs.
2005Bonneau Du Martray - Corton Charlemagne White Burgundy  $1283  BH-93-95
2001Bosquet Des Papes - Chante Le Merle VV CDPCDP Rhone$301  RP-92/TZ-91+
8-16-09 Great nose and palate Balanced & elegant! 93pts Drink or hold
2005Bouchard - Beaune TeuronsRed Burg  $323  BH-91
12-28-07 Some tast on the nose along with bright berries & spice. Again smoke on the palate, fresh, balanced delicious. WAIT for Oak 92pts
2004Bouchard - Corton CharlemagneWhite Burgundy WB$903  BH-94-96
11-25-08 Outstanding! light gold, Nice aromatics Fresh, Great palate energy, power and minerality with hint of spearment. 95pts Drink or hold. Young but accessible
2006Bouchard - Corton CharlemagneWhite Burgundy  $1192  TZ-96+ BH-96
8-20-09 Nice minerally flowery nose w/ some oak. Bal, fresh, pure & elegant. Little oak right now. Needs time 92+
2007Bouchard - Corton CharlemagneWhite Burgundy  $1102  BH-96 / TZ -95
2-2-10 Fanatastic, clear, vibrant, citrus & minerals galore 95pts
2005Bouchard - Meursault GenevrieresWhite Burgundy  $702  TZ-93 / BH -92
4-6-09 Great balance fruit & minerality. Packed but not flabby. 93pts Drink or hold
2007Bouchard - Meursault Les PerrieresWhite Burgundy  $654  BH-94 / TZ-93/ WS-93
2005Bouchard - Volnay Caillerets - Ancienne Cuvee CarnotRed Burg Red Burgs$644  BH-94/TZ-90-93
2002Boudin - Forchaume Chablis Premier CruChablis Chablis$301  BH-91/TZ89-91
4-9-09 Fantastic, drink or hold stones, lemon, classic 91pts
2004Bovia - Garblet Sue ( Bricco Fiasco) BaroloNebbiolo  $79   RP-95/ TZ-90-93
2-21-10 Closer to tradional like Giacosa vs Scavino. Pretty, balanced and silky w/ lovely fruit. 92+ Still prefer Einaudi & Giacosa.
2007Brunier -Le Pigeoulet Vin De Pays VaucluseRhone Blend Rhone$15    
2006Bruno Clavelier - Chambolle Musigny Combe d'OrveauRed Burg  $754  BH-91
2001Calera - Jensen VineyardPinot Noir CA-PN$48   BH-90/TZ-91/RP-92
8-20-07 bought
8-30-07 Nice but i was distracted. Didn't blow me away but maybe closed down too?90pts
2002Calera - Mills Vineyard PNPinot Noir  $383   
3-30-07 Elegant, burgundian structure. Decanted but needs 3 hours to open up. 91+ Wait 3yr+!
2001Carpineto - Vino Nobile Di MontepulcianoSangiovese  $36    
9-9-09 Terrirfic! Rich, fresh, concentrated, aromatic, and balanced. 92+ Buy!
1997Casanova Di Neri - Brunello Di MontalcinoBrunello Di Montalcino Italy$55    
5-26-09 Fantastic! Great nose! Tobacco & berries Fresh & ample fruit. Silky Great weight! 95pts!
2007Castillo De Monseran - Garnacha CarinenaGarnacha  $8.501   
2007Chappellet - Mountain CuveeCab Blend  $211   
51% Cab /46% Merlot / 1% ea Malbec & Cab Franc
N/VChartogne-Tailiet - Brut ChampagneChampagne Champagne$28    
8-10-07 Bold, fresh, minerals, apple & peach 92pts - BUY! Great w/ Salmon
N/VChartogne-Tailiet Blanc De BlancsChampagne Champagne$36    
11-22-06 Really like this. Lively fresh, green apples, great length & energy 92+pts
2005Charvin - Chateauneuf Du PapeCDP  $534  TZ-94/RP-93/WS-94
8-13-08 Lovely nose of grapes & spice. Lovely Bal with dark fruit & soil. Smooth tanins. Bit primary Promising 92pts. Wait 2or 3 for blt #3
2006Charvin - Chateauneuf Du PapeCDP  $505  RP-93/ TZ-93-95
arrv 10-15-09
11-1-09 A real beauty! Pure,fresh,elegant 93pts
2007Charvin - Chateauneuf Du PapeCDP  $625  RP-97/WS-95/TZ-92-95
12-23-09 Very primary and fruity. Needs time or lots of air. More modern. 90pts WAIT
2006Charvin - Cotes Du Rhone Le PoutetGrenache Blend  $202  RP-88 / WS -90
Parker says should last 4-5 yrs
2003Chateau Brane CantenacBordeaux  $293  RP-91/TZ-90
Kntb spring
2004Chateau Brane CantenacBordeaux Bin for fall$374  RP-90/TZ-89
2005Chateau Brane CantenacBordeaux  $644  RP-94/TZ-91+/WS-92
Got 10-30-08 Zach
2005Chateau Carbonieux - BlancBordeaux Blanc  $342   
5-23-08 WStreets
3- 8-09 Aromatically tight yet but nicely balanced with great fruit and spice flavors. Wait 2yrs 91pts
2005Chateau DoyacBordeaux  $201   
Merlot - Cab blend
2003Chateau Duhart MilonBordeaux Bordeaux$371   
2006Chateau FonbadetBordeaux  $321  WS-89
Sits by Mouton
2000Chateau GiscoursBordeaux Bordeaux$704  RP-92/TZ-88-91
1998Chateau Haut BaillyBordeaux  $702  RP-90 /WS-91
11/09 Very good, not awesome. Hope for more next btl
2000Chateau Haut BaillyBordeaux  $63   TZ-91/WS-92 /RP-90
3-29-09 Seems to be entering it's drinking window. Lovely aromas of berries, cinnamon and scorched earth. Med plus body with rich complex flavors of raspb, cherry and spice & Pessac minerally blood earth flavors. Silky tanins and persistant. A pleasure today and very promising! 93pts
2003Chateau Haut BaillyBordeaux  $401  TZ-90 / RP-90
$50 at K&L
2004Chateau Haut BaillyBordeaux  $494  RP-93/TZ-90+/WS-91
should arrv 4-3-09
2005Chateau Haut BaillyBordeaux  $1003  RP-95/TZ-92+/WS-95+
2006Chateau Haut BaillyBordeaux  $614  RP-95 / TZ-90+/ WS-92
Sept/Oct 09 arrv
2008Chateau Haut BaillyBordeaux  $604  RP - 96-98
Futures Buy Coming in 2011
2005Chateau Haut BergeyBordeaux  $402  RP-92/TX-90/WS-91
3-14-09 Promising But young. Nice nose of dark fruit, fruit somewhat submerged under the tanins but great concentration. 89pts now. WAIT
1999Chateau Haut BrionBordeaux Bordeaux$1603  RP-93/TZ-92
1995Chateau La Mission Haut BrionBordeaux Bordeaux$901  RP-91/TZ-92
1998Chateau La Mission Haut BrionBordeaux  $1504  RP-93/TZ-92/ WS-95
2 more from Lebrve Ft W Ind / 5-20-08 /1st 2 Crush / Last 1 from Haskels 3-09
7-9-08 Lovely silky mouthfeel, lush fruit, precise, nice weight, & balance. At the very front end of its drinking window. 93pts
2005Chateau LabegorceBordeaux  $201  TZ-89 / WS-90 / WE -94
10-24-09 $35 on the net per
1996Chateau LafiteBordeaux Bordeaux$3001  WS96
10-27-08 WH has this for $995/btl now
1998Chateau LafiteBordeaux Retailer for fall shipment$1963  RP-98/TZ-94+
This sells for $250 plus / great deal
1999Chateau LafiteBordeaux Bordeaux$1481  RP-95/TZ-92/WS-95
2005Chateau Lalande - BorieBordeaux  $293  RP-90
RP says a sleeper of vintage
8-27-08 Very fresh fruit nose and pure fresh bal intense palate. Great wt. Del 92pts. Drink or hold.
1998Chateau Larrivet Haut BrionBordeaux  $402  RP-90/WS-90
Arrvd 5-15-08 Binny
10-25-08 Fantastic -Cigar box spice red fruit bal and elegant. 93pts BUT, wait 3-5 yrs for #2. Just entering prime drinking
2005Chateau Larrivet Haut BrionBordeaux  $343  RP-90
Parker says sleeper of the vintage / Broadbent likes it too.
2004Chateau LascombesBordeaux  $443  TZ-91/RP-93-94
arrv 12/13/08
1996Chateau LatourBordeaux Bordeaux$3001  WS96RP99
1996Chateau Leoville BartonBordeaux Bordeaux$651   
1996Chateau Leoville Lass CasesBordeaux Bordeaux$1722  RP-98/TZ-96+/WS-92
10-05 ABC/FLA
4-28-09 13yrs old & fantastic balanced, complex, cedar, pure sweet elegant fruit. Still needs time though. Try next btl in 3-5yrs 93pts
2005Chateau Malmaison - Nadine De RothschildBordeaux  $30    
12-31-09 lush, complex but a fair amount of oak. Sort of CA like 90pts
1996Chateau MargauxBordeaux Bordeaux$3351  RP-100
12-18-08 $800 @ Woodland Hills
1-13-09 Great! SILKY! Bal w/ great fruit. 95+ Needs some time wait 3+
1999Chateau MargauxBordeaux Bordeaux$155   RP-94
10-22-05 Opened @4PM/[email protected]:30PM Dark Garnet color. Triple decanted. Took close to an hour to warm and open up. Tanins became much more silky w/air. Nose of blueberrries,pepper,liqorice, earth. Tar, blueberries, currants, choc on palate. Balanced w/ good length but still youthfully tight. Not as feminine as I had anticpated more brooding then expected. 93pts
1999Chateau PalmerBordeaux Bordeaux$772  RP-94
10-6-07 Wait @ least 3 yrs 92prs now w/ great potential. Decanted 2 hours. Long finish and some deaph. More too come. Dark color.
