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Cellar list for: brosnikoff

2001Allison Ranch Chardonnay (unoaked)Chardonnay  1  
1993Andrew Wolf Wine Cellars Blush ChablisBlush Chablis  1  
2000Benchland Vineyards Pinot NoirPinot Noir  1  
2001Benchland Vineyards ZweigeltZweigelt  1  
1999Black Hills Estate Winery Nota BeneBordeaux  2  
2000Black Hills Estate Winery Nota BeneBordeaux  4  
2000Black Opal Wines Cabernet SauvignonCabernet  1  
2000Blasted Church Winery and Vineyard ChardonnayChardonnay  1  
2001Blasted Church Winery and Vineyard Hatfield's FuseHatfield's Fuse - white blend  1  
2001Blasted Church Winery and Vineyard Merlot / Cabernet SauvignonMerlot / Cabernet Sauvignon  2  
2001Blasted Church Winery and Vineyard RieslingRiesling  1  
2000Blue Mountain Vineyard Pinot BlancPinot Blanc  1  
2000Blue Mountain Vineyard Pinot GrisPinot Gris  1  
2000Blue Mountain Vineyard Pinot NoirPinot Noir  5  
1999Blue Mountain Vineyard Pinot Noir - Stripe LabelPinot Noir  4  
2002Brosnikoff Special Reserve Riesling TraminerRiesling Traminer  7  
2002Brosnikoff Special Reserve Shiraz - PHWShiraz  16  
2002Brosnikoff Special Reserve Traminer Muscat - PHWTraminer Muscat  13  
2001Brosnikoff Special Reserve Traminer Riesling - PHWTraminer Riesling  4  
2002Brosnikoff Special Reserve Traminer Riesling - PHWTraminer Riesling  17  
2002Brosnikoff Special Reserve White Merlot Blush - PHWWhite Merlot Blush  4  
2001Burlwood Cellars Cabernet SauvignonCabernet  1  
2000Burrowing Owl Vineyards Cabernet SauvignonCabernet  2  
2001Burrowing Owl Vineyards ChardonnayChardonnay  2  
2001Burrowing Owl Vineyards Pinot GrisPinot Gris  2  
2001Burrowing Owl Vineyards Pinot NoirPinot Noir  2  
2001Burrowing Owl Vineyards SyrahSyrah  2  
2000Calliope Wines Semillion - Sauvignon BlancSemillion - Sauvignon Blanc  1  
2001Calona Vineyards Sovereign OpalWhite blend  1  
1998Carriage House Wines ChardonnayChardonnay  1  
2001Carriage House Wines Ebonage BlancEbonage Blanc  1  
1999Carriage House Wines Kerner DryKerner Dry  1  
1999Cedar Creek Estate Winery EhrenfelserEhrenfelser  1  
2000Cedar Creek Estate Winery Pinot GrisPinot Gris  1  
1998Chateau La Roche Gaby Canon-FronsacCanon-Fronsac  2  
2000Cotes de la Malepere Red Wine BlendRed wine blend  7  
2000Deakin Estate Winery ChardonnayChardonnay  1  
2001Deakin Estate Winery ColombardColombard  1  
2000Deakin Estate Winery Sauvignon BlancSauvignon Blanc  1  
1998Gato Blanco Sauvignon BlancSauvignon Blanc  1  
2000Gehringer Brothers Estate Winery AuxerroisWhite Wine  1  
2000Gehringer Brothers Estate Winery BlushRose  1  
2001Gehringer Brothers Estate Winery Cuvee NoirRed wine blend  1  
2000Gehringer Brothers Estate Winery Dry EhrenfelserDry Ehrenfelser  1  
1993Gilbey de Loudenne La Cour Pavillon Sauvignon Semillon  1  
1998Glen Ellen Winery & Vineyards Cabernet SauvignonCabernet  1  
2000Golden Mile Cellars ChardonnayChardonnay  1  
2000Golden Mile Cellars MerlotMerlot  1  
2000Golden Mile Cellars Pinot NoirPinot Noir  1  
2001Gray Monk Estate Winery ChardonnayChardonnay  1  
