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Cellar list for: centralcoast

2012 Cakebread Dancing BearBlend SH135.0011  Rp99
2013 Cakebread Dancing BearCabernet SH125.006  Rp96
2013 Cakebread Vine Hill RanchCabernet SH106.006   
2012 CardinaleCabernet SH210.003  Rp98
2010 Castelgiocondo Brunello di MontalcinoRed Wine SH60.006  Rp94
2012 CaymusCabernet SH55.004  Rp96WS91
2013 CaymusCabernet SH65.006  Rp94WS92
2014 Caymus 1.0 literCabernet SH90.006  RP94
2012 Caymus Special SelectionCabernet SH150.003  Ws94
2013 Caymus Special SelectionCabernet SH150.006  ws95
2012 Conn Valley E'logeBlend SH75.0012  AG93
2012 Conn Valley Estate ReserveCabernet SH60.0011  Rp94
2013 Conn Valley Estate ReserveCabernet SH60.0012   
2012 ContinuumCabernet SH175.009  Ws94
2013 ContinuumCabernet SH175.006  RP97+
2013 DominusCabernet SH250.001  rp100
2012 Dunn Howell MtCabernet SH125.003  Rp96
2012 Gandona EstateCabernet SH200.003  Rp96
2013 Gandona EstateCabernet SH200.006  RP94
2008 Hobbs Dr CraneCabernet SH160.002  Rp96
2010 Hobbs Dr CraneCabernet SH160.003  Rp96
2013 Hobbs Dr CraneCabernet SH260.003  Rp100
2013 InsigniaRed Wine SH160.0018  Rp98+
2012 Kapcsandy Family Winery EstateCabernet SH145.002  Rp96
2013 L'Aventure ChloeRed Wine SH82.006  Rp96
2014 L'Aventure ChloeRed Wine SH80.004  Rp97
2013 L'Aventure For HerRed Wine SH82.002  RP94+
2014 L'Aventure For HerRed Wine SH80.0012  Rp100
2014 L'Aventure For Her-MagnumRed Wine SH170.002  Rp100
2014 L'aventure Cote A CoteRed Wine SH75.002  RP96
2013 L'aventure Cote a CoteRed Wine SH77.002  Rp94
2013 L'aventure EstateCabernet SH77.004  Rp95
2013 L'aventure Estate CuveeBlend SH85.0012  Rp97+
2014 L'aventure Estate CuveeRed Wine SH85.0010  Rp98
2013 L'aventure Estate Cuvee-magnumBlend SH174.001  Rp97+
2013 L'aventure Estate-magnumCabernet SH158.001  Rp95
2013 L'aventure OptimusBlend SH43.002  Rp93
2013 L'aventure Optimus-magnumBlend SH90.001  Rp93
2012 Lewis ReserveCabernet SH125.003  Ws96
2013 MeyerCabernet SH50.004  Ws89
2012 Mollydooker Carnival of LoveShiraz SH70.006  Rp95WS95
2012 Mondavi Reserve To KalonCabernet SH110.005  Ws96
2013 PahlmeyerBlend SH140.006  Ws96
2010 Penfolds St Henri-halvesShiraz SH50.006  Rp97+ws95
2012 Penfolds St. HenriShiraz SH75.004  Rp96+
2013 Plumpjack EstateCabernet SH105.002  RP96
2010 Quinta do Vesuvio Vintage PortPort SH60.004  Ws98
2012 Ramey PedregalCabernet SH160.003  Rp97+
2013 Realm The BardCabernet SH240.001  Rp100
2012 Signorello Estate Padrone ProprietaryCabernet SH129.003  Rp97+
2012 SpottswoodeCabernet SH144.003  Rp99
2013 SpottswoodeBlend SH170.002  Rp99+
1965 Taylor Fladgate Very Old Single HarvetPort SH225.002  Rp95WS95
2012 TogniCabernet SH100.004  RP94+
2010 Valdicava Brunello di Montalcino-splits  SH45.006  Ws96Rp93

Cellar contains 273 bottles, 55 wines, 55 entries

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