2003Chateau Pape ClementBordeaux  $903  RP-94/TZ-92
11-8-08 arrv binny
2000Chateau PavieBordeaux Bordeaux$2351  RP-100/TZ-95
3-5-05 Beautiful color w/glass cling. Nose a bit closed showing only sulfur but opened up after decanted to reveal spice. First thing i noticied was reverb of complex fruit in the mouth. Major length on finish. Kind of reminds me of Pride Res but with more verb & structure. Opened an hour ahead decanted 1/2 hour ahead was all it needed. 98pts
2005Chateau Thivin - Cote De BrouillyBeaujolais  $191   
2006Chateau Thivin - Cote De BrouillyBeaujolais  $19    
2004Chateau Tour Des Gendres - Le Glorie De Mon PereMerlot / Cab Blend Southern France$19    
10-23-09 Great buy! Very Pessac like. Complex 92+
2002Christian Moreau Chablis - Les ClosChablis Chablis$492  TZ-94/BH-92
3-16-07 Light med gold, muted citurs-stones nose. Opens to lovely mouth coating minerality w/ sappy ciitrus 92+pts WAIT 2 yrs
2002Christian Moreau Chablis - ValmurChablis Chablis$492  TZ-93
1-23-08 Samll hint of oxidation on the nose. Classic Chablis showing nice acidity, minerality & balance 90pts right now. Try another btl in 2yrs
2007Christoffel - Erdener Treppchen KabinettRiesling  $174  WS-91
1-09 Floral w/ amazing concentration, mineral,citrus, balance and verb. Racy! 92
2007Christoffel - Urziger Wurzgarten Riesling KabinettRiesling  $204  WS-91
4-26-09 Perfect Riesling! Vibrant, fresh layered & complex fruit & stroness. Long & mouthcoating. 93pts
1999Clape - CornasSyrah N. Rhone$421  RP-91/TZ-90
Paid $38.39 + Tax = $42.15 Retail is $60+ 11/24/06
8-30-07 One Corked, the other btl very nice buy young.
2001Clape RennaisanceSyrah N. Rhone$401  WS93
2002Claude Dugat Gevrey Chambertin 1er CruRed Burg Red Burgs$873  TZ-93+
1999Clerico -Barolo GinestraNebbiolo  $903  TZ-93
2-2-08 Modern bigger Barolo showing some oak. Intense. Potential but needs time, wit 3yrs!
1999Clos De TartRed Burg Red Burgs$1101  TZ-94 / RP-92
11-21-09 Goes for $180 on net now
3-9-10 Drinking very nicely. Like the style, not fat. Structured but more on te bones now. 93pts Best wait 3-5.
2001Clos Des LambraysRed Burg  $802  BH-92 / TZ-92
BH says 2008 -
3-10-10 Beautilfull but a few yrs would be even better 92+ pts. Drank one and it was great, so might only be 2 left?
1999Clos Des Pape - CDPCDP  $361  RP-94/TZ-91
6-22-09 goes for $75+ on the net now
2000Clos Des Pape - CDPCDP Rhone$303  RP95
2001Clos Des Pape - CDPCDP Rhone$595  TZ-93/RP-95
6-18-09 added another bargain btl @ $34
11-11-06 This btl was tight except for the Bretty nose.
2004Clos Des Pape - CDPCDP Rhone$404  TZ-93/RP-95/WS-96
[email protected]
10-20-06 Classic, raspberries, nice length some tanins 92pts
2005Clos Des Pape - CDPCDP  $644  WS-98/RP - 94-96
Sells for $225 since WS Wine Of The Yr
2007Clos St Jean - CDPCDP  $343  RP-94
4-1-10 arrv Z
2006Colterenzio - Pinot NeroPinot Noir  $16    
2005Comte Lafon - Macon Milly LamartineWhite Burgundy  $22   BH-89
2-28-08 great! mineralily, balanced and lovely citrus fruit.91pts
2002Conn Valley ElogeCab  $751  RP-96
4-27-07 Nice Cab typical 02' hold or drink some acidity. 92 pts
2005Conterno Fantino - Barbera D' Alba VignotaBarbera  $291  TZ-91/AG-88/WS-90
7-08 terrificaromatic, bal with beautiful dark fruit, spice, tar and fun texture 91pts WAIT 2-3 yrs for last blt.
N/VCristalino BrutCava Spain$7    
2002D' Angerville - Volnay 1er CruRed Burg Red Burgs$394  TZ-89
11-1-07 4 coming from franks
3-23-06 Fantastic Tart cherry, earth, nice acidity and finish 92pts
2005D' Angerville - Volnay 1er CruRed Burg  $48   WS-92
2-10-08 bought
3-5-08 Amazing nose of fresh fruit and violets. Tight as a drum on the palate but very pure & bal. Needs serious time or 2 nites open?
2006D' Angerville - Volnay 1er CruRed Burg  $44   BH-88-91
5-21-09 Pretty Floral Nose w/ soil tones. Palate tight peppery w/ some red fruit 90pts
2005D' Angerville - Volnay ChampansRed Burg  $644  BH 93-95/WS-93
Seels for $200 on the net 2-1-08
2006D' Angerville - Volnay ChampansRed Burg  $563  BH-92 / TZ-90+ /WS-91
5-21-09 $65+ on net
10-9-08 Pretty tight /closed - I guess we wait 10yrs now! 89pts tonights
2000D' Angerville - Volnay Clos Des DucsRed Burg Red Burgs$60   TZ-89 /BH-89
lives up to it's off vintage status 89pts
2002D' Angerville - Volnay Clos Des DucsRed Burg Red Burgs$993  BH-94 / TZ-92+
2004D' Angerville - Volnay Clos Des DucsRed Burg Red Burgs$681  BH-91/TZ-90
2005D' Angerville - Volnay Clos Des DucsRed Burg  $883  BH-94-97/WS-94
2-1-08 sells for $225 on the net
2006D' Angerville - Volnay Clos Des DucsRed Burg  $803  BH-93 / TZ-92
5-21-09 $100 on net
2005D' Angerville - Volnay TaillepiedsRed Burg WH 7-1-07$683  BH - 92-94/WS-91
2-1-08 Sells for $225 on the net
1996DRC La Tache'Red Burg Red Burgs$425   TZ-95+/RP-94-97
10-7-08 sold for $1180
7-15-06 Dark, no sediment, Great aromas of violets, earth, spiceand earth. Some mid palate energy and complexity. Extended length. 95pts. Wait 5+ triple decanted & open for 7 hours.
1996DRC RichebourgRed Burg Red Burgs$325   TZ-93+?RP-93-96
10-7-08 sold for $600
2000Damilano - BaroloNebbiolo Italy$301   
5-10-09 Not as good as before. Drink up? Btl variation?12-15-06 Fresh, vibrant, layered, balanced & juicy 93pts
2006Danjean - Berthoux - BourgogneRed Burg  $221   
2006Danjean - Berthoux Moulin Neuf - BourgogneRed Burg  $22    
12-15-09 Translucent. Chambolle like. Excellent! Raspberries, spice balance & elegance
2006Dauvissat - AOC ChablisChablis Chablis$292  TZ-89-91/BH-86-89
2007Dauvissat - AOC ChablisChablis  $322  TZ-90 / BH - 88-91
BH says 07' classic year like 04 &* better than 05 & 06
12-23-08 YOUNG! Pretty stone flower aromas. Intense acidity, lemon and minerality. Bracing WAIT -3 yrs MIN. 90pts
2008Dauvissat - AOC ChablisChablis  $322   
3-26-10 Amazing for AOC. Strong minerally streak. 92pts Wait a few
2003Dauvissat - Les PreusesChablis Chablis$701  TZ-92/WS-90
9-6-09 Premoxed, not severely but no fun to drink. 4-13-07 Wait 3 yrs! Still, nice pale grn gold color. Lively fresh minerally nose that lasted all night. Trop & citurus fruit & minerals. Acidity a little softer then expected. Classy pure elegant wine. Nice length. 92pts now.
2000Dauvissat - Les ClosChablis Chablis$602  TZ-95 / BH-95
3-13-10 Awesome, drinking great. Pure, balanced classic 96pts. 4-12-06 Interesting but still tight. Hold for 3 more. 90pts.
2002Dauvissat - Les ClosChablis Chablis$662  TZ-94+/BH-94/WS-93
11-19-09 Fantastic! Plae Gold color, vibrant, minerally, precise, classic Chablis 94pts. HOLD for 3 yrs if possible
2004Dauvissat - Les ClosChablis Chablis$754  TZ-93+/BH-93/RP-94
7-18-06 Don't touch for 3 yrs. Minerals lemon & acidity now promising 90pts
2005Dauvissat - Les ClosChablis Chablis$613  TZ-95/BH-94
7-14-05 Amzaing blt and very promising. MInerals & elegance! 95pts
2006Dauvissat - Les ClosChablis Chablis$684  TZ-93-95/BH-91-93
2007Dauvissat - Les ClosChablis  $753  TZ-96+ / BH-95-97
3-17-09 A beauty. Resreved at first but opened up.93pts now Pure & classy Perfection WAIT 7 -10 now !
2004Dauvissat - Les ForestChablis Chablis$434  TZ -91+/BH-91
1-19-06 Fresh, lively nose and great balance. 91pts 10-11-06 Tight but promising -WAIT!
2005Dauvissat - Les ForestChablis Chablis$363  TZ-91+/BH-92
1-11-07 Excellent minerality, bal and fruit 92+ Drink or hold,
2006Dauvissat - Les ForestChablis Chablis$404  TZ-91-94
2007Dauvissat - Les ForestChablis  $445  TZ-93+ / BH-91-94
7-24-09 A real beauty but very very young yet. Minerally & strucutred WAIT 3+
2005Dauvissat - Les PreusesChablis Chablis$614  TZ-94+/BH-94
2006Dauvissat - Les PreusesChablis Chablis$683  TZ-92-95/BH-91-93
2-6-08 T I G H T! but eventually it showed it showed some of it's billiance at 4 hrs open? WAIT! 89pts tonight but closed!