2001Gray Monk Estate Winery Merlot OdysseyMerlot  2  
2001Hardy's Wines Cabernet MerlotCabernet Merlot  2  
2001Hardy's Wines Cabernet SauvignonCabernet  1  
2001Hardy's Wines Herald Label ShirazShiraz  2  
2002Hardy's Wines Riesling GewurtztraminerRiesling Gewurtztraminer  1  
2001Hardy's Wines ShirazShiraz  1  
2001Hardy's Wines Shiraz Cabernet SauvignonShiraz Cabernet  1  
1999Haselgrove Wines Bentwing ShirazShiraz  1  
2001Haselgrove Wines Sovereign ShirazShiraz  1  
1999Hawthorne Mountain Vineyards GewurtraminerGewurztraminer  2  
1999Hawthorne Mountain Vineyards Pinot GrisPinot Gris  1  
2001Herrick SyrahSyrah  1  
2000Hestor Creek Estate Winery Cabernet MerlotTempranillo  1  
2000Hestor Creek Estate Winery Merlot Merlot  1  
2001Hestor Creek Estate Winery TrebbianoTrebbiano  2  
 Hilldebrand Estates Stone Road MerlotMerlot  2  
2001Hillside Estate Winery Cabernet MerlotCabernet Merlot  1  
2000Hillside Estate Winery EhrenfelserEhrenfelser  1  
2001Hillside Estate Winery GewurtraminerGewurztraminer  1  
2000Hillside Estate Winery Merlot Merlot Reserve  1  
2000Hillside Estate Winery Pinot GrisPinot Gris  1  
2001Hillside Estate Winery Pinot GrisPinot Gris  1  
1998Hillside Estate Winery SyrahSyrah  1  
2001Kettle Valley Winery GewurtraminerGewurztraminer  1  
2000Kettle Valley Winery Merlot Merlot   1  
1999Kettle Valley Winery Old Main RedRed Wine  1  
2000La Frenz Winery Merlot Merlot   1  
2001La Frenz Winery ViognierViognier  2  
2001Lake Breeze Vineyards Blanc de NoirBland de Noir (blush)  1  
2001Lake Breeze Vineyards GewurtraminerGewurztraminer  1  
2000Lake Breeze Vineyards PinotagePinotage  6  
2001Lake Breeze Vineyards SemillionSemillon  1  
2001Lang Vineyards GewurtraminerGewurztraminer  1  
2001Lang Vineyards Grand PinotGrand Pinot  1  
2001Lang Vineyards Merlot Merlot   1  
2001Les Celliers Jean D'Alibert Pinot NoirPinot Noir  1  
2001McGuigan Shareholders ShirazShiraz  1  
2000Mission Hill Family Estate ChardonnayChardonnay  1  
1999Mission Hill Family Estate Shiraz - Special ReserveShiraz  1  
2000Mt. Boucherie Estate Winery Pinot NoirPinot Noir  1  
2000Mt. Boucherie Estate Winery SummitRed Wine  1  
2001NK'Mip Cellars Merlot Merlot   1  
2001NK'Mip Cellars Pinot BlancPinot Blanc  1  
2000NK'Mip Cellars Pinot NoirPinot Noir  1  
2002Pelee Island Winery Pelee Bay Crest Series Cabernet MerlotCabernet Merlot  1  
2002Pelee Island Winery Pelee Bay Crest Series Shiraz CabernetShiraz Cabernet  2  
2002Pelee Island Winery Pelee Bay Crest Series Shiraz Cabernet MerlotBlend  2  
2001Pinot Reach Cellars BacchusBacchus  1  
2001Pinot Reach Cellars Old Vines RieslingRiesling - Old Vines  1  
2000Pinot Reach Cellars Pinot MeunierPinot Meunier  2  
1999Prpich Hills ChardonnayChardonnay  1  
2000Quail's Gate Estate Winery Chasselas / Pinot BlancChasselas/Pinot Blanc  2  
2000Quail's Gate Estate Winery GewurtraminerGewurztraminer  3  
1999Quail's Gate Estate Winery Late Harvest Red (dessert wine)Late Harvest Red (dessert wine)  1  
1999Quail's Gate Estate Winery Merlot Merlot   1  
