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Cellar list for: buzzed

Key to Drink-ability

+Ready to Drink
++In its Prime
!!!At its Peak
!?Past its Best

Other Wine Sorted by Location

2001Araujo Estate Eisele VineyardCabernet none2  
2000Clos l'EgliseBordeaux none5  
2001Kathryn KennedyCabernet none1  
1999Bond MelburyBlend none1  
2000Archery Summit Archery Summit EstatePinot Noir none1  
2000Bond MelburyBlend none1  
1999Stags Leap Wine Cellars CASK 23Cabernet none1  
2001Archery Summit Archery Summit EstatePinot Noir none1  
2000Stags Leap Wine Cellars CASK 23Cabernet none1  
1998Stags Leap Wine Cellars CASK 23Cabernet none1  
2001Stags Leap Wine Cellars CASK 23Cabernet none1  
1999Araujo Estate Eisele VineyardCabernet none2  
2000Araujo Estate Eisele VineyardCabernet none2  
2000Bond VecinaBlend none1  
2000Joseph Phelps Vineyards Backus VineyardCabernet none6  
1996Ceretto Bricco Rocche BaroloNebbiolo none3  
1999Kathryn KennedyCabernet none2  
1998Araujo Estate Eisele VineyardCabernet none1  
1999Joseph Phelps Vineyards InsigniaBlend none6  
2000Joseph Phelps Vineyards InsigniaBlend none6  
1999Joseph Phelps Vineyards Backus VineyardCabernet none6  
1998Lokoya Diamond MountainCabernet none2  
2000Chateau MonbousquetBordeaux none2  
1998Tenuta dell' OrnellaiaCabernet none1  
1996Kathryn KennedyCabernet none1  
1999Stags Leap Wine Cellars SLVCabernet none1  
2000Stags Leap Wine Cellars SLVCabernet none1  
2001Stags Leap Wine Cellars SLVCabernet none1  
2001Dunn Vinevards Howell Mountain Cabernet none3  
1997St. Francis Kings Ridge ReserveCabernet none3  
2000Shafer Hillside SelectCabernet none2  
1996St. Francis Kings Ridge ReserveCabernet none3  
2000Dunn Vinevards Howell Mountain Cabernet none3  
1994Harlan EstateCabernet none1  
2001Leonetti Cellars ReserveBlend none1  
2001MerusCabernet none5  
2000MerusCabernet none4  
1996DominusBlend none1  
1999MerusCabernet none4  
2001Bacio DivinoRed Wine none6  
2000Bacio DivinoBlend none3  
2001Jones Family VineyardCabernet none3  
2000Jones Family VineyardCabernet none3  
1997Arrowood Reserve SpecialeCabernet none2  
2001Philip Togni VineyardCabernet none6  
1999Lail Vineyards J Daniel CuveeCabernet none2  
2000Philip Togni VineyardCabernet none1  
2000Philip Togni VineyardCabernet none5  
2000Dunn VinevardsCabernet none3  
1997St. Francis ReserveMerlot none1  
1999Archery Summit Red Hills EstatePinot Noir none1  
1999Stags Leap Wine Cellars Fay VineyardCabernet none2  
2000Archery Summit Red Hills EstatePinot Noir none1  
2000Stags Leap Wine Cellars Fay VineyardCabernet none1  
2001Archery Summit Red Hills EstatePinot Noir none1  
1998Stags Leap Wine Cellars Fay VineyardCabernet none1  
1999Araujo Estate Eisele VineyardSyrah none1  
2000Araujo Estate Eisele VineyardSyrah none2  
1998Harlan Estate The MaidenBlend none1  
1998Philip Togni VineyardCabernet none1  
1999Harlan Estate The MaidenBlend none1  
1998Jones Family VineyardCabernet none1  
1999Silver Oak Alexander ValleyCabernet none1  
1999Dunn Vinevards Howell Mountain Cabernet none3  
2001Leonetti CellarsCabernet none3  
1999Araujo Estate AltagraciaCabernet none2  
1997Caymus VineyardsCabernet none2  
2001JK Carriere Wines AntoinettePinot Noir none2  
2000Archery Summit Renegade Ridge EstatePinot Noir none1  
2001Archery Summit Renegade Ridge EstatePinot Noir none1  
2002Archery Summit Renegade Ridge EstatePinot Noir none1  
2001Cayuse Vineyards Bionic FrogSyrah none1  
2002Leonetti CellarsMerlot none3  
1999Dunn VinevardsCabernet none3  
2001Justin Vineyards & Winery IsoscelesBlend none7  