2007Dauvissat - Les PreusesChablis  $754  TZ-95+ / BH-94-97
2006Dauvissat - VallionsChablis Chablis$402  TZ-90-92/BH-89-91
2-17-08 Opened little early. Tight but classic profile 89 tonight Wait
2001David Arthur CabernetCab CA-Cab$851  WS95
6-26-08 Poped & poured Dark garnet. big cling. Fresh berry nose. Blackberies, cherries, anise, coffee & cedar. Nice length. Still youthful - Easily -WAIT 3-5yrs 94pts
2002David Arthur CabernetCab CA-Cab$851   
6-1-07 Outstanding. Fresh, pure & balanced w/o being heavy 94pts
2001David Arthur Elav 1147Cab CA-Cab$115   WS96
1-13-10 Opaque dark ruby color. Effusive focused minerally nose. A vibrant Paulliac style palate minerals, dark fruit, chocolate enveloped in sweet silky tanins. Long. Nearly perfect Cab Great weight. Maybe best ever for me 98pts!
2002David Arthur Elev 1147Cab CA-Cab$115   WS-87
8-22-09 Terriffic! Aromatic dark fruit. Blanaced, large, blackberry, silky & long. 93pts Drink now or can hold for a few but ready.
2007Delas - Cotes Du RhoneSyrah - Grenache Blend  $92  RP-90
75% Syrag / 25% Grenache
3-29-09 little funk on nose. Grapey dark fruit and spice. Gulpable 89pts
2004Di Majo Norante - RamitelloSangiovese - Aglianico  $15    
2000Domain De La V Juliene CDPCDP Rhone$281  RP91
9-2-07 Still drinking great. 92pts
2005Domaine Carneros - BrutChampagne  $22    
2-19-08 $19 HPL for 03'
2005Domaine De La Pepiere - Muscadet Sur LieMuscadet  $10   WS-88
2008Domaine Dupeuble - Beaujolais Kermit LynchBeaujolais  $131   
Kermit Lynch
2004Domaine Tempier BandolMourvedre Bandol$283  WS-91
2001Domaine Tempier Bandol Cuvee SpecialeMourvedre Bandol$312  WS-93
4-13-01 disapointing. A little roasted & hot. Maybe damaged at Haskells? 87pts
2003Domaine Tempier Bandol Cuvee SpecialeMourvedre Bandol$371   
2006Dominus - EstateCab  $902  RP-96/TZ-94+
arrv 10-1-09 91% Cab/6% Cab Franc/3% Petit Verdot
1- 30 -10 Young and fairly tight but promsing balance & material. Wait 5yrs+
2007Donnhoff - Estate Riesling QBARiesling  $16    
2008Donnhoff - Oberhausen Leistenberg KabinettRiesling  $241  WS-91
2007Donnhoff - Oberhauser Leistenberg KabinettRiesling  $231  WS-91
5-7-09 latest btl $20
5-9-09 Terrific drink or wait. took a while for nose to open up. 91pts
2008Dr. Lossen - Riesling QBARiesling  $93   
$10+ on net
4-7-09 Bright acid with tart apple. I like it but its young. Better in a year. 89pts
2007Drouhin - St. VeranWhite Burgundy  $142  CV-91
4-20-09 Excellent stuff. stony, nice citrus and fresh-lively. Buy 91pts
2001Dugat Py - Les EvocellesRed Burg Red Burg$1002  TZ-89-91/BH 87-90
4-14-07 Loved it. Huge spicey nose with nice fruit, weight and texture.93pts.
2001Dugat Py -Vosne Romanee Vieilles VignesRed Burg Red Burgs$100   TZ-88-91/BH 89-92
shipped 4-17-07
6-2-07 Hard to tell, maybe a little closed but seemed uneven. Nice spicey aromas.
2001Dujac - Aux CombottesRed Burg  $962  BH-91/TZ-91
3-20-08 picked up 3 btls at a $96 ea.
12-28-09- Youthfully fresh & superb balance w/ lovely texture & sappy dark fruit w/ length. Nearly perfect now but worth aging over the next 5 yrs to see it evolve 93pts
1999Dujac - Chambolle MusingyRed Burg Red Burgs$631  BH-89
10-17-07 Very nice - aromatic, balanced, elegant.... Dujac 91+ Wait 2yrs
2001Dujac - Clos St. Dennis Grand CruRed Burg Red Burgs$145   BH-93 / TZ-91+
8-6-07 bought $225 at Hart Davis. Cork was soaked about 3/4 to the top?
8-12-07 Delicacy & class. Lovely nose of forest floor and roses. Silky tanins & spicy dark fruit and mushroom. 93pts BUY.
1995Dujac - Gevrey Chambertin Aux Combottes 1er CruRed Burg Red Burgs$56    
5-18-07 Nice mature Burg with mushrooms, red fruit and elegance
2001Dujac - Morey St. DennisRed Burg  $64    
Drinking nice w good typacity & nose. 90pts
2007Dujac - Vosne-Romanée Les MalconsortsRed Burg Pre-Arrv Fall 09'$1603  TZ-91-93 /JG -94
JG -Having been a long-time and quite devout fan of the Dujac Gruenchers, I hate to admit that my heart has been stolen by the Malconsorts here, but this is an amazingly beautiful bottle of premier cru. The nose on the 2007 is flat out brilliant, as it soars from the glass in a blaze of pure cherries, raspberries, orange zest, coffee, duck, great minerality and spicy wood. On the palate the wine is fullish, long and very pure, with great soil inflection, plenty of spice, tangy acids, fine-grained tannins and a very long and sappy backend that closes with a note of chocolate. A great wine. 2016-2040. 94
N/VDuval Leroy - Cuvee ParisChampagne  $36   WS-91
1/10 solid
2000Einaudi - BaroloNebbiolo  $601  RP-88/TZ-87
2006Einaudi - Barolo Costa GrimaldiNebbiolo Fall 2010$523  RP-94
2000Einaudi - Barolo Cunnubi NeiNebbiolo  $801  WS-94/TZ-90/RP-91
1999Etude Napa Valley CabernetCab CA-Cab$851  RP94/ WS93/TZ93
7-18-09 smokey oak, tar and fruit on the nose. Bing cherries, minerals, clov on the palate. Decent length 93pts
2001Etude Napa Valley CabernetCab CA-Cab$852  TZ-92+/WS-91
6-20-08 Fantastic. Profuse Blackberry nose, silky, sense of structure, complex and elegant. Balanced & lovely ala Margaux. Long 96pts.
1999Faiveley - Latricieres Chambertin Grand CruRed Burg Red Burg$123   BH-92/TZ-88+
7-14-07 Prob needs 3 more yrs+ before really open but promising material 92pts
1999Faiveley - Mazis Chambertin Grand CruRed Burg Red Burgs$130   BH-93/TZ-91
Aquired 9-1-07
10-10-08 Still primary but interesting 91pts Buy more - Hum, maybe not
2006Felsina - Chianti Classico Riserva "Rancia"Sangiovese  $404  RP-95
Fall 09'
2004Felsina - FontalloroSangiovese  $402  AG-94/TZ-94
11-5-08 arrv
7-4-09 Still VERY young. Wait at least 3 years min! 90pts right now
2006Felsina - FontalloroSangiovese  $454  RP-94/WS-95
Pre-arrival 11/09 #13 on WS 2009 list
2007Fevre - Chablis Champs Royaux AOCChablis  $181  TZ-87
2000Fevre - Les ClosChablis Chablis$472  TZ-95 RP-91
1-16-07 Pale gold - Intense minerality & acidity - powerful & youthfull - WAIT 2yrs! Great 94pts
2002Fevre - Les ClosChablis Chablis$492  RP-95 TZ-95+
bought 1 8-20-05 paid $59
11-14-09 med -light green gold / aromas of seashells/great acidty minerals,lemon,honey, and complexity/nice extended GC finish. (Took 2 hours to open up though) 94pts. WAIT 2-3 for next blt!