1999Quail's Gate Estate Winery Old Vines FochMarechal Foch  1  
2000Quail's Gate Estate Winery Old Vines FochMarechal Foch  2  
2000Red River Wines ShirazShiraz  2  
1999Red Rooster Winery BantamWhite wine blend  1  
2000Red Rooster Winery ChardonnayChardonnay  1  
2000Red Rooster Winery GewurtraminerGewurztraminer  1  
2001Red Rooster Winery GewurtraminerGewurztraminer  1  
2001Red Rooster Winery Golden EggRed wine blend  1  
2001Red Rooster Winery MeritageRed Wine  1  
2001Red Rooster Winery Merlot Merlot  1  
2000Red Rooster Winery RieslingRiesling  1  
2001Rojinon TintoTinto  1  
2000Rosemount Estate Cabernet MerlotCabernet Merlot  1  
2000Sandhill Cellars Merlot Merlot  1  
2000Scherzinger Vineyards Chardonnay - late harvestChardonnay  1  
2000Scherzinger Vineyards GewurtraminerGewurztraminer  1  
2000Scherzinger Vineyards Merlot Merlot  1  
2000Scherzinger Vineyards Pinot Noir - Private ReservePinot Noir  1  
1999Slamka Cellars Auxerrois - Old VinesAuxerrois  1  
2000St. Hubertus Estate Winery BacchusBacchus  2  
2000St. Hubertus Estate Winery Marechal FochMarechal Foch  1  
1999Stag's Hollow Winery Merlot Merlot  1  
2000Stag's Hollow Winery Merlot - RenaissanceMerlot  2  
2001Stonegate Winery Cabernet ShirazBlend  1  
1999Sumac Ridge Estate Winery GewurtraminerGewurztraminer  1  
1998Sumac Ridge Estate Winery MeritageRed wine blend  1  
2000Summerhill Estate Winery Baco NoirRed Wine  2  
2000Summerhill Estate Winery ChardonnayChardonnay  1  
2000Summerhill Estate Winery Merlot Merlot  2  
2000Summerhill Estate Winery Pinot GrisPinot Gris  1  
1999Summerhill Estate Winery StarWhite wine blend  1  
2001Thierry & Guy Fat Bastard ShirazShiraz  4  
2001Thornhaven Estates Winery GewurtraminerGewurztraminer  1  
2000Thornhaven Estates Winery Pinot MeunierPinot Meunier  1  
2000Thornhaven Estates Winery Pinot NoirPinot Noir  1  
1999Tinhorn Creek Vineyards DiamondbackWhite wine blend  1  
2000Tinhorn Creek Vineyards GewurtraminerGewurztraminer  2  
 Tuscaccini BlancoWhite wine blend  2  
 Tuscaccini RussoRed wine blend  3  
2000Vina Santa Rita Cabernet SauvignonCabernet  1  
2000Wild Goose Vineyards & Winery Autumn GoldWhite wine blend  4  
2001Wild Goose Vineyards & Winery Autumn GoldWhite wine blend  2  
2000Wild Goose Vineyards & Winery GewurtraminerGewurztraminer  1  
2000Wild Goose Vineyards & Winery Merlot Merlot  1  
2000Wild Goose Vineyards & Winery Pinot BlancPinot Blanc  2  
2001Wild Goose Vineyards & Winery Pinot NoirPinot Noir  1  
2001Wolf Blass Wines Cabernet SauvignonCabernet  1  
2001Wolf Blass Wines ChardonnayChardonnay  1  
2001Wolf Blass Wines Chardonnay - Premium SelectionChardonnay  1  
1999Wolf Blass Wines Eaglehawk Cabernet Shiraz MerlotCabernet Shiraz Merlot  8  
2001Wolf Blass Wines Merlot Merlot  1  
2000Wolf Blass Wines ShirazShiraz  1  
2000Wolf Blass Wines Shiraz - Premium SelectionShiraz  1  
2000Wyndham Estates Shiraz - Bin 555Shiraz  1  

Cellar contains 281 bottles, 159 wines, 159 entries

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