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Cellar list for: bishwave

Key to Drink-ability

+Ready to Drink
++In its Prime
!!!At its Peak
!?Past its Best

Other Wine Sorted by Location

1976JordanCabernet none1  
1990JordanCabernet none1  
1998ViaderCabernet none1  
1997Chateau St. Jean Cinc CepagesCabernet none1  
1997DunnCabernet none1  
2000JaysonCabernet none1  
2000M. Chapoutier La Bernardine Chateauneuf du PapeRhone none1  
2000Carruades de Lafite PauillacBordeaux none2  
1999JordanCabernet none2  
2000Duckhorn ParaduxCab/ Zin Blend none2  
2001Justin JustificationCabernet none1  
2000Chateau Lynch Moussas PauillacBordeaux none1  
2000Chateau Siran MargauxBordeaux none2  
1997Snowden Lost VineyardCabernet none1  
2000Chateau Pipeau Saint EmilionBordeaux none1  
2000Fieldstone Alexander ValleyCabernet none1  
1996Chateau Cantermerle Haut Medoc Grand CruBordeaux none3  
1980Cumbrero Bodegas MonticelloRioja none1  
1983HeitzCabernet none1  
1985JordanCabernet none1  
1985Pat Paulsen Vineyards Refrigerator WhiteWhite Wine none1  
1986Knudson Erath Pinot Noir none1  
1987Konocti Estate MeritageBlend none1  
1988HeitzCabernet none2  
1988Simi ReserveCabernet none1  
1989Erath Vineyards Willamette ValleyCabernet none1  
1989JordanCabernet none1  
1990Sierra Cantabria CosechaRioja none1  
1990Erath Vineyards Willamette ValleyCabernet none1  
1990PonziChardonnay none1  
1991Erath Vineyards Willamette ValleyCabernet none1  
1991JordanCabernet none1  
1992Erath Vineyards Willamette ValleyCabernet none1  
1992Panther CreekPinot Noir none1  
1992Freemark Abbey Sycamore VineyardCabernet none1  
1992Jarvis EstateCabernet none1  
1992JordanCabernet none1  
1993Cos D Estournel Saint EstepheBordeaux none1  
1993Domaine DrouhinPinot Noir none1  
1993Penfolds Bin 407Cabernet none1  
1993Erath Vineyards Willamette ValleyCabernet none1  
1993JordanCabernet none1  
1993Niebaum Coppola RubiconCabernet none1  
1993Wm. Harrison Cabernet Franc none1  
1994Erath Willamette ValleyPinot Noir none1  
1994Ken Wright CellarsPinot Noir none1  
1994Erath Vineyards Willamette ValleyCabernet none1  
1994JordanCabernet none1  
1994Niebaum Coppola Francis Coppola Family WinesZinfandel none1  
1994SnowdenCabernet none1  
1995Chateau Mont Redon Chateauneuf Du PapeRed Wine none1  
1995M. Chapoutier Chateauneuf Du PapeRed Wine none1  
1995Ponzi Pinot Noir none1  
1995Quinta Do Infantado Porto Estate BottledPort none1  
1995Segla MargauxBordeaux none1  
1995Tualatin Estates Pinot Noir none1  
1995Chateau St. Jean Cinc CepagesCabernet none1  
1995DominusCabernet none1  
1995Ernest & Julio Gallo Lake AileenCabernet none1  
1995JordanCabernet none1  
1995Joseph PhelpsCabernet none1  
1995Sky Mt. Veeder Zinfandel none1  
1995TruchardCabernet none1  
1995Van Asperen Signature ReserveCabernet none3  
1996Archery SummitPinot Noir none1  
1996Chateau Gloria St. JulienBordeaux none1  
1996Chateau Poyeaux Moulis en MedocBordeaux none1  
1996MareshPinot Noir none1  
1996Chateau Lynch Bages PauillacBordeaux none1  
1996Cuneo Canas FeastCabernet none1  
1996Hess Cabernet none2  
1996J. Lohr HilltopCabernet none2  