2004Fevre - Les ClosChablis Chablis$674  BH-95 / RP-96
L Barn 10-2-06
8-12-06 Seemed a little tight/closed on the nose but palate opened up and it was very nice. 92pts
2002Fevre - Les PreusesChablis Chablis$482  RP-93 TZ-93
6-19-09 In great shape but very young & tight. Very pale gold. Fresh! Reserved nose of mineral sea shells. Elegant and classy. Then the acidity emerges - big. Apples ,chalk & lime. WAIT!!! do not try again before 2012 94pts
2002Fevre - Montee De TonnerreChablis Chablis$355  RP-92 TZ-93
2-26-08 sea shells,lime and wet stone nose nice, bal, acidity & mineral on pallete. Drink or hold for a while. 92pts
2005Fevre - Montee De TonnerreChablis  $362  TZ-92/BH-91
5-23-08 Very typical Ler Chablis but needs time - Wait 2-5yrs 90pts today
2002Fevre - ValmurChablis Chablis$483  TZ-94 RP-91
3-18-05 Fantastic. Beautiful green tinged color. Nose a little reticent but showing some lime & minerals. A very classy elegant med-full bodied wine with lime minerals and acidity in balance. 93pts
2004Fevre - Valmur Grand Cru ChablisChablis Chablis$454  BH-94 / RP-94
2006Fontodi - Chianti ClassicoSangiovese  $28   RP-91/WS-90
4-25-09 Balanced and solid not earth shaking 89pts
2004Fontodi - Chianti Classico Riserva - SorboSangiovese  $453  RP-95/WS-90
5-23-09 Packed and ever evolving. Best on Nite # 2 . Complex, almost Pessac like, but needs time WAIT 3yrs 92+pts now
2006Fontodi - FlaccianelloSangiovese  $1003  WS-99 / RP-96
2004Foradori - GranatoTeroldego  $502  WS-94
1-3-09 Terrific! Brooding dark aromas. Mid Palate hole at 1st then fleshed out and became silky. Great fruit. WAIT 3yrs 92+pts
2006Fourrier - Gevrey Chambertin Clos St. JacquesRed Burg  $1623  TZ-94/BH-92/JG -94
2006Fourrier - Gevrey Chambertin VVRed Burg  $495  TZ-91
6-20-09 added 3 more coming in fall to make 6
7-11-09 Maybe a tad more closed but, I drank it outside. 6-19-09 @ Dalluge's Terrific purity & grace! Beautifull elegant red fruited PN. So fresh & balanced! Drink or hold 93pts
2007Fourrier - Gevrey Chambertin VVRed Burg  $504  BH-90
Fall 2010
2006Franchetti - Passopisciaro Etna RossoNerello Mascalese  $45   TZ-93
WH - $35
12-6-08 Need to try another. Bright acidity and PN like traits
N/VFranck Bonville - Brut Grand Cru AvizeChampagne  $30    
11-1- 09 Terrific purity blanace, acidity & fruit 92pts
2002Franck Bonville - Brut Millesime Bd'BChampagne  $372   
arrv 4-12-09
6-11-09 Terrific! Fresh, bal, nice fruit, nice weight Love it! 93pts buy
2001Fuligni - Brunello Di MontalcinoBrunello Di Montalcino  $643  TZ-94
arrv 10-15-09
2004Galardi - Terrre Di LavoroAglianico  $602  RP-95
6-20-09 Not ready! Massive dark brooding w/ chewey tanins Needs a lot of time! 91pts, right now
N/VGaston Chiquet - Brut Tradition 1er CruChampagne  $38   TZ-90 / WS-90
11-28-09 bought / 45% p - meunier / 35% chard / 20% PN
12-25-09 Godd, not awesome
2006Giacomo Conterno - Barbera D' Alba Cascina FranciaBarbera  $403  RP-93
2004Giacomo Conterno - Barbera d' Alba Cascina FranciaBarbera  $341   
12-20-09 Bal, big fruit &big minerality, Velvety w/ length. 92pts Drink or hold
2007Gobelsburger - ZweigeltZweigelt  $121   
N/VGoutorbe - Champagne PrestigeChampagne  $37   TZ-90
11-27-08 Bright, dry crisp. tart apple Needs age
2005Grans - Fassian - Victoria RieslingRiesling  $11    
Zipps on sale
3-26-09 Nice example
2006Greppi - GreppicanteBDX Blend  $201  WS-91/RP-89
4-15-09 Not blowing my sox off. 88pts Wait 2 years
2006GrilosTouriga Nacional Blend  $14    
2002Gros Frere Clos VougeotRed Burg Red Burgs$853  RP94
4-30-05 Wonderful grand cru purity, complexitity & elegance. Balanced w/perfect acidity minerality and dark fruit. 93pts Drank well from opening.
2001Gros Frere RichebourgRed Burg Red Burgs$852  WS96/TZ-92
2-6-08 Beautiful texture, length & bal but very t i g h t now esp on the nose. Wait 5 yrs for Btl # 2 Very promising. 92+ now but potential! Double Decanted for 90 minutes but didn't open much until hour #4.
2005Guigal - Chateau Ampius Cote RotieSyrah  $1153  RP-96-98
Crus 2/09
2001Guigal - Chateau Ampuis Cote RotieSyrah  $922  TZ-94
2-14-09 VDay Nice meaty flower aroma. Silky w/ meat, dark fruit, spice & length 93pts Syrah!
2005Guigal - Cotes Du Rhone BlancGrenache Blanc  $12    
4-12-08 Love this stuff! 10-8-07 Nice typacity. Stony and fresh!
2003Guigal - Crozes HermitageSyrah Rhones$191  TZ-91-93/RP-91-94
2-22-08 Drank w/ some CA wines so seemed greener & leaner? Prob would have been nice on its own. 87ptsTight / hold?
2001Gulfi - Nero MaccariNero D'Avola  $331  TZ-90
Cowan raved about this too
12-20-09 Concetrated. Maybe a tad heavy. Still interesting 90pts Drink or hold
2005Gulfi - NerojbleoNero D'Avola  $25    
Hight Times - $18 / Sams $23 / Inonis $39
1-23-10 Fantastic Stuff! Bal, fresh, great fruit. Delcious & not heavy 91pts
2007Gulfi - RossoibleoNero D'Avola  $201   
Like this wine!
1998Hanzell Vineyards - Estate ChardonnayChardonnay CA-Chard$48   WS-90
10-8-09 Gold but fresh! Nice mineral aroma. Rich but energetic and focused palate minerals, citrus, nuts, pure excellent 95pts
1999Hanzell Vineyards - Estate Pinot NoirPinot Noir Pinot N$60    
5-30 bought 3 more from Hart Davis -Chgo today hold for ship - $35/ ea.
5-8-09 Lovely, elegant precise and nuanced. Bright acidity and freshness, Red fruit. Some bramble. Forest floor aroma. Very pretty. I think it will go another 5 easily. 93pts WAIT
2006Haut BergeyBordeaux  $203  TZ-90 / RP-91
3-24-10 arrv Tanzer & Parker Both say ready to go now
N/VHenri Billiot - Brut Reserve Grand CruChampagne  $49   WS-90
5-8-09 I love this stuff! Big, balanced and flavorfull! 92pts
2005Henri Boillot - Corton CharlemagneWhite Burgundy  $1103  BH-95
Mc Arthurs
6-20-07 Tremendous! Brilliant gold. Great weight & class. Major palate of stones, nuts with major length 95pts Loved it! Double decanted but drinking very nice now ...with 2 hours open.
2007Henri Boillot - Corton CharlemagneWhite Burgundy  $1253  BH-96 / TZ - 95+
added 1 btl @$130 from VR 1/10 to make 3 total
12-11-09 Fantastic! Minerally nose & palate. Vibrant, complex and long! 95pts+ Young but open
2006Henri Boillot - Meursault AOCWhite Burgundy  $451  AM-90 /TZ-88-91
6-18-08 WH Fall
12-19-08 This rocks, major stoniness and citrus flavors. 92+
2006Henri Boillot - Meursault Genevrieres Ler CruWhite Burgundy  $902  AM-93/TZ-91-94
12-28-09 Way too young yet. Oak still needs time to integrate. Wait 2yrs+ Nice fruit and balance but needs time
2004Henri Boillot - Puligny Montrachet Clos de la MouchereWhite Burgundy  $602  TZ - 92+
9-29-09 Still some oak to integrate, Otherwise nice but maybe a bit low acid for te vintage. 90pts Wait a yr or 2.
2007Henri Boillot - Puligny Montrachet Clos de la MouchereWhite Burgundy  $703  BH-94/TZ-94
Futre - Fall 09'
2006Henri Boillot - Puligny Montrachet AOCWhite Burgundy  $501  AM-90
6-18-08 Fall - WH
7-16-09 Very nice. Balanced and minerally. Maybe a tad more acid would be good but still great. 91pts
1992Henri Bonneau Reserve Des CelestinsCDP  $1101  RP-93
bought 6-19-09
2005Hudelot Noellat - Chambolle MusignyRed Burg  $402  BH-89/TZ-87-89/WS-89
6-21-08 Pretty closed up & difficult to drink. Seems 5-10yrs? 88pts tonight for the fruit potentialWAIT
2004Il Poggione - Brunello di MontalcinoBrunello Di Montalcino  $404  RP-95/WS-91
Fall 09'
2007Il Poggione - Rosso Di MontalcinoBrunello Di Montalcino  $191  RP-91/TZ-90
2006Inama - Soave ClassicoSoave  $11    
2004J.J. Prum - Graacher Himmelreich KabinettRiesling  $183  WS-89
3-28-10 Fantastic!
2008JJ Prum - Whelener Sonnenuhr KabinettRiesling  $335  WS-92
2002JJ Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr SpatleseRiesling German$281   
2002JJ Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr KabinettRiesling German$232   
3-28-10 Perfect! 10-1-05 nicr minerals pears peach apple and perfect acidity 92ps
1996Jadot - Chevalier Montrachet Les DemoisellesWhite Burgundy WB$195    
12-25-06 Nose a little oxid but palate rocked. Stony! Powerfull 95pts
1995Jadot - MontrachetWhite Burgundy WB$225   WS 95
1-13-06 More oak than expected. Huge in the mouth, intense stonyness, lemon, length
1996Jadot - MontrachetWhite Burgundy WB$225   TZ-94+
6-20-07 Badly corked - did not taste
2002Jadot Corton CharlemagneWhite Burgundy WB$992  RP-94-97
6-11-09 Med gold color. Trop exotic nose. Amazing mineral and green apple palate. True grand Cru power & finese. Regal with considerable length. even now 93pts. Drink or hold
2001Jamet - Cote RotieSyrah N. Rhone$702  TZ-93
2005Jamet - Cote RotieSyrah  $803  TZ-93/WS-96
11-8-08 arrv
2007Janasse - CDPCDP  $472  RP-95/TZ-91-94/WS-92
1-22-10 Amazing stuff! Aromatic, silky, pefect bal, lush fruit, long, mineral notes. 95pts Drink or hold.
2005Jasmin - Cote RotieSyrah  $453  TZ-91/WS-90
2006Jasmin - Cote RotieSyrah  $473  TZ-92/WS-89
fall 09
2004Jean Boillot ( Henri) - Puligny Montrachet Clos De La MouchereWhite Burgundy WB$563  BH-92-94
7-14-07 Oak is a little upfront on nose. Creamy & fatter than expected. Acid might be tad lower than expected. Very lively floral w some vanila aromas. Need some time for oak 91pts Try in 2-3yrs.