1997MayacamasCabernet none4  
2000Justin Vineyards & Winery IsoscelesBlend none5  
2002Andrew Will Champoux VineyardBlend none1  
2000Bond MatriarchBlend none1  
2002Leonetti CellarsSangiovese none2  
1992Azalea SpringsMerlot none1  
1994DominusBlend none1  
1999Bond MatriarchBlend none1  
1996Jones Family VineyardCabernet none2  
1998Philip Togni Vineyard Ca' TogniDolcetto none2  
1996Canalicchio Brunello Di MontalcinoSangiovese none3  
2001Chateau Pape ClementBordeaux none2  
2001Cayuse Vineyards En Cerise VineyardSyrah none2  
2001Cayuse Vineyards Cailloux VineyardSyrah none2  
2001Cayuse Vineyards Coccinelle VineyardSyrah none2  
1999St. Francis Nuns Canyon ReserveCabernet none1  
2001Cayuse Vineyards Flying PigCS/CF/Merlot none1  
2000Stags Leap Wine CellarsCabernet none2  
1999Ferrari-Carano TresorRed Wine none4  
2002R.L. Buller & Son CalliopeShiraz none15  
1999Woodward Canyon Winery Artist SeriesCabernet none2  
2001Justin Vineyards & Winery ReserveCabernet none4  
1989Joseph Phelps Vineyards Eisele VineyardCabernet none2  
1991DominusBlend none1  
1999E. GuigalSyrah none9  
2002Owen Roe DuBrulCabernet none1  
1998Charles Cimicky ReserveShiraz none4  
1999J.K. Carriere Wines Willamette ValleyPinot Noir none2  
2001JK Carriere Wines Willamette Valley Pinot NoirPinot Noir none6  
1999Quixote Winery PanzaRed Wine none6  
2000JK Carriere Wines Willamette Valley Pinot NoirPinot Noir none3  
1992Philip Togni VineyardCabernet none1  
2000Chateau La NertheSyrah none10  
1991Joseph Phelps Vineyards Eisele VineyardCabernet none1  
1998Charles Cimicky Classic MerlotMerlot none6  
2002Bacio Divino Pazzo Call Me CrazyRed Wine none2  
2000Chateau De FieuzalBordeaux none2  
2001Downing Family Fly By NightZinfandel none11  
2000Downing Family Fly By NightZinfandel none6  
2001A. Rafanelli WineryZinfandel none1  
2000Chateau Ferrand LartigueBordeaux none2  
2001Walla Walla Vintners Washington State CuveeRed Wine none4  
2000J. BookwalterCabernet none2  
2001HannaCabernet none4  
1990MayacamasCabernet none1  
2000Chateau La LouviereBordeaux none2  
1982MayacamasCabernet none1  
2001Chateau CantemerleBordeaux none2  
2000Lake Breeze Langhorne CreekShiraz none4  
2000Chateau La Tour CarnetBordeaux none6  
2002Dunham Cellars Three Legged RedRed Wine none5  
2000Chateau La GardeBordeaux none12  
2002RuddCabernet none5  
2003Cayuse Vineyards Cailloux VineyardSyrah none2  
2003Cayuse Vineyards Flying PigCaberet Franc Blend none2  
2003Cayuse Vineyards En Cerise VineyardSyrah none2  
2002Bacio Divino  none4  
2003Cayuse Vineyards CamaspeloBlend none2  
1998St. Francis Old VinesZinfandel none1  
2002Araujo Estate Eisele VineyardCabernet none3  
1994Araujo Estate Eisele VineyardBlend none1  
2001Abreu Vineyard Madrona RanchCabernet none2  
1995Silver Oak Napa Valley Cabernet SauvignonCabernet none1  
1995Silver Oak Napa Valley Cabernet SauvignonCabernet none2  
2000Chateau Lynch BagesBordeaux none5  
2001Rudd Oakville EstateBlend none1  
2001Rudd Oakville EstateBlend none1  
2002Araujo Estate Eisele VineyardSyrah none3  
1996Araujo Estate Eisele VineyardBlend none1  
1997Jones Family VineyardCabernet none1  
2000Rudd Oakville EstateBlend none1  
1986Joseph Phelps Vineyards Eisele VineyardCabernet none1  
2000Abreu Vineyard Madrona RanchCabernet none1  
2002Edge Hill Vineyard Monte Rosso VineyardZinfandel none5  
1995ArrowoodCabernet none1  
1996Harlan Estate The MaidenBlend none1  
1999Jones Family VineyardCabernet none2  
2001Dunn Vinevards Howell Mountain Cabernet none1  