1996JordanCabernet none1  
1996Ridge Monte BelloCabernet none1  
1996SignorellaCabernet none1  
1996Simi ReserveCabernet none1  
1996TraulsenZinfandel none1  
1996TruchardSyrah none1  
1997St. Michelle Columbia Valley Reserve 1.5Cabernet none1  
1997Les Charmes de Kirvan MargauxBordeaux none1  
1997Paje BarbarescoRed Wine none1  
1997Zeni Moscato Rosa TrentinoDessert Wine none1  
1997Chateau Molin Riche Saint JulienBordeaux none1  
1997Clos Du ValZinfandel none1  
1997Cuneo Canas FeastCabernet none1  
1997Cuneo Columbia ValleyNebbiolo none2  
1997RistowCabernet none1  
1997Rodney StrongCabernet none1  
1997St. ClementCabernet none3  
1997Van AsperenZinfandel none1  
1997Zahitila Sonoma County Old VineZinfandel none2  
1998Calvet Reserve BordeauxBordeaux none1  
1998Chateau Beychevelle Saint JulienBordeaux none1  
1998Chateau Clerc Milon PauillacBordeaux none1  
1998Chateau Las Combes Margaux Grand cruBordeaux none1  
1998Chateau Smith Havt Lafite Pessac LeogranBordeaux none1  
1998Cos D Estournel Saint EstepheBordeaux none1  
1998Laurel Ridge Willamette ValleyPinot Noir none2  
1998Henry of Pelham Riesling Ice WineIce Wine none1  
1998Peller Estates Founder SeriesVidal Ice Wine none1  
1998ArgylePinot Noir none1  
1998Cuneo Canas FeastCabernet none7  
1998Cuneo Canas FeastPinot Noir none2  
1998JordanCabernet none2  
1998Pride Mountain VineyardsMerlot none2  
1998Silver Oak Alexander ValleyCabernet none1  
1999Baron de Rothschilde Lafite Chalone PauillacBordeaux none1  
1999Domaine DrouhinPinot Noir none2  
1999E. Guigal Chateauneuf Du PapeRhone none1  
1999Cuneo Canas Feast Red MountainCabernet none3  
1999Dalla ValleCabernet none2  
1999Emilio's Terrace ReserveCabernet none1  
1999Opus OneCabernet none1  
1999Turley Old VineZinfandel none1  
2000Jean Luc Colombo La Tuiliere Croses HermitageRhone none1  
2000Cuneo 2 RiversBordeaux style none5  
2000Cuneo Canas Feast Red MountainCabernet none4  
2000Delille Cellars D2Cabernet none4  
2000Domaine DrouhinPetite Sirah none1  
2000Domaine DrouhinChardonnay none1  
2000Heitz Zinfandel none1  
2000JennisonPinot Noir none1  
2000Peju Province EstateSyrah none1  
2000Peju Province Estate BottledCabernet Franc none1  
2000Sausal Estate Grown Alexander ValleyZinfandel none2  
2001Niebaum Coppola Francis Coppola Diamond Series 3.0Merlot none1  
2001Becker Vineyards ReserveCabernet none1  
2001Laurel Ridge Willamette ValleyPinot Noir none3  
2001Cuneo Canas Feast Del RioCabernet none6  
2001Cuneo Canas Feast Red MountainCabernet none5  
2001Cuneo Del RioSyrah none4  
2001Cuneo Two RiversSangiovese none1  
2001JennisonPinot Noir none1  
2002Brick House Willamette ValleyPinot Noir none2  
2002J. Calvet Saint EmilionBordeaux none1  
2002JennisonPinot Noir none4  
2002Patricia Green Four WindsPinot Noir none5  
2002Patricia Green ReservePinot Noir none2  
2002Brick House Cuvee du tonnelierPinot Noir none1  
2002Patricia Green Balcombe Block 1BPinot Noir none1  
2002Patricia Green Goldschmidt YamhillPinot Noir none2  
Cellar contains 205 bottles, 141 wines, 141 entries

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