2005Joseph Swan - Sarah Lee Pinot NoirPinot Noir CA-PN$362   
6-25-09 drinking well but needs about an hour to open up.
2002Joseph Swan - Trenton Estate Pinot NoirPinot Noir CA-Pinot$402  BH-88
11-3-06 arrived
1-16-09 Seems to candied and big now? 92pts maybe no longer my style? 5-4-07 Layered, complex, big nose of soil,cinnamon& berries 94pts Drink or wait for tanins to smooth more.
2007Kapcsandy - Family Estate CuveeBDX Blend  $952  RP-96
spring 10
A very pretty CA Cab blend but, is it worth $95? Balanced, fresh pure but still kind of linear. 92+
2006Kistler - Durell Chardonnay Sonoma CoastChardonnay  $752  RP-94-96
arrv 11-8-08
2005Kistler - Dutton Ranch Vineyard ChardonnayChardonnay RRV$701  RP-94-96
2005Kistler - Kistler Vineyard ChardonnayChardonnay winery$801  RP-95-98
2004Kistler - McCrea VineyardChardonnay CA- Chard$601  RP-92-94
5-15-09 Packed & great right now. Stony, orange, nuts, big mouthfeel and lively acid, long 93pts. Drink or hold
2005Kistler - McCrea VineyardChardonnay W$702  RP-93-95
2000Kistler - Pinot Noir / Kistler VineyardPinot Noir Pinot N$65   TZ-93/RP-93
7-30-05 Raspberries mineral on the nose. Lovely elegant pure with beautiful fruit and velevty tanins. 93pts 12-30-05 Another great btl
2005Kistler - Pinot Noir / Kistler VineyardPinot Noir  $752  TZ-93 / RP-93-95
11-16-08 A real beauty! some oak early on but lovely red fruit and forest floor aromas. Balanced, red fruit , spice, mineral and elegance 93pts. wait 2 yrs
2001Kistler - Sonoma Coast Pinot NoirPinot Noir Pinot N$601   
2-22-08 Rose petals on the nose. Bal w/ nice acidity and rich ripe fuit & good length & weight 92+pts
2005Kistler - Stone Flats Vineyard ChardonnayChardonnay CA-Chard$65   RP-95-97
11-8-08 Best Kislter ever. Great balance, mineral, honey, & lift from perfect acidity. Best weight ever of CA Chard. 96pts
2006Kistler - Stone Flats Vineyard ChardonnayChardonnay winery$751  RP-95-97
9-19-09 This rcoked! Orange rind and minerals on the nose. Bold acidty & packed! 95pts
2005Kosta Browne - RRV PNPinot Noir Pinot N$452   
10-28-08 Vivid aromas for red berries & spice. Open & balanced. Strawberries and palate zing. Great 93pts
2005Kosta Browne - Sonoma Coast PNPinot Noir Pinot N$452   
12-31-08 Drinking well. Still ripe but some soil aromas. Fresh & balanced 92pts
2006Kosta Browne - Sonoma Coast PNPinot Noir  $482  WS-90
recd 3/27
2-12-09 Nice as usual. Little heat until cooled. Lighter weight90pts
N/VKrug - Grande Cuvee N/VChampagne  $137   TZ-94/WS-94/RP-90
arrv 10-15-09
10-30-09 Big yesty almost beer like w/ good minerality and citrus flavors. Maybe not for me 91pts
1998L View Donjon CDPCDP Rhone$301  WS97 RP95/TZ-93
2001L View Donjon CDPCDP Rhone$303  RP92
2006La Posta Bonarda - Estella Armando VineyardBonarda  $16   RP-89
1-18-07 Great stuff Nice blackberry grapey nose w/ layers of flavor on a balanced palate 91pts BUY
2006Las RocasGarnacha  $111  RP-90
Delcious stuff - 90pts BUY!
2005Las Rocas - Vinas ViejasGarnacha  $16   TZ-90/ RP-91
2006Lavantureux - Chablis AOCChablis  $20    
6-2-09 Classic Chablis pure, fresh and packed with citurs fruit & stones
2004Le Cadeau Vineyard - Cote EstPinot Noir OR-PN$352  WS-93
10-10-08 Very Spicey Burg nose. Has some steminess later on. Burgundian 91pts Wait 2yrs
2005Le Cadeau Vineyard - Cote EstPinot Noir  $381   
1-14-08 Nose very tight - Lovely palate with dark fruit, spice and great length. 91pts wait!
2006Le Cadeau Vineyard - Cote EstPinot Noir winery$382   
6-5-09 Nice but could use a year or so 90pts
2007Le Cadeau Vineyard - Cote EstPinot Noir  $431   
2008Le Cadeau Vineyard - Cote EstPinot Noir  $401   
2004Le Cadeau Vineyard - DiversitePinot Noir OR-PN$351  WS-93
11-28-0 9Great spicey aroma. Fresh, stunningly so. Palate Verb. Bal & elegant 92+ Drink or hold
2005Le Cadeau Vineyard - DiversitePinot Noir  $381   
12-13-08 Ripe dark fruit, spice and good acidity. 90pts wait a yr or 2
2006Le Cadeau Vineyard - DiversitePinot Noir winery$382  WS - 92
3-27-09 This rocks. Very burgundian, placid tanins, good acidity, dark cherry and very long 93pts
2007Le Cadeau Vineyard - DiversitePinot Noir  $431  WS-92
2-11-10 Nice feather weight w/ great bal. Maybe a thin spot in the middle and finsih tad short. 90pts
2008Le Cadeau Vineyard - DiversitePinot Noir  $401   
2006Le Cadeau Vineyard - EquinoxePinot Noir  $382   
arrv 3-20-08
6-14-08 Very oaky right now w/ lots of peper, dark fruit and soil tones. 86pts WAIT
2007Le Cadeau Vineyard - EquinoxePinot Noir  $432   
2002Le Cadeau Vineyard - Estate Pinot NoirPinot Noir OR-PN$351   
8-27-07 Sublime & finesse! 96pts 7-3-06 Spice & forest floor nose. Very pure & fresh. Nice lift from the brambly acidity, rich dark cherry, spice, earth, minerals. 92pts. Drink or hold.
2003Le Cadeau Vineyard - Estate Pinot NoirPinot Noir OR-PN$361  WE-95
7-11-08 Very nice. Fresh berry & licorice spice aromas & fresh, bal. palate w/ raspberries, cinnamon & minerals & cherris 93pts
2004Le Cadeau Vineyard - RocheauxPinot Noir OR-PN$352   
7-24-08 Terrific!. Pop & pour Elegant, balanced, aromatic, pure. Showing some palate energy, forest floor, minerals, vibrant red fruit, length. Has some spine for aging 93pts DRINK or hold
2005Le Cadeau Vineyard - RocheauxPinot Noir  $382   
2006Le Cadeau Vineyard - RocheauxPinot Noir winery$382   
6-5-09 More open than the Cote Est and aromatic. Wait a yr or 2 91pts
2007Le Cadeau Vineyard - RocheauxPinot Noir  $431   
2008Le Cadeau Vineyard - RocheauxPinot Noir  $402   
8-09 Tom gave me this but said hold for a while
2004Leroy - BourgogneRed Burg  $81   BH-92
Great nose! Alittle grn on the palate 90pts
2005Les Amadous - CDPCDP  $231   
2004Littorai - Heintz ChardonnayChardonnay CA-Chard$55    
Arrived 11-15-06
6-7-09 Seemed somehat heavy & over the hill. Lacked freshenss 87pts. 8-13-08 Terrific. Lemon custard and minerality on a nice weight. Balanced & elegant. 93pts
2006Littorai - Summa Pinot NoirPinot Noir Winery$801  TZ-93
9-19-09 Amazing PN. Classy, sbutle, fersh elegant and grand cru! 96pts
2004Littorai - Thieriot ChardonnayChardonnay CA-Chard$55    
Arrived 11-15-06
12-16-09 Amazing stuff! Still fresh & vibrant w/ layered complex fruit. Nice weight and well integrated oak. 95+ 7-7-07 Excellent - Med clear gold Bracing for 1st 45 minites then very minerally Puligny like. 92+
2004Littorai - Thieriot PNPinot Noir Pinot N$651  TZ-92
2-6-08 Awesome. Like a great Dujac. Stemy nose but facinating. Lovely elegance & purity of fruit! 94pts. Fantastic! 11-30-07 Very Fresh lovely acididity. Pure, Lovely aromatics, layered cherry raspberries caressing texture long finish. 93pts Great, drink or hold.