2001Dunn VinevardsCabernet none3  
1999Bond VecinaBlend none1  
1995Harlan Estate The MaidenBlend none1  
2001Araujo Estate AltagraciaCabernet none3  
2001ShaferCabernet none3  
2001Chateau TalbotBordeaux none6  
2000Dunn Vinevards Howell MountainCabernet none1  
2000Silver Oak Napa Valley Cabernet SauvignonCabernet none1  
2000Arrowood Reserve SpecialeCabernet none1  
2001Shafer FirebreakSangiovese none1  
 TaittingerChampagne none4  
1988MayacamasCabernet none1  
1992Dunn Vineyards Howell MountainPetit Sirah none2  
1993Dunn Vinevards Howell MountainPetite Sirah none2  
1994Dunn Vinevards Howell MountainPetit Sirah none1  
1995Dunn Vinevards Howell MountainPetit Sirah none1  
1997Dry Creek Vineyard Epoch IICabernet none1  
1997MayacamasMerlot none1  
1997Neiman Cellars Napa Valley Red Wine Caldwell VineyardCabernet Franc Blend none4  
1998MayacamasCabernet none6  
1998Neiman Cellars Napa Valley Red Wine Caldwell VineyardBlend none3  
1998SassoforteCabernet none2  
1999Kathryn Kennedy LateralBlend none1  
1999Marchesi Gondi MazzaferrataRed Wine none6  
1999MayacamasChardonnay none1  
1999Philip Togni Vineyard Tanbark HillCabernet none2  
1999Grand Vin de BuzetBordeaux none1  
2000Archery Summit Shea VineyardPinot Noir none1  
2000Carol Shelton Rocky ReserveZinfandel none1  
2000Enrico Santini MontepergoliCabernet none2  
2000Huntingdale WineryMerlot none1  
2000Jones Family Vineyard SistersBlend none1  
2000St. FrancisPort none1  
2000Neiman Napa Valley Red Wine Caldwell VineyardRed Wine none5  
2001Baldwin CellarsCabernet none2  
2001Crofton Hills TourmalineZinfandel none2  
2001Edge Hill VineyardZinfandel none4  
2001Jones Family Vineyard The SistersCabernet none2  
2001Navarre Winery Knights ValleyCabernet Franc Blend none2  
2001Patricia Green Cellars The Herbfarm Balcombe-Shea CuveePinot Noir none1  
2001St. FrancisPort none1  
2001Twisted TreeBlend none4  
2001Neiman Napa Valley Red Wine Caldwell VineyardRed Wine none2  
2001Neiman Napa Valley Syrah Caldwell VineyardSyrah none1  
2002Dunn Vineyards Howell MountainCabernet none1  
2002Araujo Estate AltagraciaBlend none6  
2002Archery Summit Archery Summit EstatePinot Noir none1  
2002Archery Summit Arcus EstatePinot Noir none2  
2002Archery Summit Red Hills EstatePinot Noir none2  
2002Beaux FreresPinot Noir none3  
2002Bergstrom Vineyards CumberlandPinot Noir none2  
2002Dunn VineyardsCabernet none6  
2002Dunn Vineyards Howell MountainCabernet none6  
2002GannonCabernet none3  
2002JK CarrierePinot Noir none5  
2002Jones Family VineyardCabernet none4  
2002Jones Family Vineyard The SistersCabernet none3  
2002Justin Vineyards & Winery IsoscelesBlend none6  
2002Justin Vineyards & Winery ObtusePort none1  
2002Leonetti CellarsCabernet none2  
2002Leonetti Cellars ReserveCabernet none4  
2002Neiman Cellars Napa Valley Red Wine Caldwell VineyardBlend none6  
2002Neiman Cellars Napa Valley Syrah Caldwell VineyardSyrah none6  
2002Philip Togni Vineyard Tanbark HillCabernet none3  
2002St. FrancisPort none1  
2003Archery Summit Archery Summit EstatePinot Noir none1  
2003Archery Summit Premier CuveePinot Noir none2  
2003Archery Summit Red Hills VineyardPinot Noir none2  
2003Archery Summit Renegade RidgePinot Noir none1  
2003JK CarrierePinot Noir none12  
2003Justin Vineyards & Winery ObtusePort none1  
2003Justin Vineyards & Winery Trois BlancWhite Wine none1  
2003Shirvington McLaren ValeCabernet none3  
2003Shirvington McLaren ValeShiraz none3  
Cellar contains 592 bottles, 227 wines, 227 entries

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