2006Littorai - Thieriot Pinot NoirPinot Noir Winery$702  TZ-89
7-15-09 Balanced, raspberries, good acidity nuanced. 91pts Wait 2yrs
2005Louis Carillon - Les PerrieresWhite Burgundy  $902  BH-92/TZ-92+
10/30/08 arrival
7/09 Very nice but hold
2004Louis Carillon - Puligny MontrachetWhite Burgundy WB$401   
4-3-09 Fantastic. Very Pure, nice acidity, minerality, bla ,round, and good fruit 92pts
2005Louis Carillon - Puligny MontrachetWhite Burgundy  $453  BH-89-91
12-26-09 Tightened up. WAIT a yr+. 4-15-09 Excellent balance, class and typacity but can hold 90+pts
2006Louis Carillon - Puligny MontrachetWhite Burgundy  $491  BH-86-89/ TZ-89
12-17-09 Love it! 8-13-09 Great Puligny - minerally & blanced - 91pts
2002Louis Michel - Les ClosChablis Chablis$684  BH-93/TZ-92
2002Louis Michel - Montee De TonnerreChablis Chablis$353  BH-91/TZ-90
10-14-07 Light color, reticent but good minerality & citrus. 90pts Hold for 2yrs+
2004Louis Michel - Montee De TonnerreChablis Chablis$38   TZ - 89-91
3-3-06 Tight, balanced acidity & minerality, peaches, red apple good length &dense body. An ager 90pts
2007Marc Bredif - VouvrayChenin Blanc  $161   
2006Mas De Gourgonnier - Les Baux De ProvenceCab- Grenache - Syrah Blend  $15   RP-88
2-25-09 I like it. Bal, earthy and w/ charactor
2001Maximin Grunhauser - Abtsburg KabinettRiesling Germany$20    
5-30-07 showing some petrol. Lower acid but still pretty fresh. 90pts
2001Meo Camuzett Clos VougeotRed Burg Red Burgs$702  RP-92/WS-91
N/VMichel Arnould - Verzenay Brut Grand CruChampagne  $301   
2nd batch arrv 10-15-09
10-30-09 Terriffic. Fresh, good fruit. Great acidity Pure & classic 92pts BUY
2005Michel Noëllat - BourgogneRed Burg  $251   
N/VMirabelle -BrutChampagne  $191   
5-16-09 Great stuff for the money
2006Monte Antico - ToscanoSangiovese  $10   WS-90
2001Mt Eden Vineyards - Estate ChardonnayChardonnay CA- Chard$291   
2-5-09 Balanced & Elegant. Great acidity lends freshness & minerals plus some tropical & Citrus. Oak well used 93pts
2002Mt Eden Vineyards - Estate ChardonnayChardonnay CA- Chard/winery$372   
11-3-06 arrived
7-7-08 Darker Gold Golor. Minerals, vanilla, & oak spice nose. Minerals, lemon, vanila spice and melon on lengthy broad rich palate. 90+pts Drink Up I think by 2010
2002Mt Eden Vineyards - Estate Pinot NoirPinot Noir Pinot N$382   
11-3-06 arrived
11-17-08 Intense Cherry-berry spice nose. Fresh layered tart cherry fruit. Tanins are there 91pts
2003Mt Eden Vineyards - Estate Pinot NoirPinot Noir Pinot N$382  TZ-89
4-2-09 Soil & spice nose. Balanced & youthful. Good acidity,dark fruit, & spice. Wait for 3 yrs 92pts
2002Mt Eden Vineyards Estate CabernetCab CA-Cab$381   
11-3-06 arrived
2-22-08 about the same as 06' .... 11-28-06 Grapey smokey aroma. Low acid, some tanin, juciy dark fruit and hint of earth decent weight 92pts. drinking well.
2006Mugneret-Gibourg - Ruchottes-Chambertin Red Burg  $1443  TZ-93/BH-93?FWR-94
3-25-10 Woodland selling for $225
2002Mugnier - Chambolle MusignyRed Burg Red Burgs$494  BH-89/TZ-88
12-17-09 Awesome again! 3-17-09 A beauty! Translucent crimson color. Aromas of Cherries,stones & violets. Fresh & Pure! Perf bal. Complex red fruit profile of cherries & raspberries. Nice minerality. Caressing velvety tanins w/ great length 92pts
2006Mugnier - Chambolle MusignyRed Burg  $694  BH - 90
4-6-09 I like this! Balanced w good fruit and freshness Pure 91pts Drank good immediately.
2007Mugnier - Chambolle MusignyRed Burg  $694  TZ-88-90
arrv 3-24-10
1999Mugnier - Musigny Grand CruRed Burg Nomi$435   TZ-94+/BH-94
7-27-07 Dinner in Chicago - Lovel aromatics of rose petal & berries. Mid palate tighter and still tanic. Elegant yet powerfull & vibrant red fruit w/ long finish 93pts. Too young, better in 5
2002Mugnier Chambolle Musigny - Les AmoureusesRed Burg Red Burgs$1803  TZ-92
2001Mugnier Chambolle Musigny - Les AmoureusesRed Burg Red Burgs$1192  TZ-93/AM-92
11-19-09 Perfect example of lacy, elegant nuanced, pretty, CM. Great aromatics too. Drink or hold. In great shape 97pts for me
1999Mugnier Chambolle Musigny - Les FueesRed Burg Red Burgs$722  BH-90 / TZ -89+
2-2-07 Great Burg fruit and MR on the nose. Palate shows elegance but tight 90pts -Wait till 09'+
2001Mugnier Chambolle Musigny - Les FueesRed Burg Red Burgs$803  TZ-91+
6-10-08 Nita's Tasting Menu Night. Nice example, red fruit and bal but needs a couple yrs. 91+
2002Mugnier Chambolle Musigny - Les FueesRed Burg Red Burgs$904  TZ-90
12-02-09 now sells for $200+/ blt on net
2006Mugnier Chambolle Musigny - Les FueesRed Burg  $1393  TZ-92/BH-91
2005Muller - Catoir - Gimmeldinger Mandelgarten Riesling KabinettRiesling  $191   
2002Numanthia - Termes Toro TermesTempranillo Spain$251  WS-93 / TZ-89
12-29-09 Coming around. Big spicey nose. balanced with great fruit & acidity. 91pts Hold a couple or drink
2005Onix - Priorat ClassicGarnacha/Carignan Sells for $10 on the net$13   TZ-88 /RP-88
Surydks on sale / HPL $10
2-20-08 Fantastic-bright red fruit /balanced with smooth tanins 90pts
1998OrnellaiaCab  $1051  RP-93/TZ-94
2006Ornellaia - Le Serre NuoveBDX Blend  $453  RP-94/WS-90
arrv 10-15-09
11-21-09 A real beauty. Oak on nose at 1st /30 min decant - intense silk choc raspberries w/ bal 93pts Wait 2-3
2006Panarroz - JumillaTempranillo  $10   RP-90
HP lake
2006Paolo Petrilli - Il Guerro - Nero Di TroiaNero Di Troia  $341   
2006Passopisciaro - IGTNerello Mascalese  TZ-93/RP-93   $39
15% off
Great stuff. Very pN w/ sweet fresh fruit
2004Pesquera - Tinto CrianzaTempranillo Spain$283  RP-93 / TZ-92
12-24-07 Great! Terroir driven. Fresh, grapey aroma, silky, complex 92+ Needs time BUY
2005Pey Marin - Pinot Noir TroisPinot Noir  $40    
12-21-07 Great! Red fruit, balance & fresh 13.8%alc Nice acidity 92pts BUY!
2001Pichon BaronBordeaux Bordeaux$431  RP-93/TZ-92
N/VPierre Gimonnet - Champagne Brut Blanc De BlancsChampagne Champagne$29    
9-2-07 Perfect @ Brian's wedding 92pts
2007Pierre Matrot - Meursault AOCWhite Burgundy  $34   BH-89
3-16-10 Great material but a hint of cork taint. I'd try again.
N/VPierre Peters Blanc De BlancsChampagne Champagne$43   TZ-92 / WS-88
Used to be $31 in 06'
11-20-09 Very crisp citurs & pretty but, I think needs 3-5yrs aging
2002Pinson - Le ForetChablis Chablis$26   TZ-91
10-30-08 Fesh, crsip, lemon zest, honey and stony. Med gold Could go another 5yrs
2004Pinson - Le ForetChablis Chablis$254  BH - 90-92
1-22-09 Classic Chablis. Citrus & minerals - 90pts Wait 2 yrs
2002Pinson - Mont De MilieuChablis Chablis$261  TZ-91
1-17-08 Excellent, elegant and balanced with, citrus, orange, minerals, acidity,drank great! 93pts
2004Pinson - Mont De MilieuChablis Chablis$242  BH-90-93/TZ-88-90
12-21-06 A little youthfully tight but promising. Mostly minerals & acidity now. Classic Chablis 91pts WAIT - 2 yrs+
2003Pontet CanetBordeaux Bordeaux$603  RP-93/WS-93
1999Pride CabernetCab CA-Cab$561   
4-19-08 Drinking nicely but a couple more might help? Silky on day 2 90pts
2001Pride CabernetCab CA-Cab$585  WS93 RP95
3 in storage @F44
10-3-08 Awesome wine. Big cab aroma upon opening. Inky black w/huge glass cling. Highly concentrated. Blackberries, chocolat, rasberries, cherries and spice. Complex, mouthcoating and extended finish.93pts
2002Pride CabernetCab CA-Cab$624  TZ-90/WS-93
11-17-08 Tobacco & Berries ala Pessac. balanced, silky, drk fruit , drink or hold 93pts
2005Pride CabernetCab CA-Cab$662   
6-1-08 Big, dense dark fruit. Primary - wait 90pts
2002Pride MerlotMerlot Merlot$521  TZ-90/WS-93
10-29-06 Ready. Lot of oak & heavy but delicious fruit. Great with ribs. 92pts
2001Pride Reserve CabernetCab CA-Cab$1152  RP99/WS-96
12=25-09 sells for $300 on net
2-7-09 Major glass cling & viscosity. Nice nose. Beautiful, elegant, silky tanins, nice fruit with complexity. 95pts
2002Pride Reserve CabernetCab CA-Cab$1182  RP-96/TZ-93+/WS-92
12-17-08 Capital Grill - Fantastic! Slightly oaky aroma but bal, fresh w/ nice fruit 93pts
2004RHYS - Alesia Chileno Valley PNPinot Noir Pinot N$391  BH-90
BH says after 2010
1-18-10 another off btl that seemed bretty
2005RHYS - Alesia Chileno Valley PNPinot Noir  $441   
1-1-10 not midnblowing ok. Little green Drink or hold 89pts
2005RHYS - Alesia Falstaff Road Vineyard PNPinot Noir  $441   
Rhys prices include free shipping
3-18-10 Pretty big. Spicy,drark fruit w/ sweet tanins. Not as fresh or finesse as I'd like 89pts
2006RHYS - Alesia Falstaff Road Vineyard PNPinot Noir  $442  TZ-91
Price includes free shipping
6-27-08 Burg like. Med Lite crimson. Specey peppery soil nose. Brambly raspberry fruit and soil tones. Has some acid and tanin. Balanced. 90+pts Wait 2-3 yrs min.
2004RHYS - Alesia Kanzler PNPinot Noir Pinot-N$392   
Arrived 11-22-06
4-3-08 Showing a tad bit of oak but still open & interesting. Some bramble dark fruit & spice. 89pts Needs time WAIT 2yrs
2004RHYS - Alesia Sonatera Vineyard PNPinot Noir Pinot N$391   
10-17-09 Big & ripe dark fruit. Full bodied but decnet acid 90pts Drink
2004RHYS - Alesia Sonoma Coast Pinot NoirPinot Noir Pinot-N$393  BH-89
Arrived 11-22-06
1-20-08 aromatic, focused w/ layers of dark fruit & spice 92pts -great stuff
2006RHYS - Alpine Hillside Vineyard PNPinot Noir  $591  TZ-91
winery spring
8-28-09 Fantastic! Aromatic, velvety, fresh and MSD like. Dark fruit balance, power and elagance 94pts Drink or hold!
2007RHYS - Alpine Hillside Vineyard PNPinot Noir  $592  TZ-93
2007RHYS - Alpine Vineyard ChardonnayChardonnay  $491  TZ-92
3-12-10 Intense, powerfull vibrant. Lots of lemon and stones w/ some trop too. Great Chard 95pts WAIT 3+
2004RHYS - Alpine Vineyard PNPinot Noir Pinot N$491  BH-90
BH says after 2011
6-10-08 Minerally and large mouthfeel. Maybe a touvh of heat? 92+
2006RHYS - Alpine Vineyard PNPinot Noir  $492   
1-31-09 Dark, Pure, silky, Bal! dark fruit - lovely, best RHYs so far 93pts Wait 2-3yrs
2007RHYS - Alpine Vineyard PNPinot Noir  $492  TZ-91
2005RHYS - Chardonnay Alpine VineyardChardonnay  $491   
8-29-08 Surprisingly tropical with good mineral streak and no sense of wood. Nice French weight. 93pts+
2006RHYS - Chardonnay Alpine VineyardChardonnay  $492  TZ-92
7-30-09 Terrific! Balanced, minerally, minimal oak notes and complex. 92+ Wait at least 1 yr now.
2004RHYS - Family Farm Vineyard PNPinot Noir Pinot N$491  BH-88
BH says after 2011 & has more oak than others
12-7-09 Very nice. Balanced and Santa Cruz like
2007RHYS - Family Farm Vineyard PNPinot Noir  $492  TZ-92
Fall 09
2004RHYS - Home Vineyard PNPinot Noir Pinot-N$491  BH-92
BH says after 2012
5-16-09 Much as before Great droink or hold. 93pts10-14-07 Gevrey like. Earth, gamey, spicey, dark fruit aromatic 92pts WAIT 2yrs+
2006RHYS - Home Vineyard PNPinot Noir  $591  TZ-91
10-10-09 Pretty, translucent crimson. Emerging aromas of berries, spice & mineral. Very Volnay like! Feminine, w lively raspberry,mineral and spice flavors. Great depth! Silky & fresh! Perfect wt & long. Drink Now or hold for maybe 2-5 tops. 93pt
2007RHYS - Home Vineyard PNPinot Noir  $592  TZ-91+
2007RHYS - Horseshoe Vineyard PNPinot Noir  $592  TZ-93
2004RHYS - Santa Cruz Mt ChardonnayChardonnay CA-Chard$491   
Arrived 11-22-06
11-28-09 Nose off. 89pts / 2-27-09 Excellent - concentrated, bal, stony!,lemon, long and vibrant 93pts
2007RHYS - Skyline Vineyard PNPinot Noir  $591  TZ-92+
1-10-10 Very young! Big, primary dark fruit & simple at this point, 90pts Wait at least 3yrs
2006RHYS - Swan Terrace Vineyard PNPinot Noir  $592  TZ-92
7-25-09 Dark fruit, spice, layered. Interesting but a tad big and clumsy right now. 90pts.
2007RHYS - Swan Terrace Vineyard PNPinot Noir  $692  TZ-94/BH-94
2005Rafanelli -ZinfandelZinfandel Zin$361   
5-18-07 got from Bill, he said wait six mo
1-8-09 Delcious and ready to go w/ good typacity. Drink or hold 90pts
2001Rafanelli CabernetCab CA-Cab$362  WS-88
1-28-06 Nice! Balanced except for a little oak. These improve w/ age - wait. 90+pts
2000Rauzan SeglaBordeaux  $80   TZ-91/RP-90/WS-95
3-8-09 Bigger than I expected. Good material. maybe a little lacking in finesse 90pts
2000Raveneau - Montee De TonnerreChablis Chablis$601  TZ-92
11-5-08 Pale Gold, cork soaked high,Opening up, very fresh w/ bold minerality & apple spice citrus layers. loved it 93pts Wait till 2010 or buy!
2002Raveneau - Montee De TonnerreChablis  $1052  BH-93/TZ-93
9-28-07 coming from KB
1-17-10 Pre moxed btl
1999Remizieres - Hermitage Cuvee EmilieSyrah N. Rhone$522  RP-96 / TZ-92+
Paid $47.99 + $4.32 tax = $53.31 Retail is $90+ 11/24/06
4-08 Tried one but it was corked
2001Remizieres - Hermitage Cuvee EmilieSyrah  $591  TZ - 93+
4-28-08 Free replacement btl for corked 99'
2001Robert Arnoux - Les CharmesRed Burg Red Burgs$802  TZ- 88-91/ BH 88-91
4-29-07 Lovely VR spicey nose. Eleagant balanced but fruit still a little tight. 92+ Wait 3-4 yrs.
2001Robert Arnoux - Les SuchotsRed Burg  $1501  BH - 93/TZ-92
11-8-08 arrv BH- 2008 -2015
2-2-10 great stuff. Perfect balance & weight. spicey fruit. hold 3-5 or drink.
2001Robert Arnoux - Romanee St. VivantRed Burg Red Burgs$2702  BH-92-95/TZ-93
2002Robert Chevillon Nuit St. Georges - Les St. GeorgesRed Burg Red Burgs$782  RP-93-95
8-16-05 Matchstick dominted the nose for 90 minutes and almost the palate too! Rich, dark cherry, minerals, velevty tanins, great acidity.87pts because matchstick tonight. wait a 3-5
2006Rochioli - Chardonnay Rachael's VineyardChardonnay  $70   TZ-92+
7-17-09 Great Chard. Nice weight and complex. Very pure! 93pts+
2006Rochioli - Chardonnay River Block VineyardChardonnay  $551  TZ - 92
2006Rochioli - Chardonnay South River VineyardChardonnay  $601  TZ - 92
2005Rochioli - Estate Pinot NoirPinot Noir Pinot N$422  RP-91
11-29-08 Perfuse sweet nose of cherry & spice. Pure, very fresh, bal w/ cherry & zing. Great weight. Only beef - at the edge of ripe & sweet. Long Finish 92+pts. Drink or hold
2002Roederer - Blanc De BlancChampagne  $662  WE-95
Arrv 12-11-08
3-7-09 Very classy but young. Wait! 90pts toinght
N/VRoederer - Brut PremierChampagne  $38   WE-92/TZ-91/WS-91
11-27-08 Very nice with starwberries and minerals some body. no toast. needs age
2002Roederer Estate - L'Ermitage BrutChampagne  $44   WS-91 / W&S 93
11-26-09 Pretty wine but should only buy if less than $40
N/VRoederer Estate CA -BrutChampagne  $171   
2001Rostaing - Cote BlondeSyrah  $1102  RP-94
10-2-09 Great stuff but needs 3 hours before the 1st sip. Elegant, layered and long 93pts WAIT 3yrs
1997Rostaing - Cote RotieSyrah  $321   
8-1-09 got 2 more today
7-30-09 This btl was awesome! Fresh, balanced, great nose, elegant and totally alive. 96pts
2001Rostaing - La LandonneSyrah  $804  RP-93
3 coming in Spring to make 4 btls total
3-7-09 Seems much tighter. Needs lots of air. 92pts tonight 11-26-08 Amazing stuff! Classy, fresh CM like! 98pts
2007Roulot - Bourgogne BlancWhite Burgundy  $27    
1-16-10 Seemed oaky and low acid tonight. Do not buy again
2002Roulot - Meursault Les PierriesWhite Burgundy WB$1192  TZ-94+
Sells for $225 on the net
4-30-08 Slow to open up. Intriguing potential after a couple hours. Light gold, youthfull and lots of potential minerally - WAIT 5
2001Roulot - Meursault Les PierriesWhite Burgundy WB$69   ST-93
Paid $56 on sale 9-20-05 Paid $52 4-12-07 for latest btl
12-09 stuning! 11-21-08 Med Gold, some oak, little fat, huge minerally, concentrated 92pts. Wait 1-2 yrs
2006Roumier - Bon MaresRed Burg  $2082  TZ-93+/BH-93
2002Roumier - Chambolle MusignyRed Burg  $502  BH-88/TZ-89
BH says 2008+
1-14-06 Forest floor & cherries on nose. Dark fruit & bal 91pts
2004Roumier - Chambolle MusignyRed Burg  $501  BH - 86 / TZ -88
2005Roumier - Chambolle MusignyRed Burg  $643  BH-89/TZ-90/WS-91
2-9-08 This currently sells for around $150 on the net BH says 2012+
6-10-08 Very pure w/ excellent fruit & bal but closed hard after open for an hr. 92+ wait!!!
2006Roumier - Chambolle MusignyRed Burg  $58   TZ-88
8-20-09 Beutiful crimson color. Profuse sweet young nose. Balanced, fresh,nice weight and bright rasp fruit. Not real long. 90pts
2005Roumier - Chambolle Musigny - Bonnes Mares Grand CruRed Burg  $2081  BH-96/TZ-95/WS-97
2-9-08 This sells for $800-$1000 on the net currently BH says 2020+
2005Roumier - Chambolle Musigny - Les Cras Ler CruRed Burg  $1042  BH-92/TZ-92+/WS-95
2-9-08 This currently sells for around $250 on the net. BH says 2013+
1998Salvatore Molettieri - Taurasi Riserva Vigna Cinque QuerceAglianico  $89    
At Innois - excellent mature wine
2001San LeonardoBDX Blend  $403  TZ-93/RP-92/WS-92
1-6-09 Great, nice Pessac tobacco aromas and flavors with fresh berries. Drink or hold 92+
2004San Marzano - Malvasia NeraMalvasia Nera  $13    
Like it
2001Scavino - BaroloNebbiolo Italy$403  AG-89/WS-93
1-27-06 Velvet mouthfeel, cherries, rasins,tight. 90pts
2001Scavino - Barolo Bric del FiascNebbiolo Italy$803  PR-95
1999Scavino - Barolo CannubiNebbiolo  $802  TZ-93/AG-93/WS-92
5-19-08 Drink great. Amazing caressing texture and balance w/ plentiful rich fruit. 94pts Drink or hold
2001Scavino - Barolo Rocche Annunziata RiservaNebbiolo  $1152  RP-96/TZ-95+/WS-97
11-21-09 Goes for $155+ on net now
11-12-09 More oaky and modern than expected. Faily large. Wait at least 3-5 yrs. 91pts now Not typical of barolo
1999Scavino - Barolo Rocche Dell' AnnunziataNebbiolo Italy$1182  AG-95/TZ-94
3-22-08 Great with several hours of breathing. Balanced, long complex and nice fruit but wait 3yrs+ 92pts
1996Scavino -BaroloNebbiolo Italy$47   TZ-90
2-22-09 A great find! Dark,aromatic lovely fruit & bal. 92+
2005Schramsberg - Blanc De BlancsChampagne  $26    
2005Sella & Mosca - Cannonau Di Sardegna RiservaCannonau ( Grenache)  $13   RP-88
K&L $13 reg price
3-30-09 Light bodied but flavorfull and elegant
2007Sella & Mosca - La CalaVermentino  $14    
2005Sellbach Oster - Bernkasteler Badstube Spatlese*Riesling Germany$161  TZ-89+
5-14-08 Pungent, slate, petrol and decent acidity. Seems bigger than expected 89pts
1999Shafer - Hillside SelectCab CA-Cab$1701  RP97 WS97
11-04-05 Big, concentrated, silky great nose 95pts.
2001Shafer - Hillside SelectCab CA-Cab$1931  RP-99/TZ-95+/WS-95
saving this for Nita, not me
1-13-10 A bit heavy and unfocused for my liking and lacking sublty. Smokey vanila oak yet everywhere. 92pts WAIT I guess! Don't see this ever being 100pts...for me.
2007Siro Pacenti - Rosso Di MontalcinoBrunello Di Montalcino  $29   RP-92
9-7-09 Pretty wine with excellent balance and bright red fruit. Little oak and the tanins are a little out of chk but promising w/ 3yrs more age. 90pts right now.
1998Smith Haut LafitteBordeaux Bordeaux$391  RP-93
3-30-08 Great stuff with classic Pessac flavors and aromas. Layered. Wait at least 3yrs but nice now 92pts
2004Sperino - Uvaggio Coste della Sesia RossoNebiolo & Vespolina Blend  $34    
15% Disc (K&L has it for $16 on close out)
11-15-09 Great stuff, layered and burfgundian w/ fresh fruit 92+
1999Spottswoode CabernetCab CA-Cab$802  TZ-92/RP- 90/WS-94
9-13-08 Greast nose of dark fruit and spice. Youfull dark color. Layered palate of dark fruit, minerals,cinamon, dark chocolate. Some tanin on the finsih. Wait 2-3yr 92+
2001Spottswoode CabernetCab CA-Cab$881  RP-95
4-22-06 Coming along, nice fruit, nose a little reticent. Dark fruit, choc, rich not as focused yet 91pts.
2007St Cosme - Cote Du RhoneRhone Blend Rhone$14    
2-26-09 Would be great if not for brett 80/92
2006St Cosme - Cotes Du Rhone Les Deux AlbionRhone Blend  $171  RP-90
2003St Cosme St JosephSyrah N. Rhone$303  TZ-92/RP-90-92
2-13-06 Great texture and fruit 91pts
2002St. Innocent Freedom Hills VineyardPinot Noir OR-PN$333  RP-94
2002St. Innocent Seven Hills VineyardPinot Noir OR-PN$332  RP94+
11-25-07 Aromas of Forest floor. Structured, balanced dark fruit. 92pts Wait 2-4yrs
2003St. Innocent Shea VineyardPinot Noir OR-PN$281   
12/12/ 09 Drinking well. Very balanced & pleasing. Not awesome but great value solid 90pts
2001Stony Hill - Estate ChardonnayChardonnay CA-Chard$252   
6-19-08 WAIT 3yrs - Still... pale grn /gold @7yrs ! Somewhat closed & 1 demensional right now . Fresh, pure and bal,w/ lemon citrus & big salty acid. 91pts WAIT @ least 2 yrs!
2003Stony Hill - Estate ChardonnayChardonnay CA- Chard / winery fall 06'$363   
9-28-09 Lovely elegant weight, could use a smidge more acid, vanila and citrus stones 90+ Drink or hold.
1996Taittinger -Comtes De Champange - Blancs Des BlancsChampagne  $1701   
1997Talenti - BDMBrunello Di Montalcino Italy$55    
7-19-09 Tusc Offline - Balanced & Elegant. Very Nice #2 or3 in lineup 92+
2004Talenti - BDMBrunello Di Montalcino  $503  RP-93/WS-92
Spring 2010
2005Talley Vineyards - Arroyo Grande Estate Pinot NoirPinot Noir  $291   
3-13-09 Balanced but didn't blow me away 88pts Some oak
2005Talley Vineyards - Rincon Vineyard Pinot NoirPinot Noir WH - 11/07$521  TZ-92
8-11-09 Fresh nose. Pepper and energetic raspberry flavors. Sweet but maintains balance & elegance. Very pure but young. 92pts+ Wait a yr or 2.
N/VTarlant - Cuvée Louis Brut PrestigeChampagne  $55    
aarv 10-15-09
Bread dough, Krug like. Impressive
N/VTattinger - La Franchaise BrutChampagne  $40   WS-91
5-08 dry and austere, tight. Needs btl age
2004Terlan - Lagrein Gries ReservaLagrein  $22    
9-8-08 Intriguing! Aromas of meat, tar dark fruit & spice. More of the same flavors on the palate. Long 92pts
2006Terre Del Vulcano - Benevetano AglianicoAglianico  $18    
2006Usseglio - CDPCDP  $381  TZ-92/RP-90
2007Usseglio - CDPCDP  $303  RP-93/TZ-89-92/WS-90
2005Valminor - AlbarinoAlbarino Spain$14    
2-24-08 Minerally, good acidity, lovely citrus flavors and aromas 90pts BUY
N/VVarnier - Fanniere Blanc De Blancs Grand Cru - AvizeChampagne  $59   TZ-90
2-14-09 elegant w/ nice fruit maybe not as complex as should be?
2001Vega Sicilia - AlionTempranillo  $542  RP-95/TZ-95/WS-89
7-19-08 Thomas
8-22-08 Beautiful wine. Bal w/ depth& complexity. Some oak yet on the nose Needs @least 3yrs 93pts
2004Vega Sicilia - AlionTempranillo  $703  RP-96
2004Vega Sicilia - PintiaTempranillo  $522  TZ-93/RP-95
6-22-08 Still very very young but nice structure, blance and promise - WAIT-5yrs 90pts!
2005Vesevo - Beneventano AglianicoAglianico  $121   
6-30-09 Excellent fruit & balance 92pts
1998Vieux Telegraphe CDPCDP Rhone$392  RP93 WS93
1999Vieux Telegraphe CDPCDP Rhone$451  RP88
4-3-08 WOW - fantastic CDP. Suave, balanced w/ spice & lush fruit. Loved it! 93pts Drink or hold
2005Vieux Telegraphe CDPCDP Rhone$484  TZ-93-96/RP-92-94
2007Vieux Telegraphe CDPCDP  $564  RP-96/TZ-93/WS-95
#3 on WS list for 09'
10-13-09 Beautiful wine! Fragant berries nose. Perfect balance, depth, finesse, elegance and silky tanins. Tanins snap in a bit late. Burgundian weight and class. Popped & poured best I think. 94pts
2002Vincent Girardin Charmes ChambertinRed Burg Red Burgs$652  TZ-92-94
10-7-05 Don't touch this for 5 years. Big. brooding, dark fruit, earth, primary right now 89pts
2002Vogue Chambolle Musigny - 1er cruRed Burg Red Burgs$1013  TZ-93/BH-92
2007Weinbach - Gewurztraminer Clos Des CapucinsGewurztraminer  $32    
$28 on the net
11-27-09 not for me and not a good TG wine
2005Weingart - Schlob Furstenberg SpateseRiesling Germany$20   TZ-92 /WS-89
1-2-09 Great stuff! Complex, fresh, balanced and med dry, no spritz Delicious 92pts
2006Windy Oaks - Estate Cuvee PNPinot Noir  $35    
3-7-09 from Jeff Allison
7-22-09 Excellent! Nice Euro style PN w/ pretty fruit, gread acidity & freshness. Great weight. I'd buy this! Reminds of Pey Marin a little 92+
2001Zeni - Teroldego RotalianoTeroldego  $20    
9-2-09 Great value. Highly aromatic. Intense layered dark fruit, pepper & meat. balanced 92+
N/Vscharffenberger Brut ChampagneChampagne Champagne$16   WS-90
8-29-09 TN @ F44 Crisp and fresh , not fruity $19 @F44

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